WAGS Rules and Important League Reminders


WAGS Rules - Spring 2016



Important League Reminders
Spring 2016

Game cancellations are not guaranteed except in instances of conflicts with  State Cup competition, President’s Cup, High School soccer game or ODP game (resulting in a roster below 11 players in the U-12 age group and below 13 in the U-13 through U-19 age groups), inclement weather and referee no-show.

A. Following the cancellation of a game for inclement weather or any approved reason (WAGS Rule I.6), the teams will have 72 hours to reschedule the match.

Steps to help you reschedule:

  • Contact your field coordinator for options regarding available dates, fields, and time.
  • Complete the 'Reschedule Request" link, which can be found on the Team Page, after logging in.
  • This process is to be used for ALL requests.

Both teams, as well as the Referee Assignor will receive an email notification form WAGS once the information has been entered into the data base. If you are unable, to reschedule this match in 72 hours, WAGS will reschedule the match. Once rescheduled, the changes are final.

 Game Change Fee - Add a $50.00 Game Change/Administrative Fee to all game changes other than the ones stated in our rules (ODP Game, State Cup Game, Presidents Cup Game, High School Soccer Game weather/field related, or referee no show). Game Change Request Form  must be submitted no later than COB Tuesday for changes for that weekend. Payment must be made within 24 hours of league approval of the request.  Club or Team Checks or Certified Checks only. No Personal Checks or Cash.

Check Payable:  WAGS
Mail to: WAGS Office, 1817 Emory Road, Reisterstown, MD 21136       

In the Spring, U18 and U19 teams will play a shortened season.  All matches will be completed prior to Memorial Day Weekend.  All other age groups, regardless of division placement, will play a full schedule of matches.

Sit Out Teams -  If a team wishes to request an additional sit-out (2 consecutive seasons), they may request a waiver from the WAGS Board of Directors.  Only USYS or Region 1 sanctioned leagues will be considered for this waiver. If your team sits out for two consecutive seasons and does not request a waiver, your team will no longer be considered a WAGS team and upon any future re-entry into the league will be considered a new WAGS team.

    All games must be played by June 5


  • On SAT testing, the games will begin at 3:00pm or after for U-16 through U-19 teams.
  • On ACT testing, the games will begin at 3:00pm for U-17 through U-19 teams.
  • On PSAT testing dates, games will begin at 2:00pm or after for U-15 and U-16 age group
 Score Reporting

The teams will be responsible for entering the scores and  for entering the sportsmanship ratings.


U-9 through U-10

If, due to inclement weather, the game is stopped by the referee prior to half time, the game must be replayed in its entirety. If the second half of the game has begun, the score will stand and the game will be considered completed.

U-11 through U-19

If, due to inclement weather, the game is stopped by the referee prior to halftime, the game must be replayed in its entirety. If the second half of the game has begun, the game will be considered to have been played in its entirety, provided both teams agree.  If both teams do not agree, the game shall be rescheduled.  This does not include the abandonment of the match.

Recommended Field Size for Small-sided Games


U-09/U-10 U-11/U-12
Width Length Goal Size Width Length Goal Size
45-50 70-75 6 X 18 50-60 75-85 6 X 1

Recommendation for Fouls and Misconduct

In the U-09 and U-10 age groups, no caution or send off shall be issued to players. If a child is being too rambunctious, then the game official will ask the coach to make a substitution of that player to give the child a chance to calm down before returning to play.


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