January 23, 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014
Sheraton Washington North

WAGS Board of Directors in Attendance:  Kathie Diapoulis, (President), Lula Bauer (VP) Sally D’Italia (VP Maryland), Pat Lusk (Treasurer), Amy Thompson (R&D Director), Kerry Diederich (Division Structure Director),  Mike Skigen (Technical Coordinator), Carmen Nicholas (VP Virginia),

Board Members excused:  Jim Bruno (Secretary)

Guest:  Mike Basileo (MSYSA State Registrar)  

Also in Attendance:   Robin Miller (Administrator), Dave Noyes (Executive Director), Michelle White (R&D Administrator)



Kathie called the meeting to order at 7:30pm and roll call was taken.

MSYSA State Registrar –

  • Cup dates are on the MSYSA web site
  • Able to provide USYS cards to rec players.
    • Club decides.
    • put in place in November
  • Transfer teams from one league to another.
    • only roster needs to change...not cards.
  • Teams have to pick presidents cup or state cup.
  • Dates for both Cups are on the MSYSA web site.
  • Added U12 to Stare Cup

VP to Virginia Report-

  • State Cup U12-14 go to VYSA website for further info
  • President’s Cup played in fall.
  • ODP information on VYSA web site.
  • VYSA convention, January 31- February 1.
    • Wags is a sponsor
    • Lula will be a presenter and is participating in two lecture sessions
    •  Brianna Scurry will be there.
    • Kathie Diapoulis will pay for the first 30 WAGS people  (MD and VA).
  • Chairperson of the Adele Dolansky Scholarship Committee.
    • Application will be available on our web site and sent to all U18 and U19 teams.
    • Clubs need to review apps before submitting.
    • Looking for committee members.

VP to Maryland Report-

  • MD hosting Nationals at Soccer Plex.
    •  MSYSA looking for field marshals.
  • Electronic rosters
    • For State Cup and President’s Cup ONLY
    • Do not need to go to registrars now.
  • Washington Spirit
    • Krystal Dunn 1st pick
    • Even though the team placed last, the Spirit was #2 in attendance.
  • All-stars - U13 and U14 D1-D2 players.
    •  Going to London.
    • WAGS paying half of cost and outfitting them.
    • Only had 19 teams nominate players.
  • Concussion and injury prevention.
    • big thing in sports.
    • CDC on line training.

Vice President Report –

  • POD program 9 clubs
    • Link on FB page for description
    • Video on web site

R&D Director Report –

  • Introduced Michelle White, Administrator.
  •  274 yellow
  • 10 yellow to red
  • 12 red
  • Half of the red cards were coaches.
  • Half yellow cards were USB
  •  Orange cards...escorted off field for a few minutes. (new)
  • 2013 Young Female Referee of the Year Regional Award Winner
    • Region I Sydney Rhian Patterson – White Plains, MD

Division Structure Director –

  • Division Structure Meeting fast approaching
  • Reminder to complete survey for U11 and U12 teams

Treasurer Report- Nothing to report as Treasurer.  Also Chair for the New Club Entry Committee

Technical Coordinator  -

  • Happy 40th Birthday WAGS
  • Talking to Directors of Coaching (DOC)

Executive Director –

  • bio on web site.
  •  Pod mock schedule out soon.
  • Programs - social media and wags web site.
    • Sign up for twitter.
  • Change in web site appearance.
    • Showcasing clubs with social media
    • Achievements, etc. creating a video library
    • Alumni program
    • LinkedIn, Instagram

Administrator Report-

  • Thank you for your patience when I was out of the office in October.  Thank you to Kathie and Sally for stepping in.
  • Mother Nature was pretty gentle with us and things went smoothly.
  • One change that will be made next season is to the way teams agree to a reschedule. There will now be a form. The way we have it now, teams are sending separate emails and it is very difficult to keep track.
  • We started using a form to submit STARs and it is working great.
  • STARs, the deadline has passed to submit reimbursement. The teams were very diligent in submitting the information.
  • Sportsmanship Awards - if the teams submitted the information, they should have received the check.
  • Please have your teams register if they have not already done so. To find out if the teams need to register, log in to the club page, click on team admin. If there is apply now next to the team, they need to submit a team application. Due date 2/3. If teams are not entered they will not be placed in division structure.
  • Scheduling Request Forms and coaching conflicts due 2/4
  • Field forms due 2/5


President’s Report –

  • Great  NSCAA/USYS Convention in Philadelphia
    • USYS summit    
    • Doing away with regions
    • Service centers. A lot of pluses to have regions
    • All level of players will be impacted.
  • Transition going well with Dave
  • All-star team going well
  • Sponsorship with Washington Spirit for 3 years
  • Reviewed the Financials
    • Membership requested that Financials be sent to the Club Reps
  • An increase in revenue from the tournaments allowed WAGS to hire an executive director, even with the $44,000 written in refunds
    • No fees will be raised for our membership


New Club Entry Committee Report (Pat Lusk) –

  • South County Athletic Association (SCAA Premier)
    • Answered questions from Membership
    • Membership voted unanimously not to accept the Club in to WAGS
  • Tri County Soccer Club (TCSC)
    • Answered questions from Membership
    • Membership voted to accept the Club in to WAGS

Proposed by-laws and rule changes were discussed and voted on.   

Meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm



Respectfully submitted,

Robin Miller

WAGS Administrator

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