March 23, 2006


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sheraton College Park



WAGS Board of Directors in Attendance:  Kathie Diapoulis, (President), Bill Oosterink (VP to MD)




Meeting Guests:   Michelle Shircliff (Festival in the Park), Karen Klumpp (VYSA Registrar)


Kathie Diapoulis called the meeting to order at 7:30pm and roll call was taken.


Michelle Shircliff, Festival in the Park Director reviewed the tournament.  The tournament has a web site which is www.festivalinthepark.com.  Dates are June 17-18.  Games will be played at Bull Run and Occoquan Regional Parks.  U-9/U-10 will play festival format.  U-11 and U-12 will play full sided games with trophies.


Karen Klumpp discussed the registration process for VYSA.  There have been more problems this season than ever with teams not following procedures.  Do not call the Registrars at the office.  Do not call Lisa at the VYSA office. You may contact everyone at home.  Player passes are not given to the players.  They will be kept by the Registrar until the player is transferred to another team.  At that time, the card will be sent to the Registrar of the transferring team.


WAGS Administrator:   All information is on line.  All teams received Game Report Cards, referee evaluation cards and game conduct cards in the envelopes. 


Coaching conflicts were once again very challenging.  It was almost impossible to deconflict the schedules 100%.  If they have 2-3 conflicts that is acceptable.  If they have any more than that, and they submitted a request, please contact the office.  Drive time is Ĺ to 1 hour. 


Bull Run and Occoquan will open on 4-22 and close 5-22.  Teams who requested to play on these fields will have an average of 2 games. 


If you have a U-11 team and their game was the only game on their home field, the teams are from Loudon and Fairfax Counties, the game was placed on Bull Run to eliminate single matches regardless whether they requested to play on those fields.


The majority of the U-11/U-12 will play after 12:00pm when possible.  There will be times that they will play in the morning.


The following age groups/divisions have had teams that dropped:  W17D5, W11DCR, W11DP, and W13D5.


The Adele Dolansky scholarship is on line as distributed to club reps and teams.  The deadline for submission is May 1.


Field closures are to be reported at least 3 hours prior to the first game on the field..


U-15/16  teams will be paying cash on the field for the fall season.  Teams will be receiving a $41.00/game refund .  The teams will be paying the increased fee of $55.00/team.


SAC-HC- Howard Community College (HCC).  There are new policies regarding this field. They will be posted on the web site shortly. Please be sure your teams adhere to these rules and regulations.


When teams are adding/releasing/transferring players, they MUST supply the correct number of copies for the paper work.  The Registrars WILL NOT make copies for the teams.  The guidelines regarding the number of copies is on the MSYSA web site and the VYSA website.  Each state association requires a different number of copies.


Field requirement:  1 field for every 4/5 WAGS/NCSL.  If teams did not supply sufficient fields, the teams on the wait list will not be permitted to enter the league.


WAGS is now selling bags for $10.00 as well as magnets for $2.00.  All orders must be placed in groups of 20 per team.

New teams were supplied TSL pennies for the spring season.


Presidentís Report


Kathie reviewed the important dates.  All dates are on the web site.  WAGS is beginning the STAR program in the fall unless the STARís have to register for 2006 and then again for 2007.  If this is the case, the STAR program will begin Spring 2007.


D.C United has teamed up with Brandi Chastain on April 8th.  This will be a great opportunity for the girls to see a good game and meet Brandi.


Coaches may be permitted to take the PCA course on line next year at their expense.  They must then supply the certificate of completion to the WAGS office.


The new President of the US Soccer Federation is Sunil Gulati.


Kathie reviewed the Policy 212 with everyone.  This policy defines the responsibility of teams who want to participate in organizations.


If a team is in US Club Soccer, they must submit a USYS roster prior to entering WAGS.


A committee will be formed to write a club rep manual.  Kathie will be contacting the club reps.


Because rule change meetings run so long, the January meeting will be moved to a Saturday event.


The Growth Committee will begin meeting again soon.


The Mandatory Registration Meeting will be held June 10, 2006.  All team contacts are required to attend.  Next yearís meeting will be a different format.  We will hold new managers one day and returning managers a different day.


Kathie reviewed the minutes from previous meetings and there are clubs missing numerous meetings.  Kathie will compile a report and send it out to everyone.


The schedule will be posted after the meeting.  Even though it is the original schedule, it is not set in stone.  Changes will be occurring.  Please inform your teams that they are to be available to play every Saturday and Sunday from April 1 through June 11 (rain out date).  Teams are to review the rules for rescheduling matches.


Walt Lenar will be reporting his findings to the membership regarding moving VA high school soccer to the Fall.  Walt will contact the high schools and counties regarding this issue.


 Review the new rules and policies on line and have your teams and parents do the same.


Our condolences go out to the Basileo family on the loss of their Son, Chris.  Information regarding the scholarship in Chrisís honor through CTV will follow sent out in the near future.


VP Maryland Bill Oosterink discussed the indoor tournament that WAGS is organizing for the club reps, state associations and leagues.  More information will follow. 


Good of the Game:  Fairfax County will match funds to put turf on the fields.  EC Lawrence, Mason District and Greenbriar #5 have begun this process.



Meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm

                                                                                                                Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                                                                Robin Miller, WAGS League Administrator




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