June 15, 2006


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fairview Park Marriott




WAGS Board of Directors in Attendance:  Kathie Diapoulis, (President), Mike Sybert (Treasurer), Lula Bauer (R&D Director), Bill Oosterink (VP, Maryland)




Guest:  Lisa Wilson, VYSA Head Registrar


Kathie Diapoulis called the meeting to order at 7:00pm and roll call was taken.


VYSA Head Registrar:  Lisa stated that July 21st is the deadline to submit rosters is the team is participating in a pre-season tournament.  August 11th is the deadline to submit rosters if not attending a pre-season tournament.  The data base is not available for the 2006-2007 seasonal year yet.


Treasurer - Mike stated that the books will close and the end of June.  The spring bills are still coming in for payment.


VP Maryland -  MSYSA is going to an on-line system.  If the clubs have not submitted a name for the Primary Point of Contact they must call the MSYSA office and speak to Linda Norton or Mandy Bishop.


R&D Director – Lula reported that recruitment in the incoming U-11 and U-12 teams is appalling.  Lula cannot do anything about it unless the teams file a formal complaint with WAGS.


WAGS Administrator -  Robin reviewed the following with the Membership. The division structure forms are due into WAGS on June 18th. The procedures on how to enter a new team are as follows:

                                Must add as a new team – computer will give an “A” number

                                Robin will change it to the “W” number.

                                Must use your pin number given to your by the club rep for tryout ads and updating   

                                 contact information. 

                                 Move teams from the right column to the left for fall season.

                                 The U-13 wait list opened today, June 15th.  The draw will be in VA Beach on July 1st. If     

                                 the clubs do not have their application into the WAGS office by June 27th the club reps

                 must call Robin on her cell phone and give the name of the team so that they may be  

                 entered into the drawing on July 1st.   Robin will email the club reps with her cell 


                                 STAR Program- any questions regarding the STAR Program are to be directed to the STAR  

                                 Administrator, John Davis at STAR@refsoccer.net. 

The referees must use the STAR’s if they are available at the field.  They cannot refuse to use them in the U-12/U-13 age group.


President Report -  Stated that she was going to keep this short because everything was discussed on Saturday at the Mandatory Registration Meeting.:


The VYSA AGM is Saturday, June 17th.

Fee increase for referees greatly improved coverage

Good luck to all teams participating in Regionals in VA Beach at the end of the month

WAGS is now trademarked.  It took approximately 1 ½ years.

The Mandatory Registration Meetings may be eliminated when the creation of manuals for team managers and club reps is created.  This will hopefully take place this winter.  Because of the small time frame from spring to fall, we must begin the manual process in the winter.


Region I Travel Policy- This new policy does not require any Permission to Travel Forms. It only requires an email/letter to the state office stating what tournament your team will be attending.  The only states that still use the forms are Connecticut and  New Jersey.


The Positive Coaching Alliance Courses will be conducted on a first-come first-served basis.  The coaches will have the opportunity to attend the on-line class and submit the certificate stating they completed the class on line.  If the coaches decided to take the course on line, WAGS will not pay for it.  WAGS will pay for the coaches who attend the class room sessions that will be offered.  More information will be available on line.  The time line for these classes will be January or February.


Adele Dolansky Scholarship – Adele presented the following girls Adele Dolansky Scholarship Awards:

Terese Rossi – Great Fall Strikers – Catholic University
Mary Casey – PWSI Cardinals – University of Maryland
Winifred Miller – VIST United – University of Wisconsin
Rachael Siemon-Carome – WSC Isis – William & Mary

Kathie Diapoulis, Scholarship Committee Chair, spoke of the recipients accomplishments both on and off the playing field.  Kathie congratulated the girls for their accomplishments.


New Club Entry -  Pat Lusk was attending his daughter’s graduation.  Lynn Arndt, a New Club Committee Member presented the facts and recommendations of the new clubs applying for entry into WAGS.  White Marsh  Soccer Club did not meet the criteria.  Premier Athletic Club met all of the criteria but there were questions as to their standing with VYSA and the WAGS President recommended that the motion be postponed indefinitely until further investigation could be completed.


Election of Officers -  Kathie Diapoulis announced the slate of Officers who have been elected my the Membership to serve on the WAGS Board of Directors for the year 2006-2007:


                                VP Virginia            -               Walt Lenar

                                VP Maryland         -               Bill Oosterink

                                Secretary               -               Pat Lusk


Proposed Rule Changes/Policy changes -  To be sent in a separate email


Meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm


                                                                                                                Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                                                                Robin Miller, WAGS League Adminstrator



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