March 15, 2007

WAGS Minutes
Sheraton College Park
Thursday, March 15, 2007


WAGS Board of Directors in Attendance Lula Bauer (R&D Director), Bill Oosterink (VA Maryland ), Pat Lusk (Secretary)

Clubs not present:  ODFC, OLNY, MCLN,

Robin Miller called the meeting to order at 7:35pm and roll call was taken. 

VA Maryland Bill reviewed the MSYSA State Cup deadlines regarding games and when rosters are frozen.  This information can be found on the MSYSA web site.

R&D Director  Lula reviewed the new USSF law regarding referee abuse.


                                First, the proposed amendments conform the referee abuse and assault policy to Bylaw 705, which now uses Organization member rather than State Association. Second, the proposed amendments make clear that foul or abuse language must imply or threaten physical harm to qualify as referee abuse under the policy. Third, the proposed amendments clarify that a hearing must be held to find a party guilty of referee abuse. Fourth, the proposed amendments make clear that a minor slight touching of a referee under the age 18 requires a minimum suspension of 3 months rather than three years. The clarifications are consistent with the decisions of the Appeals Committee.


The proposed amendments make clear the State Referee Committee can deal with the initial hearing on this issue. Several States already refer these matters to the State Referee Committee in the first instance. The proposed amendments also eliminate the ability to temporarily suspend a referee for misconduct.


Policy 531-9—Misconduct Toward Game Officials

                Section 1.  General

Misconduct against referees may occur before, during and after the match, including travel to and from the match.  Misconduct may occur also at later times when directly related to duties of a game official as a referee.

Secretary –  Pat asked for two volunteers to fill his New Club Committee.

WAGS Administrator:  Game Report Cards, referee evaluation cards, STAR forms (U-12 and U-13), and game conduct cards are in the envelopes.  The U-11 teams also received bags and the U-9 and U-10 teams received magnets.  The magnets are in the team packets.

Calendar – League begins – March 31
                    No matches  - April 7 & 8
Scholarship Deadline – May 1
AGM – June 14th
Mandatory Registration Meeting for new teams – August 18th

D.C. United – WAGS purchased LA Galaxy tickets and we will be holding a drawing for club reps who are long-term, and have fulfilled their responsibilities as a club rep and then some.  The drawing will be held at the AGM in June.  Tickets to the Galaxy/United game go on sale to the public on July 2nd.

The team contact info is on line.  They must use their user id and password to access the information.

Here are some figures –

·       Over 2200 games for the spring season

·       174 teams with coaching conflicts X 9 = 1566 ÷ 2 = 783 games

·       418 requests for Saturdays (hi/lo, SAT) this does not include coaching conflicts or state cup

·       108 Sunday requests (not including coaching conflicts)

For the most part the coaches have more than ½ of their games de-conflicted.  If a coach has 1 -2 conflicts, we did our best.  If they have 4 or more conflicts have them contact me.   As for drive time, we tried to give them 1 hour, however if they got ½ hour, or no drive time, that was the best we could do.  This season we got the coaching conflicts down to 4 games with direct conflicts ( ex: 1:00pm and 1:30pm).  This is out of 783 games. I think this is incredible and Sue worked her tail off to make this happen.

Coaching conflicts was very difficult this season for the reasons listed above. The number of games with a TBD (no field or time) was 80 give or take a few.  Approximately another 300 more games were changed because of coaching conflicts and field changes. 

In the past, WAGS did not begin games for the younger age groups (U-12 and under) prior to 12:00pm on Sundays.  This has become impossible because of the coaching conflicts and other requests.  Coaches may have as many as three (3) conflicts because of the time that the fields open. 

WAGS also tries to avoid 8:00am games; however, if your team is playing at the soccer plex you may be playing an 8:00am game.  There is nothing we can do about that. I think we only have 4 games which begin at 8:00am and they are all the Plex.

If you are playing on the soccer plex, there are U-12 and U-13 games intertwined with U-14 and above matches.

Speaking of STAR’s – Last season Kathie permitted teams to turn in their STAR Cards way late (January and February). This will not be the case this season.  If teams would like to be reimbursed, they MUST submit their card by the deadline on the card.  Also, they must fill the card out in its entirely in order to be paid.  If they do not, the check will be sent to the club.

Please review the web site regarding state cup and high school soccer conflicts.

If a game is canceled for any reason, the game will be placed on the next available date for both teams. 

The U-15D1 teams will be paying cash-on-the-field again this season. Refunds have been mailed out to the club after the fall season. 

If your club would like to pull Sunday fields after the schedule is released, you may do so, just let us know.  If you need to pull Saturday fields, your teams may be in jeopardy of losing home games.

Because of  MD cup this spring, many teams may have requested as many as 5 days off…without requesting them off.  Some MD teams are playing in the knock-out round (1 game), then on 4/21 (2 games) and then on 4/22 (3rd game) along with a Saturday off request and a Sunday time hi/lo.  If it rains or there is a HS conflict or VA Cup conflict, these teams will be playing during the week or playing two games on a Sunday.  Kathie will not open the league wide rain out dates until after the third week of the season unless it rains as it did in 2002!!!

MD Cup – if teams are playing on 4/21 and they win their cup game and are scheduled to play 4/22 and they have a league game, they are to contact the office IMMEDIATELY following their cup game, not when they get home, have dinner and watch their favorite TV show.

Tournament Director:  Michelle Shircliff discussed Festival in Park. The tournament will be held at Bull Run on June 16 & 17 for U-09 through U-12 teams.  She also would like teenagers to volunteer for community service hours.

With no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm.

                                                                                Respectfully submitted


                                                                                Robin Miller

                                                                                WAGS League Administrator

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