October 21, 1998
October 21, 1998 - Hyatt Fairlakes
WAGS Board of Directors in Attendance:
    Kathie Diapoulis (President)
    Chuck Arnone (R & D Director)
    Bob Dieterle (Treasurer)
    Walt Lenar (VP Virginia)
WAGS Employees in Attendance
    Michelle Shircliff (Tournament Administrator)
    Robin Miller (League Administrator)
Clubs in Attendance:
Clubs Excused:
Clubs Absent:


This meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Kathie Diapoulis and roll call was taken. Kathie noted that any Club not in attendance and not excused, will have the minutes mailed to the President of their respective clubs and make them aware that they were not represented at this meeting.

League Notes
VP Maryland:

Susan Weil, VP to Maryland has resigned. Anyone interested in filling this position may contact Jack Beattie, Nominating Committee Chairman. We will vote to fill this position in June 1999 at our AGM.

Scheduling Notes:

WAGS will be looking into a scheduling program and have commissioned Jay Baker from Demosphere to write and implement it. WAGS is compiling a list of requirements to add to the existing program. This program will be available for the Spring 99 season.

Updated field loading forms and the current wait list status were distributed to all Club Reps


Kathie will be sending out a questionnaire along with the end of season payout to the referees. WAGS will be forming a Referee Advisory Committee to help us solve some of the referee problems.


Financial Statements
Bob Dieterle provided the membership with financial statements for the 1997 fiscal year ended June 30, 1998 and the quarter ended September 30, 1998. These statements were discussed a length with the membership. Bob indicated that the accounting for the league and tournament activities in the past have been done separately, but that both activities are part of WAGS. A financial statement for the entire organization, League and Tournament, will be done covering Fiscal year 1997 and the first six months of Fiscal Year 1998. These statements will be distributed to the Club Reps in February 1999.

Bob noted that the League Administrator is compensated at a rate of $25,000.00 per year. She does not receive any retirement plan or employee plan benefits.

In the past, WAGS has expensed its purchases of fixed assets (computers, furniture, goals, etc.). An inventory of all fixed assets will be undertaken and all fixed assets will be reflected in the Organizations financial statements.

Tax Information
WAGS is a non-profit charitable organization as defined in Internal Revenue Code Section 501c(3). Since we are a non-profit charitable organization, we are only allowed to pay for services rendered and are prohibited from making payments for the benefit of any private individual. Individual and corporate taxpayers may make a donation to WAGS and get a tax deduction for the amount of their contribution. Bob indicated that the WAGS 1997 Form 990-Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax is due November 15th but that he will request an extension of time to file to allow for completion of the independent audit.

Bob also stated that a volunteer may be allowed a deduction for their out of pocket expenses paid on behalf of WAGS provided they meet the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code. However, volunteers can not deduct the value of their time contributed on behalf of WAGS.

Cash Management

  • WAGS is centralizing all bill paying. Generally, we will be paying invoices on a two week cycle. All bills will be reviewed and approved by Kathie and Robin prior to payment.
  • WAGS will make deposits of receipts on a timely basis.
  • WAGS will invest funds in excess of current operating requirements. In short term Treasury Bills and in Federally Insured money market accounts.
  • Kathie and Robin will be getting credit cards in WAGS name for charging WAGS expenses.
The WAGS Board has voted to obtain an audit of its financial statements for the year ended June 30, 1998 by an Independent Certified Public Accountant. WAGS is considering retaining James G. Moran and Associates, CPA's from Manassas, Virginia. We expect that the audit will be completed by February 1999.

WAGS is in the process of forming a Finance Committee to develop the Organization's budget. The Committee expects to begin meeting in Jan/Feb 1999. Kathie indicated that all interested persons should contact her.

Tournament Notes:

Michelle Shircliff will not be returning as the Tournament Administrator. She has taken a part-time job with Region I as a bookkeeper. Interviews will be conducted to fill the vacancy of the Tournament Director and Administrator in December.

Michelle provided an analysis of the Tournament's revenue and expenses for the period 1992-1997. Michelle indicated that she was being compensated at a rate of $30,000.00 per year, but because she was resigning would be paid approximately $25,000.00 for 1998.

The Tournament will be more than likely have a sponsor by the end of January 1999.


After the financial statements were presented, Kathie Diapoulis opened up the forum. The following issues were discussed:

Tournament Positions:

Membership had questions regarding the salary of the Tournament Director and Administrator. Kathie stated that it will be determined after the interviews have been conducted.

Referee Problems/Solutions:

One suggestion was to give the referee assignors an assigning bonus depending on what percentage of games was covered. Michelle mentioned that WAGS once did that.

How can WAGS make it so that the referees want to work our games instead of other leagues?
Where does the money go when there are referee no-shows?
Kathie responded that the money remains in the WAGS bank account and is used for things such as rescheduling fees, surcharges for single games, rain-outs, etc.

Money in Account:

The question arose about having so much money in the bank and what WAGS was going to do with it.

Some suggestions were: look for land and build a complex; form referee classes for certification and recertification


Questions were raised regarding the amount of games and the money paid. Kathie stated that it averages out to nine (9) games per season. She took that average from season to season, not just one season.

Finance Committee:

There will be a Finance Committee formed and they will make recommendations to the WAGS Board of Directors for their review, approval and presented to the membership.

Soccer Complex:

The Club Reps will be voting on if they want to pursue a soccer complex. There will be a vote taken at the Club Rep meeting in January.


There was a discussion regarding the wait list regarding how many teams are brought into the League. Kathie replied that the way the rule is written it only allows us to bring up 5 teams if there are sufficient teams on the wait-list. Kathie stated that the only way to change this is to change the rule, which needs to be in writing by December 5th .

Parkville Club Rep:

Phil Carroll stated that he wanted to inform the membership that WAGS is still the most well run and organized League that he has ever been associated with and has the best referee coverage.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

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