Reminders for Spring 2011

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Spring 2011 Season





Here are some figures

·       Over 2300 games for the spring  season

·       110 teams with coaching conflicts X 9 = 990 ÷ 2 =495 games (approximate) (WAGS/WAGS)

·       Out of 495 games, there are no direct conflict (ex. Team A plays at 1:00pm and Team B plays at 1:00pm).  This is amazing considering the number of games and conflicts.  There are two games with a conflict (ex: Team A plays at 12:00pm and Team B plays at 1:00pm)

·       385 Saturday requests -  (this does not include coaching conflicts or state cup).  This number is up by 78 teams from the fall season.

·       370 Sunday requests  - (does not include coaching conflicts or State Cup).  This number is up by 92 teams from the fall season.

·       24 Back-to-Back games (teams playing each other within 6-7 days).  Unfortunately, 22 of the games are on Sunday. The other 2 are due to the fact that MD teams are playing State Cup on a Sunday.


Coaching conflicts was very difficult this season for the reasons listed above. The number of games with a TBD (no field or time) was approximately 50.  Approximately another 600 additional games were changed because of coaching conflicts and field changes.


When possible, WAGS does not to begin games for the younger age groups (U-12 and under) prior to 12:00pm on Sundays.  This has become very difficult because of the coaching conflicts and other requests.  Coaches may have conflicts because of the time that the fields open.


If a coach has 1 -3 conflicts, we did our best.  If they have 4 or more conflicts, submitted a head coaching conflict request, and (if applicable) attended the Mandatory Coach Meeting to all U-9 Coaches as well as any coach coaching a new team in WAGS) have them contact the league office.   As for drive time, we tried to give everyone 1 hour, however if they have a  ½ hour drive time, or no drive time, that was the best we could do.


There are no games in WAGS beginning prior to 9:00am on Saturday or Sunday.


Please review the web site regarding State Cup, President’s Cup, ODP, and High School Soccer conflicts.


Reminder:  Field requirement:  1 field for every 4/5 WAGS/NCSL teams.

                If your teams do not have an even number of home games (4-6 depending on number of teams within the division), please have your club rep review the field loading to ensure that the club submitted the field requiriements.


CLUB REPS ONLY – Managers/coaches are not permitted to call and close fields.


  • Fields must be closed 3 hours prior to game time. (in rules)
  • Contact WAGS immediately , no later than three hours prior to kickoff of  the first game on the field (9:00am game – call WAGS no later than 6:00am)
  • If the field has been closed the night prior, you may contact the league that evening.
  • When closing a field, the club rep may give us additional Saturday field dates and times.  This must be given to us when the field is closed not the next day.  We have games rescheduled almost immediately.
  • Contact your teams – they must call their opponents immediately.
  • WAGS hotline number is for team primary contacts only.  The number is on the team page.  Teams are not to give the number to their parents.

There will be a Mandatory Meeting for all NEW team managers all teams entering the league from the wait list for the Spring 2011 season and  new managers for teams in the U-09/U-13 age group and in the  U-17/U-19 age group.  This meeting will be held on Saturday, March 26 at the Sheraton Washington North from 10:00AM-2:00PM. Please refer to our web site for hotel directions.



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