Reminders Fall 2012

Information Regarding 

Fall  2012 Season

Here are some figures

·       Over 2300 games for the spring  season

·       97 teams with coaching conflicts X 9 = 873 ÷ 2 =437 games (approximate) (WAGS/WAGS)

·       Out of 437 games, there are no direct conflict (ex. Team A plays at 1:00pm and Team B plays at 1:00pm).  This is amazing considering the number of games and conflicts as well as field constraints. 


·       280 Saturday requests  

·       279 Sunday requests   

Coaching conflicts was very difficult this season for the reasons listed above. The number of games with a TBD (no field or time) was approximately 50.  Approximately another 500 additional games were changed because of coaching conflicts/gaps in fields, and field changes.

When possible, WAGS does not to begin games for the younger age groups (U-12 and under) prior to 12:00pm on Sundays.  This has become very difficult because of the coaching conflicts and other requests.  Coaches may have conflicts because of the time that the fields open.

If a coach has 1 -3 conflicts, we did our best.  If they have 4 or more conflicts, submitted a head coaching conflict request, and (if applicable) attended the Mandatory Coach Meeting to all U-9 Coaches as well as any coach coaching a new team in WAGS) have them contact the league office.   As for drive time, we tried to give everyone 1 hour, however, if the coach  has a  ½ hour drive time, or no drive time, that was the best we could do.

There are no games in WAGS beginning prior to 9:00am on Saturday or Sunday.

Please review the web site regarding State Cup, President’s Cup, ODP, and High School Soccer conflicts.

Reminder:  Field requirement:  1 field for every 4/5 WAGS/NCSL teams.

 If your teams do not have an even number of home games (4-6 depending on number of teams within the division), please contact your club rep.  The club may have not provided sufficient field space.


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