Fall 2006 STAR Program Approved

Appendix I:  Special Team Assistant Referee (STAR) Program Implementation Rules and Procedures  


Phase In Date and Age Group

1.       Fall 2006 Mandatory for U12 and U13

2.       Fall 2007 Mandatory for U12, U13 and U14   



1.       3 STARs , and/or identified currently certified referees per team, minimum, to play in WAGS

2.       Each team must identify a minimum of 3 STAR’s or currently certified referees willing to serve as a team STAR or the names of the individuals who will become STARs.  The names and other details of the team STARs must be provided to the league STAR program administrator.  Each team’s three STARs names and certification dates shall be identified prior to the first game of the season. 


Eligibility to act as a STAR 

1.       STARs must be currently certified USSF referees.

2.       STARs trained under the auspices of WAGS specifically for this program must be age 18 or older by the first play weekend of the season.

3.       STARs must carry a form of identification. Identity may be proved by drivers license or the USSF referee identification card provided upon completion of certification

4.       One individual may qualify as STAR for no more than two (2) WAGS teams.

5.        Head Coaches listed on the roster of the participating teams may not be a STAR.  Players listed on the roster of the participating teams may not be a STAR for their own team.

6.       At the beginning of the season, there will be mandatory meeting for all referees that are new to STARs program in order to set the expectations of their roles and of course to make sure that the names listed are real people and check they are certified.  This will also be a training session conducted by referee officials from the state associations.  Meetings will be held in both MD and VA since the numbers will be too great to do just one.



1.       Several initial certification classes will be scheduled in Virginia/DC and Maryland.  Teams or individuals will bear the cost of certification, approximately $45.

2.       Upon successful completion of the certification class, STARs will be USSF-certified Grade 12 referee, fully covered by their referee liability insurance.

3.       STARs have the authority of a Grade 12 referee.

4.       The STAR must be outfitted in full referee garb, yellow shirt as indicated above, black shorts, and official black socks with white stripes.

5.       STARs must regularly recertify as required by the particular grade.

6.       STARs who are Grade 8 or higher referees must not accept or turn back previously accepted assigned league matches in order to perform their STAR responsibilities.

7.       STARs are qualified, of course, to referee other games.  In fact, WAGS strongly encourages STARs to serve as assistant referees for other matches, especially those games that are immediately prior to or immediately following your match.  However, if you sign up as the star, your primary duty on game day is to your team, not refereeing other matches.


WAGS Obligations  

1.       WAGS will pay STARs the prevailing rate for the normally assigned assistant referees for that age group (STARs for U12, will be paid at the rate for U13 ARs).

2.       WAGS will provide initial certification classes for STARs who are not otherwise certified referees.  Upon successful completion of the certification class, STARs will be USSF-certified Grade 12 referee, fully covered by their referee liability.

3.       A new STAR card will be distributed with game materials.


Teams On Game Day

1.       Advise center referee that your STARs are or are not available.

2.       If called upon to act and two STARs are needed, each team may provide one STAR, and one should be available from each team.  If two STARs are needed and one team has none available, and one team has two available, the two available from the one team may serve.  If one STAR is needed and each team has one or more available, the STARs will decide amongst themselves who may serve.  If they cannot come to a decision, the center referee will choose one STAR to serve the entire game (STARs from different teams may not “split” a game for USSF reasons).  If two STARS are needed and only one is available, that one may serve.

3.       If called upon to serve, the center referee will sign the STAR card.  At the end of the season (Fall or Spring) the card will be sent to the league for payment.  STARs WILL NOT put their names on the blue game card because STARs will be paid by WAGS directly, not by the assignors.  This card will be used for payment and other statistical purposes.

4.       During the entire half time, STARs will remain with the center referee to complete the paperwork and receive any additional instructions from the center referee.

5.       On request, center referee may verify ID of STAR.


The STAR program is an evolving program.  We fully expect the program to change and mature as we “tweak’ it during its early phases




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