October 11, 2005

October 11, 2005.


                                                  WAGS R & D Committee Meeting

                                                           Fairview Park Marriott

                                                                October 11, 2005


Committee Members Present: Lula Bauer ( Director ), Clarence Jones, Brian Ahearn, Ruben Bolognesi.


LMVSA Patriots Team Members Present: Michael Rodgers (Head Coach) Raegan Weber, Steve Schless (Assistant Coach), David Murphy, (Manager)


BRYC Pride Team Members Present: Hugo Phan ( Head Coach ), Dennis Hutson ( Manager ), Assistant Manager. 

                                                                  Meeting Notes


Match Protest: Game #2774 – LMVSA Patriots vs. BRYC Pride – U12 / Division “Azul”  - WAGS Rule I.3.


LMVSA Patriots is protesting the game.


The Committee heard testimony from the LMVSA Assistant Coach and Manager, as well as the BRYC Head Coach and both Managers.


                The LMVSA Assistant Coach started off her testimony by informing the Committee that the assigned Center Referee had not arrived at the field therefore, a LMVSA parent, who was a certified referee, offered to officiate the game.  This issue was discussed with the BRYC officials, and both teams agreed to this parent stepping in as the CR.  At this time, the LMVSA Patriots Assistant Coach states that she was approached by the BRYC Pride Manager who mentioned to her that they did not have the “player cards” with them, that he was going home to get them, and that he should have them by half time.  The LMVSA Patriots Assistant Coach agreed to this proposal and proposed the “15 grace period” be extended until half time.  She continued her testimony by adding that at 12:09 PM, (9 minutes late), the assigned Center Referee showed up on the field, took over the referee duties, and  when asked if he wanted to check player passes, he refused to do so invoking the fact that he was late to the game and that he did not want to delay the start of the game any further.  She ended her statement by adding that she was not aware of the player passes being produced at any time prior, during or after the match.


                The LMVSA manager stated that he never asked the opposing team to show him their player passes.  He stated he only  asked the CR after the game, if he had checked player passes.  The CR stated that he had not.   He also stated that perhaps there was some confusion with the terms Player Passes and Player Cards.


                The BRYC Manager stated that the Player Passes were on the field before, during and after the match.  What he was referring to was the “game card”.  He stated that he left the game to retrieve the “game card” and left his wife with the book of Player Passes.  He added that there seemed to be confusion about what the BRYC Pride did not have on the field, and thought that the LMVSA Patriots' officials understood that the Game Report Card, and not the player passes, is what he had forgotten to bring to the match.  He also confirmed that both referees, the LMVSA Parent, and the assigned referee, refused to check passes, and that no one approached him for player passes at any time prior, during or after the match.


                The step in Referee submitted a written report.  In his report he states – “ I was approached by the team manager of the home team (BRYC) and he told me he spoke with the visiting team (LMVSA) and they agreed that I could be the center referee if the assigned referee did not show for the game.  I checked both of the teams’ player equipment, but was told by the team manager of the visiting team (LMVSA) that the home team (BRYC) did not have their player passes but they said they would get them before the end of the game.  Before the game started I gave a linesman flag to the home team manager and confirmed that they did not have the player passes and that they would get them before the end of the game.  I did not ask to check either team’s player passes prior to the game”.  “After the game I mentioned to the referee that the home team did not have their player passes before the game and were not checked” – “and the referee (the scheduled referee) said they weren’t going to be checked, and the visiting team manager asked if the referee knew the passes were required to be checked and he (the scheduled referee) said yes, but he did not feel it needed to be done. 




The WAGS R & D Committee finds and agrees to the following:


1.        That both teams violated WAGSL Rules A.2, I.3 & I.4 –


        Official Roster and Coach/Team Official/Player Passes


Each team must have a current Official Roster, USYS Player Passes, or equivalent, and appropriate Coach/Team Official Passes at every game.  Prior to the start of the game, the referee or linesman is required to check player passes against each player and roster.  This requirement is not optional and a referee’s refusal to check player’s passes shall be immediately reported to the League following the game.  A carded team official has the right to check the other team’s player passes against the roster, before, during halftime and at the completion of the match.   The USYS Player Passes,

Team Official Passes and the Official State Roster must remain at the field until the successful completion of the match. 

Failure to produce the USYS Player Passes, Team Official Passes and the Official State Roster (or WAGS Provisional Roster) within the League’s 15-minute grace period shall result in a forfeit.  The score shall be recorded as a 0-3 loss for the forfeiting team.


This rule is clear.  Inasmuch as this committee commends the Assistant Head Coach for offering to extend the “grace period” to half time, the rule clearly states “15 minute grace period” or a forfeit.  Therefore it is in the opinion of the R & D Committee members that both teams were in violation of WAGS Rule I.3.


2.        That the Referee failed to check player passes.

Since both referees did not insist on checking player passes, this committee can only take the word of both teams' Team Officials.  Both teams stated they absolutely had their Player Passes/Team Official Passes at the field the entire game.  The team manager of the visiting team did not ask the team manager of the home team to see their player passes, he only asked the referee if he had checked passes.  Unfortunately, the hearing became a he said/she said scenario.


3.        That Team Officials from both teams failed to do their job. –

Both teams insist they had their Player Passes at the field and that the referee did not check them.  If WAGS Rule I.3 were implemented (15 minute or forfeit) it would have forced Player Passes/Team Official Passes to be produced to either the referees or the opposing Team Officials.   


       4. That the outcome of the game remains.


       5. That a written Letter of Censure will be forwarded.


In closing, producing USYS Player Passes, Team Official Passes and the Official State Roster prior to the scheduled game time or within the League’s 15-minute grace period is a requirement.  If the CR denies your request to check Player Passes/Team Official Passes, this MUST be reported to the WAGS R & D Director IMMEDIATELY.  If this should occur, as a Team Official, you have the right to request to see your opponents Player Passes/Team Official Passes.   If your opponent cannot produce Player Passes/Team Official Passes within the League’s 15-minute grace period, DO NOT play the game or agree to a scrimmage.  If you do decide to scrimmage you must know that the scrimmage will no longer be considered a WAGS affiliated function and any incident that should occurs during that scrimmage, will be under your club’s liability umbrella. 



Clarence Jones, Acting Director




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