October 24, 2005

October 24, 2005.
WAGS R & D Committee Meeting
Fairview Park Marriott
October 24, 2005

Committee Members Present: Lula Bauer ( Director ), Wendell Domon, Debi Honaker, Chis Mroczek, Brian Ahearn, Ruben Bolognesi.
BRYC Azul Team Members Present: Manager, Assistant Coach, Players, Parents. 
MCLN Courage Team Members Present: Head Coach, Assistant Coach, TSL, Club Linesman ( Parent ) Parent.

Meeting Notes
Match Complaint: Game # 3079 – BRYC Azul vs. MCLN Courage – U13 / Division 1 - WAGS Rule M.1.
BRYC Azul filed the complaint.
The Committee heard testimony from members of both teams, and everyone received a copy of the written statement sent by the Center Referee ( CR ), who could not attend the hearing.
 The CR stated in his letter that there were no Assistant Referees ( AR ) assigned to this game so he proceeded to hand the flags to each coach for them to find a parent from each team to volunteer to run the lines and just call throw-ins, and not offsides.  He continued by saying that during the game, a ball bounced between 2 opponents, and even though he was about 5 feet away from the play, he could not determine who the ball hit last before it went out of bounds.  The Club Linesman ( CL ) who was a MCLN parent, called it in favor of MCLN.  At this time, the BRYC Head Coach ( HC ) complained very bitterly. A minute after this incident, he heard the BRYC Azul Assistant Coach ( AC ) say something to the CL, and the CL responded.  At this time the BRYC Azul HC asked the CR to tell the CL not to talk to her AC. He responded to the HC that he would ask the CL not to talk to her AC if she would tell her AC not to talk to the CL.  Basically his message was for the BRYC coaches and the CL to stop fighting.

 Shortly after that, the ball went out again and the CL called it in favor of the BRYC Azul, however the BRYC HC erupted and complained “Did you see what he did ?”  He could not recall the exact words she said, but it was to the effect that there had been contact between the CL and the BRYC HC. He recalls she either said that the CL had touched her or pushed her.  He did not witness the contact as he was watching the field, and not the sidelines.  What he did see was that the CL and the BRYC HC were very close together between the touch line and the 3-foot line, therefore he asked the BRYC HC to move behind the 3-foot line figuring that if she did, the problem would be solved.  He asked the BRYC HC to move behind the 3-foot line, and she didn’t do it.  He repeated himself at least twice, and she still did not move.  Thinking that she did not understand where the 3-foot line was, he asked her in a loud voice to go sit on her bench, about 5 yards away, where her AC was sitting.  The BRYC HC did not move and gave him the look that she was not going to move.  He then issued her a yellow card.  The BRYC HC did not go to her bench, but she did move back behind the 3-foot line.  The game continued with almost no further issues after this one.

 The BRYC Azul Team Manager ( TM ) started the testimony on behalf of her team.  She briefly stated that she was the one who filed the complaint, that her team was not disputing the outcome of the game, nor the yellow card the BRYC HC had received.  She ended up her statement by adding that she did not witness the incident.

 The BRYC AC, who was acting as the HC for this game, was the alleged victim of the contact with the CL.  She stated that during the course of the game one of her players was injured, and at her request to the CR to substitute that player, the CR told her to “shut up.”  Briefly after that, she testified that the CL literally pushed her off with his 2 hands while she was watching the game, and that after an exchange with the CR, the CR issued her a yellow card, to which she replied “ I am the one getting pushed and you issue me a yellow card …”

 A BRYC Azul player stated that she saw the CL push her HC, that her HC went back to her bench area, and that she saw the CL at least twice talking on his cellular phone.

 A second BRYC Azul player concurred with all the information that previous player mentioned.

 A third BRYC Azul player saw the CL twice talking on his cellular phone.

 A fourth BRYC Azul player heard the CL say that player # 34 for BRYC Azul should have received a yellow card.

 A fifth BRYC Azul player ( # 34 ) was told by the CL that she should have received a yellow card for a previous foul and a push.

 The CL was the first witness to testify in favor of the MCLN Courage.  He handed in a written statement as well testified that he was the MCLN parent who acted as a linesman in the subject game. He started his testimony by saying that he has volunteered to this job for a number of years and has done it in excess of 50 times.  He has never experienced any problems or complaints with his actions.  He immediately referred to the incident in hand by testifying that the BRYC Azul HC repeatedly stood on the touch line interfering with the line of sight for out of bounds plays as well as impeding his movement to see the play.  The CR took note of her action and informed her to move behind the technical line, which the BRYC HC ignored.  He added that the BRYC HC became very agitated when he made an out of bounds call at the request of the CR. Briefly after this, there was a play that caused him to move down the line as the ball was on its way out of bounds, but was saved and knocked in the reverse direction, causing him to turn away. Very quickly, as the ball was going down field, it was again reversed seeming to go out of bounds the opposite way.  As he turned to follow the ball, the BRYC Azul HC appeared in his path out of the corner of his eyes.  With very little time to react, he proceeded to pull up and extend his arms to brace himself and to try to not knock her down.  Upon minimal impact, the BRYC Azul HC began screaming “ I am going to charge you with assault.” To what he responded “I don’t think so, and you need to stop interfering with me.”  The CR stopped play, had very strict words with the BRYC Azul HC telling her to get behind the technical line.  She ignored his request, and that is when the CR stopped play and issued her a yellow card, warning her that the next one will be a red.  Several minutes after that, the BRYC Azul appeared to be moving off the technical line and coming toward the touch line and him.  It was at this point that he told the BRYC Azul HC “Don’t mess with me.”  He ended up his statement by saying that he was attempting to do a decent job, that he did not use any other or stronger words than the ones he mentioned above, and that had the BRYC Azul HC followed the CR instructions, none of this should have happened.

 The MCLN Courage HC did not witness the incident, but confirmed that the BRYC Azul HC was on the touchline the whole game.
 After hearing and reading all statements from members of both teams, the Committee concluded:

1. That some type of contact existed between the BRYC Azul HC and the CL.
2. That the BRYC Azul HC was on, or very close to, the touchline for the majority of the game.
3. That the CR acted correctly.
4. That animosity between adults exists between these 2 teams in spite of the issue discussed here today.
5. That adults failed to lead by example by not showing good sportsmanship, leaving a very poor example to 12 / 13 year old girls.

After deliberation, the WAGS R & D Committee agreed to:

Inform the MCLN Courage U13 – Division 1 that they can no longer use / volunteer the Parent Linesman involved in this case as a Center or Assistant Referee for any WAGS games ever again unless he attends the Referee course and gets certified as a Referee.


TSC Thunder Selecte’ Team Members Present: Head Coach, Manager.

Also in Attendance: Center Referee, Center Referee Father
Meeting Notes
Game # 3806 – MCSA Vipers vs. TSC Thunder Selecte’ – U16 - Division 4 - WAGS Rule M.1.
( Referee Harassment .)

The Committee heard testimony from the TSC Thunder Selecte’ Head Coach ( TSC HC ) and the Team Manager ( TM ), as well as from the Center Referee ( CR ) and his father.  The CR is a minor, does not drive, therefore his father had to bring him to the hearing.
 The CR stated that during the course of the first half a penalty kick was called against TSC Thunder Selecte’ ( TSC ), and that this call was disputed loudly by the TSC HC. The MCSA Vipers scored off of that PK.  In the second half, a Vipers player had a breakaway play and was 1 v 1 against the TSC Goal Keeper ( TSC GK ). The TSC GK came out and prior to the keeper and the Viper player making contact the Viper player had a shot on goal and scored giving the Vipers a 2 – 0  lead.  Due to the collision, the TSC GK  fell to the ground. The CR immediately rushed to the GK and, even though he allowed the Vipers goal to stand, he issued the TSC GK a yellow card while she was still on the ground.  At this time the CR recalls the TSC HC running on the field toward the TSC GK without his authorization, and as he arrived, while taking care of his injured player, looked up to the CR and said “You F***ing Idiot, Get off the field, I’ll make sure you never referee again”.  He repeated the “F” word several times.  The TM ran on the field, also without the CR Authorization, and joined the confrontation.  At this time, the CR decided to terminate the game given the fact that he felt his safety was in jeopardy.  He ended  his testimony be adding that he has been refereeing for 5 / 6 years, and that he has never experienced a situation like this one.

 The TSC HC concurred with everything the CR stated, but added a few comments.  Right before the second half started, he sent his two captains to the CR to alert him that his team plays the offside trap, to which he stated that the  CR responded that he did not need to be reminded of the game rules. The TSC HC stated that there was a TSC goal off of a corner kick, which was called back by the CR based on the advice of the Assistant Referee (AR).  The AR felt that the ball had curved out of bounds as it was served in from the corner kick.  The TSC HC stated that neither the AR, nor the CR were in position to make the call, that is why he disputed the judgment call.  In regards to the incident that lead to his use of foul language, he added that the TSC GK is his daughter, and that she was kicked in the head during a recent game and was worried about her wellbeing.  He concluded his testimony by saying that he regrets and apologized that he used abusive language toward the CR.  He stated that he lost his composure, mainly because of the injury suffered by his daughter the previous week.  The TSC HC also stated that he takes full responsibility for his actions, and that he will accept any punishment the Committee directs.  Nevertheless, he felt that the AR did a poor job and that overall, the officiating was incompetent.

 The TSC TM also concurred with the CR statements, and added that he decided to run on the field toward the injured TSC GK to bring the first aid kit, and that at no time did he address the CR.  He added that the 2 yellow cards received are the team’s first offensives they have ever received in WAGS, and that they have earned numerous sportsmanship awards season after season.  He felt the game was refereed incompetently, and that the TSC HC and GK sat out the next game.

 It is the consensus of this Committee that the behavior of the TSC HC and TM was outrageous.  It was very clear that the TSC HC and TM ran out onto the field while screaming profanity.  It was clear to the Committee Members that the words F***ing idiot were directed at the CR.  The TSC Team Officials’ behavior, running onto the field towards the CR, and the language used would be intimidating to an adult much less a minor.  The CR was commended for his services and that he should not be discouraged by the words of two (in the opinion of the Committee) “out of control” Thunder Soccer Club coaches.  The Committee was impressed with the manner that the CR handled this intimidating incident and even more impressed with the CR’s father that showed constraint throughout the hearing.   

After deliberation, the WAGS R & D Committee directs the following:

The TSC Team Officials revisit this incident in their minds but this time; imagine their child in place of the Center Referee.

Suspend the TSC Thunder Selecte’ Head Coach for the next six ( 6 ) WAGSL games. Please remember that a sit-out form needs to be filled out and mailed to the WAGSL R&D Director for each game a player / team official sits out.

The Committee recommends that the TSC Thunder Selecte’ Head Coach attends the next scheduled Positive Coaching Alliance course.  Should the Head Coach attend the course, two ( 2 ) of the six ( 6 ) suspended games will be waived.  Proof of attendance must be sent to the WAGS R&D Director.

A letter of apology must be written by the TSC Thunder Selecte’ Head Coach directed to the Center Referee. The WAGS R&D Director must be carbon-copied on that letter.  The CR e-mail address can be obtained via request.

A letter of apology must be written by the TSC Thunder Selecte’ Head Coach directed to his players. The WAGS R&D Director must be carbon-copied on that letter.

The TSC Thunder Select were informed that they have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGS R & D Committee according to Rule O, “Protests and Appeals Procedures”.


Lula Bauer, Director



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