November 10, 2005
November 10, 2005
WAGS R & D Committee Meeting
Fairview Park Marriott
November 10, 2005
Committee Members Present: Lula Bauer (Director), Clarence Jones, Wendell Domen, Hap, Karen Parker, Ruben Bolognesi.
Meeting Notes
Rule M.1, "Physical Violence, Foul, and Abusive Language, or Harassment Will Not Be Tolerated” The Center Referee has alleged that the BETH Havoc U17 - Division 1 Head Coach violated this rule during game # 3906 on October 30, 2005, using foul language.
BETH Havoc Team Members Present: Two BETH Havoc Players, Team Manager, WAGS Rep, Head Coach
Also in Attendance: Center Referee ( CR )
The Director welcomed and thanked everyone for attending.  The Center Referee was given the floor to testify on what lead up to the incident, what occurred during the incident and what took place following the incident.  The Center Referee (CR) stated that he felt the game was uneventful until the incident occurred.   BETH was leading 1-0.  At this point, no cards had been issued, the coaches were not complaining and the players were playing a competitive game of soccer.  The CR stated, based on his judgment, BETH had passed the ball back to the BETH Keeper at which time the Keeper handled the ball.  The CR stated that he immediately called a “pass back” and awarded an indirect free kick to the opposing team.  The CR stated that the coach from the BETH Havoc YELLED out, “That was a bad F***ing call!” at which time he ran over to the BETH Head Coach and showed him a Red Card.  He stated that before exiting the pitch, the BETH Coach repeated the “F” word several more times.   The CR did state that he never once felt threatened and he felt as if the foul language was not directed at him personally. 
The two BETH Havoc Players concurred with the CR’s statement.  They also testified to the fact that their coach apologized for dropping the “F Bomb”.  They felt certain that it was not meant to threaten the referee in any way, but rather was simply a reaction.  The Players did state that they only heard the initial yelling of the “F” word.
The BETH Havoc Team Manager disagreed with the CR’s description of the game.  She felt it was a very heated game.  She felt the play was extremely rough: there was “hair pulling” and that the parents were out of control.  The BETH Team Manager also felt emotions were “running high”.  She also stated that she was on the parents’ sidelines and she did not hear any profanity coming from the BETH Havoc’s Head Coach. 
The BETH Havoc’s Head Coach was next to testify.  He admitted to dropping the “F Bomb” a total of three times.  Once when the CR made the initial call and two more times while walking away from the pitch after being red carded.  The first time he was loud, the second and third time, as he was walking away from the field, he was speaking in his normal tone of voice.  He stated that it was not directed at the CR’s person, but to the type of call that was made.  He stated that it was an out of character “out burst” of frustration.  The BETH Head Coach was apologetic and wrote a letter of apology to the CR.  He stated that he apologized to the players at their next meeting and was forthcoming with his out burst and took full responsibility. 
The BETH Havoc Head Coach also coaches an older team.  The Team Manager from that team attended to testify on behalf of the BETH Havoc Head Coach.  Inasmuch as she did not condone the behavior of the BETH Havoc’s Head Coach, she stated that it was completely out of character.  She continued by stating, that as long as she has been associated with this coach, she has NEVER heard him use foul language during a game or around the players. She concluded by stating that the BETH Havoc Head Coach is a young man that gives so much to the game.  She felt that he used poor judgment, which was completely out of character for him and feels he has learned for this experience.
On a side note: it is protocol during the course of an R & D hearing that when individuals testify, they only address the Committee Members.  The BETH Havoc Head Coach, prior to his testimony, turned to the CR and made a sincere apology in which the CR accepted.
From the testimony heard tonight, the reoccurring theme was that the Head Coach of the BETH Havoc’s behavior was uncharacteristic.  It was clear to this Committee that the CR at no time felt physically threatened nor did he feel verbally harassed. The CR felt that the BETH Havoc Coach’s language was intolerable.  The Committee commended the CR for appearing before the R & D Committee and was pleased to see both he and the BETH Havoc Head Coach shake hands in front of the players after the hearing.  The Committee was very impressed with the honesty of the BETH Head Coach.  This Committee trusts that it was out of character for the BETH Havoc Head Coach. This was the BETH Havoc Head Coach’s first time appearing before the R & D Committee in his many years of coaching.  It was apparent to the Committee that his players were surprised when he dropped the “F” Bomb, as was the Team Manager from his older aged team.  However, foul language cannot and will not be tolerated on any level.  Therefore the Committee directs the following:
The BETH Havoc Head Coach is to serve a 4-game suspension during the WAGS 2006 spring season.  If the Head Coach attends a Positive Coaching Alliance ADVANCE course, 2 of the 4 WAGS games will be waived.
The BETH Havoc Head Coach was informed that he has the right to appeal the decision of the WAGS R & D Committee according to Rule O, “Protests and Appeals Procedures”.
Rule M.1, "Physical Violence, Foul, and Abusive Language, or Harassment Will Not Be Tolerated” The MATT Freedom U-12 Azul, has alleged that several parents from the SAC United Premier U-12 Azul violated this rule during game # 2792 on October 30, 2005, using foul and abusive language.
MATT Freedom Team Members Present: Head Coach, Team Manager, TSL, Assistant TSL, MATT WAGS Rep.
SAC United Premier Team Members Present: Head Coach, Parent Linesman, Parent, TSL.
The Director welcomed and thanked everyone for attending.  The MATT Freedom Manager ( TM ) was asked to testify on what lead up to the incident, what occurred during the incident and what took place following the incident.   The MATT Freedom TM stated that the game was heated.  He continued and stated that the spectators from the SAC United team were shouting, “take her out” which continued throughout the game.  A hard foul occurred and the same remark “take her out” as well as “ Oh my God, someone is going to get killed,” was shouted from the SAC United sidelines.   At this time the MATT Freedom TM decided he was going to alert the SAC United Team Sportsmanship Liaison (TSL) .  As the MATT Freedom TM started to make his way through the SAC United parents, he decided to stop and look to see if he could identify the SAC United TSL first.  The MATT Freedom TM stated that when he stopped, it was evidently perceived by one of the SAC United Parents that he was staring at him.  The MATT Freedom TM stated that he then heard a SAC United Parent state –“ What the h*** are you looking at?” which was repeated for a total of two times.   The MATT Freedom TM was surprised and then replied by saying – “I am looking for your TSL.”   After the exchange, the MATT Freedom TM heard a couple of SAC United Parents saying – “What’s a TSL?  Do you have to have a license to be a TSL?” and “Can you get a TSL License from Wal-Mart?” followed by laughter.   The MATT Freedom TM stated that the SAC United TSL arrived and he was able to calm down the situation.  At that point the MATT Freedom TM removed himself for the situation.  The MATT Freedom TM pointed out that he felt the incident could have escalated had the SAC United TSL not intervened.
The MATT Freedom (TSL) stated that he heard the “mocking” remarks as they related to getting your TSL license from Wal Mart.  The MATT Freedom Assistant TSL stated that she witnessed the SAC United Parent say “Who the h** are you?” twice.  The MATT Freedom ATSL stated that she and the SAC United Parent that said “Who the h*** are you?” had an exchange of words.  She concurred with the MATT Freedom TM, that the SAC United TSL intervened and calmed down the situation.
The Club Linesman (CL) on the parent side was a SAC United Parent. He stated that during the course of the game, a foul was called and a MATT Freedom Parent was very vocal about the foul.  At that time, the SAC United CL stated that the Center Referee (CR) stopped the game and went over to the MATT Freedom Parents and told them to be quiet or they would have to leave.  The SAC United CL stated that right after the foul, he did hear the statement “Oh my God, someone is going to get killed,” shouted out from the SAC United sideline.  The SAC United CL stated that following the remark made by the SAC United Parent; a MATT Freedom Parent, an unidentifiable MATT Freedom Parent shouted -  – “What are you talking out, BOY?”   This comment appeared to be a surprise to the MATT Freedom side of the room.  As the SAC United CL was completing his statement about the racial slur, the SAC United Parent sitting next to him was nodding his head in agreement.  The SAC United CL stated that he did not witness the incident between the SAC United Parent and the MATT Freedom TM due to his running the lines and focusing on the game.  He concluded by saying that other than the incident in question, he felt the game was well played and 95% of the time was uneventful.
The SAC United Parent started his testimony by turning to the MATT Freedom ATSL and apologizing for his behavior.  He stated that what she had said (their exchange of words) was true and that she was very polite.  The SAC United Parent admitted to shouting “Oh my God, someone is going to get killed!”  He stated that the MATT Freedom TM shouted, “ That was poor sportsmanship” and then told him to “Shut up!”   The SAC United Parent stated he responded by saying “You shut up” and “Who the h*** are you?”
The SAC United Premier Head Coach informed the Committee that he spoke to his parents about the entire incident.  A couple of parents admitted to making remarks referring to the Wal-Kart/TSL.  And stated that they were not at all aware that the “Who the  h*** are you” comments were even taking place.  It was agreed that the Wal-Mart comments were a completely different conversation that was taking place.
The MATT Freedom Coach concluded that he was taken aback to hear about the “racial slur.”  He stated that he has a diverse group of parents and found it hard to believe that anyone on his team would have made such a comment.  He assured the Committee members that he was going to ask his parents if the comment was made, and if it did occur he would take action.
During deliberations, the Committee found this case to be disturbing. The Committee commends the MATT Freedom for bringing this matter to the league’s attention.  The Committee feels that these U-12 issues must be addressed in order to prevent them from escalating as the teams get older.
Based on the testimony given, the only item both teams are in agreement with is that the SAC United Premier Parent used profanity on the sidelines.  All other testimony became a he said/she said scenario.  Therefore the Committee directs the following:
The first two games of the WAGS Spring 2006 season, the parents of both the U-12 MATT Freedom and the U-12 SAC United Premier will remain silent throughout the course of each game.  (Silent Game Day). 
If any parent of the U-12 MATT Freedom/SAC United Premier does not comply with this censure, the Head Coach of the offending team will be suspended for their next WAGS league game. 
The MATT Freedom and the SAC United Premier teams were informed that they have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGS R & D Committee according to Rule O, “Protests and Appeals Procedures
Lula Bauer, Director
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