June 7, 2006
 WAGS R & D Committee Meeting
 Fairview Park Marriott
 June 7, 2006
Committee Members Present: Lula Bauer ( Director ), Clarence Jones, Debi Honaker, Hap Kwiatkowski, Ruben Bolognesi ( Administrator )
SYA Select Members Present: Head Coach, Team Manager, SYA Club President, Parents.
BETH Pride Members Present: Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager, Parent, Club Representative.
Meeting Notes
Match Complaint: Game # 3616 – SYA Select vs. BETH Pride – U16 / Division 2 - WAGS Rule J.5 and K.8
SYA Select filed the complaint.
SYA Select’s complaint was that game # 3616 scheduled to be played at Muldoon’s Farm field was not properly lined. ( Rule J.5 ) The SYA Select Head Coach ( HC ) gave her testimony by providing a timeline of the events that took place leading to the start of the game, which began at 10:31 am, 31 minutes after the scheduled 10:00 am kick-off time.  Between 9:45 am and the start of the game, the HC testified that she approached the Center Referee (CR) in order to bring several issues to his attention.  The issues  included 1) the considerable delay, 2) the field not being properly lined, 3) the goals not being setup, and 4) WAGS Rule as it relates to the “15-minute grace period”.  The SYA Select HC stated that the CR dismissed her each and every time as he allowed the BETH Pride parents to continue setting up the field until the above-mentioned kick-off time.
The SYA Club President, a certified referee, provided a sketch showing how the field was lined.  One of the major issues was that the 18 yard area was significantly narrow and approximately 20 yards wide, compared to the standard 44 yards width.  He acknowledged that the BETH Pride parents worked very hard, but unfortunately, they had improper measurements and that the field was simply “not up to par”.
All testimonies presented by the BETH Pride confirmed that the game started at approximately 10:30 am and that the field was not properly lined.  All indications were aimed at the fact that the BETH Pride’s Team Officials had been told by their Club Officials the day before the game, the field was lined.  The BETH Pride were surprised when they arrived to Muldoon’s Farms only to discover that there were no lines or any type of markings for that matter.  This is when the BETH Pride team parents realized they had to line the field from scratch.
The BETH Pride acknowledged that the CR allowed them to continue setting up the field past the league’s 15-minute grace period.  The BETH Pride felt that since the CR was the authority of the game, that they were justified in making every effort to set up the field irrespective of the 15 grace period.
The Club Representative mentioned that the BETH Soccer Club in general is “spoiled”, referring to their usual home field, the Maryland Soccerplex, where no field setup is required.
A Committee member asked the SYA HC why she decided to play the game in light of all the issues.  The SYA HC replied that she decide to play out of fear that the CR would penalize her team if they did not.
The SYA Club President reiterated that the protest was filed based on the fact that the field was improperly lined and kick off was at 10:30 am.  .  The same Committee member asked the BETH Pride if the field was lined at 10:15 am.  The BETH Pride acknowledged that the field was not completely lined by 10:15 am.
The Director confirmed with the BETH Pride that no one had gone to Muldoons to check the status of the field the night before the game due to rain.  She then proceeded to read the BETH Club field setup rules for Muldoon’s Farm which were posted on their website. The BETH Pride acknowledged that they did not follow the setup policy for Muldoon’s Farm because they had received wrong information concerning the status of Muldoon’s Farm field from their Club’s Officials.
A third Committee member commended the BETH Pride team and parents for doing the best they could in trying to setup the field for play under the circumstances.
During deliberations, the Committee concluded:
1. Regardless of the effort made by the BETH Pride parents, players, and Team Officials, the field was not ready for play within the 15 minute grace period.
2. The field was not properly lined.
3. The Center Referee incorrectly allowed the game to start half hour after its scheduled start time.
4. That the BETH Pride did not follow the field instructions on the WAGS website as well as their club’s field set up policy for Muldoons Farms.

5. That the rescheduling of this game as well as the change of field was irrelevant to the case.
After deliberation, the WAGS R & D Committee decided, based on Rules J.5 and K.8 below, to grant the SYA Select U16/D2 a 3 – 0 forfeit win for game # 3616 played on May 13th, 2006.
J.5.  TEAM OBLIGATIONS: The home team is to provide the game ball, a PROPERLY LINED AND CUT FIELD, nets, corner flags and lights (when required).
K.8 FORFEITS: Failure of the home team to provide the game ball, a PROPERLY LINED AND CUT FIELD, nets, corner flags,  and lights (when required), within the League’s fifteen (15) minute grace period, may result in a forfeit.  The score shall be recorded as a 0-3 loss for the forfeiting team.
The SYA Select and BETH Pride U16 Division 2 were informed that they have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGS R & D Committee according to Rule O, “Protests and Appeals Procedures”.
Penalty Points Accumulation – SYA Select U16 D2 - 13 Current Penalty Points, 11 by Player # 3.
SYA Select Members Present: Head Coach, Team Manager, Player # 3, Player #3’s Parents, Players.
Player # 3 read a written statement she prepared.  She took full responsibility for her actions; apologize to the R&D Committee and to her teammates.  She also proceeded to explain each one of the cards she received.
A second Committee member asked Player # 3 why she thought she received all these cards.  Player # 3 responded that she felt frustrated at times, mostly because she felt her team was not playing up to its potential.
Player # 3’s father added that his daughter is a very good person and a straight A student in school.
After deliberation, the Committee directs the following:
Player # 3 is suspended for the next 2 WAGS games regardless of the team she is rostered during the Fall 2006 season. Please remember that a sit out form needs to be mailed to the WAGS R&D Director for each game a player / team official sits out.
Should Player # 3 receive a yellow card during the Fall 2006 season, the she will be suspended for an additional game.
The R&D Committee will closely monitor Player # 3 during the Fall 2006 season.
The SYA Select U16 D2 was informed that they have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGS R & D Committee according to Rule O, “Protests and Appeals Procedures”.
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