October 18, 2006

October 18, 2006.

WAGS R & D Committee Meeting
Fairview Park Marriott
October 18, 2006


Committee Members Present: Lula Bauer ( Director ), Wendell Domon, Bryan Ahearn, Karen Parker, Chris Mroczek, Clarence Jones, Ruben Bolognesi ( Administrator. )

FSC Inferno Members Present: Head Coach ( HC ), Assistant Coach ( AC ), Team Manager ( TM ), WAGS Club Representative ( WCR ).

 OLNY Tigers Members Present: Head Coach ( HC ), Team Manager ( TM ).

 Meeting Notes

 Complaint: FSC Inferno U11 Division E - WAGS Rule M.1 – Game Conduct.

 The Center Referee filed the complaint.

         The Director welcomed everyone and explained how the hearing was going to be conducted. The FSC HC stated that the OLNY HC started asking for coaches cards very early in the game and kept claiming that there were too many people on the FSC sideline.  He continued by referring to a collision by two players, one from each team, where the FSC player was knocked out.  While the FSC team officials were attending to their player, the OLNY HC insisted on whether everyone on the FSC sideline was carded, and that is when the FSC HC heard the confrontation between the OLNY HC and the FSC AC.  The FSC HC could not hear the words that were interchanged between the two team officials, however, he did see the CR issuing his AC a red card.

         The FSC TM explained that the FSC AC’s team official pass did not print out with the rest of the passes due to a logistic issue, and therefore, never had him carded. She stated that if it had not been for this issue, she would have never realized that the AC was not carded, pointing out that referees never ask to see the team officials’ passes.

        The FSC AC apologized to the Committee, and the ONLY team officials in attendance for having to be at the hearing.  He started his testimony by saying that he did hear the comments the OLNY HC was making about “coach’s cards”, but chose to ignore them until the collision happened.  When the  FSC player was on the ground and not moving, the Referee summoned him and he then came onto the field to attend his player.  The OLNY HC followed the FSC AC as he was walking to his player.  When the player got up and slowly started walking to the FSC sideline, the OLNY HC asked to see the coaches’ card AGAIN followed by the remark: “anyways, your kids are not any good.”  The FSC AC stated that once he made the comment about his players, he got caught up in the heat of the moment and said without thinking,  “Where is your Green Card?”

        The OLNY HC admitted that he asked to see the coaches’ cards throughout the game.  He thought that the league only allowed just the HC and the AC on the sideline for every team.  He felt with three   FSC coaches on they sidelines it made for a very loud and distracting sidelines.  He felt the three coaches were putting a lot of pressure on their kids.  He also felt the game itself was getting heated.  When the collision happened, he went to see his player, and as he was coming back to his bench, and as the FSC coach was walking his player back to the sidelines, he said to the FSC bench: “Let’s relax a little bit, it’s not like you are controlling the game.”   That is when the OLNY HC heard the FSC AC make the racial comment.  He finished his statement by adding that kids from both teams heard the racial comment.  He did admit that making the comment referring to the FSC play, was a mistake.

              The FSC’s WAGS Club Representative stated that this was an isolated incident and that in no way does it represent the way that the Freedom Soccer Club behavior.  He added that in a mutual agreement, the FSC Inferno AC would be removed from the team for the remaining of the season.

       A Committee member asked the OLNY TM if he asked for the team official cards. The OLNY TM said that he asked the FSC TM if everyone was carded, but did not request to see everyone’s card.

         A second Committee member asked the FSC TM if she had the coaches read the WAGS rules.  The TM said no.

        The R&D Director commended both groups for being forthcoming, however, she mentioned that it was shocking and very disappointing to have to hear a case of this nature AND in the vicinity of 10 and 11 year old girls.

         After deliberation, the Committee found that the FSC AC had violated the WAGS Rule M.1 as stated:


















 1.             PHYSICAL VIOLENCE, FOUL AND ABUSIVE LANGUAGE, OR HARASSMENT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  Such conduct will be reported by a carded official to the R&D Director even in situations where cards were not issued.  Any incident of a player or coach issued a Red Card for physical violence, assault, or abuse directed against a referee or linesmen will be subject to an automatic review by the WAGS Board of Directors. The use of noise making or amplifying devises is PROHIBITED.  Carded team officials are prohibited from smoking on the sidelines during a scheduled WAGS game.

and therefore directs the following:

The WAGS R&D Committee supports the decision taken by the Freedom Soccer Club by removing the Assistant Coach from the FSC Inferno for the remaining of the Fall 2006 season.

The FSC Inferno Assistant Coach must submit a Letter of Apology no later than November 15, 2006, directed to the OLNY Tigers players, team officials and parents regretting the comment made toward the OLNY Tigers Head Coach.  A copy of the letter and proof of compliance must be mailed to the WAGS R&D Director.

               The FSC Inferno U11 Division E were informed that they have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGS R & D Committee according to Rule O, “Protests and Appeals Procedures”.
















































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