November 29, 2006

WAGS R & D Committee Meeting
Fairview Park Marriott
November 29, 2006

Committee Members Present: Lula Bauer ( Director ), Debi Honaker, Karen Parker, Hap Kwiatkowski,
Ruben Bolognesi ( Administrator. )

PWSI Courage 89 White Members Present: Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager, WAGS
Club Representative, Players ( 4 ), Parents.

Meeting Notes

Penalty Points Accumulation – PWSI Courage 89 White U17 D4 - 16 Current Penalty Points.

The Head Coach ( HC ) seemed to be more prepared compared to a previous hearing he had to
attend for another PWSI team he coaches. He started out by apologizing for having to come before
the Committee for the accumulation of 16 penalty points and continued by reading a statement from
a player that received a yellow card but could not attend the hearing.

All players present explained the yellow card each one of them received.

A Committee member asked the HC if he had a plan to remedy this situation.  The HC responded
that he will keep talking to his players about this issue.  He continued by saying that yellow cards
are normal circumstances, and that sometimes referees make bad calls against his team.

During deliberations, the Committee concluded that the PWSI Courage 89 White HC never took
responsibility for any of the cards his players received and chose to blame the level of the referees 
as he did during his previous hearing.  The Committee also felt that there was no plan in place to
prevent receiving additional cards.
After deliberation, the Committee directed the following:

The PWSI Courage 89 White will draft and submit three ( 3 ) different Codes of Conduct. The first
one will be geared towards coaches, the second one toward spectators, and the third one towards
players. A signed copy of each Code of Conduct must be received by the WAGS R&D Director no
later than January  15th, 2007.

The PWSI Courage 89 White is hereby informed that they will be carrying over 8 penalty points to
the next WAGS season they participate.

The PWSI Courage 89 White U17 Division 4 was informed that they have the right to appeal the
decision of the WAGS R & D Committee according to Rule O, “Protests and Appeals Procedures”.


Penalty Points Accumulation – VIST Fury U15 D1 - 23 Current Penalty Points.

VIST Fury Team Members Present: Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager, WAGS Club Representative,
Players, Parents.

The Team Manager ( TM ) started his testimony by recognizing that there was a problem.  He
continued by saying that the team drafted a Code of Conduct for everyone to sign and abide, and
that a referee will be invited to some of the team practices to talk to the players and let them know
what they need to correct.  He ended up by adding that all players and team officials take full
responsibility for their actions, and that is why the whole team was present at the hearing for support.

A Committee asked the TM if players # 21 and 99 had sat out a game because of their accumulation
of 6 points each.  The TM responded that he was not aware of that rule, thus the players did not take
the mandatory sit out.

A second Committee asked the HC whether he talked to the players after they received cards.  The
HC said he did, however he added that some times a card is issued on 50 / 50 balls.  This same
Committee member asked the captains present to get control of their players while they are on the field,

The Director brought up a story about a college coach scratching a player off his scouting list due to
a retaliation play by this highly profiled player.

During deliberations the Committee took into account that twenty three penalty points in one season is a
major accumulation, nonetheless, the Committee commended everyone in attendance representing the
VIST Fury for being very prepared, forthcoming, and having a plan in place to prevent this situation from
occurring in the future.  With this in mind, The Committee directed the following:

Players # 99 and # 21 must sit out the next WAGS game.  Please remember that a sit-out form needs to
be filled out and mailed to the WAGSL R&D Director for each game a player sits out.

The VIST Fury is assessed a fee equal to a full WAGSL league fee. The check must be mailed to:
WAGSL – 8000 Old Parsonage Court – Alexandria, VA. 22315, and must be received no later than
January 19, 2007.  If the fee is not paid, all VISTA teams affiliated with WAGS that are participating in
the Spring 2007 season will be denied the privilege of having home games.

The WAGSL R&D Committee defers division seeding for the VIST Fury to the WAGSL Board of Directors.

The VIST Fury is hereby informed that the team will carry over 11 penalty points, player # 99 will carry
over 3 penalty points, and player # 21 will carry over 4 penalty points to the next WAGS season they decide
to participate,

The VIST Fury U15 Division 1 was informed that they have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGS
R & D Committee according to Rule O, “Protests and Appeals Procedures”.

Match Complaint: Game # 4044 - VIST Fury - WAGS Rule K.12

VIST Fury filed the complaint.

VIST Fury Members Present: Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager, WAGS Club Representative.

Others Present: Center Referee

This hearing is regarding the option of having game # 4044 declared a forfeiture due to the VIST Fury
failure of submitting a Red Card Sit-Out form for the game in question, therefore, lacking evidence of
compliance of WAGS Rule N.1.h.

The VIST Fury TM read the statement he had submitted to the R&D Director when he filed the protest,
which contained a summary of the circumstances.

The Center Referee ( CR ) began his testimony by sharing with everyone present that he had been
refereeing for 14 years, and in that span of time he had officiated more than 700 games, including many
at the college level.  He continued by saying that he agreed with almost everything the VIST Fury TM
expressed, except a comment made regarding sitting out.  The CR said that he never mentioned to the
TM that the Head Coach does not need to sit out.

A Committee member asked the TM why he raised his hand when the CR asked the VIST Fury crowd
about a comment made if he was not the one who made such comment.  The TM responded that he wanted
to solve the situation and he decided to take responsibility.

The WAGSL R&D Director concluded the hearing by asking the VIST Fury TM to produce a statement from
the team they played on game # 4044 testifying that he had served his sit-out on that game.

Later in the week, the VIST Fury TM was able to produce such testimony, therefore game # 4044 will not
be considered as a forfeiture for the VIST Fury, and the score will stand and be recorded as 2 – 1 win for the
VIST Fury.

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