October 1, 2007

WAGS R & D Committee Meeting
Fairview Park Marriott
October 1, 2007

 Committee Members Present: Lula Bauer ( Director ), Clarence Jones, Hap Kwiatkowski, Sally D’Italia, Ruben Bolognesi ( Administrator .)

WALD Mustangs Orange Team Members Present: Head Coach, Team Manager, Club Registrar.
CSA Alliance 95 / 96 Team Members Present: Head Coach, Parents, Travel Commissioner.

The Washington Area Girls Soccer League Rules and Discipline Committee ( WAGSL-R&DC ) held a hearing related to rule E.1.B, Recruitment. The WALD Mustangs Orange has alleged that the CSA Alliance 95 / 96 U12 Division E has violated the above mentioned WAGS Rule as stated:
“No coach, team official, players or parents of players within WAGS, regardless of any other team affiliation/association (including but not limited to WAGS Provisional Rosters, amateur leagues, High School Soccer and Olympic Development Programs) shall initiate any form of contact with a prospective player who is listed on the roster of a WAGS VYSA, or MSYSA affiliated team with the intent of recruiting that player”

Meeting Notes

The WALD Head Coach ( HC ) provided a very detailed timeline of events, which led him to submit a Recruiting Complaint.  This chain of events included, among other things, a commitment of the player in question to remain with the WALD team for the Fall 2007 season.  However, one week before the start of the WAGS season, the parent of the player allegedly recruited asked to be released from the WALD team and tried to get rostered to the CSA Alliance 95 / 96 team.

The CSA HC denied during his testimony that he initiated contact with the player’s parent, and firmly insisted that the parent had approached him inquiring about the availability of spots on his team. Nonetheless, the HC admitted that he invited the parent’s daughter to guest play for his team at the WAGS tournament.

The parent of the player allegedly recruited stated that she approached the CSA HC inquiring about the availability of spots on his team right after a game played on June 2 during the Spring 07 season. She added that her daughter attended a goal keeper camp in August and reiterated the question to the CSA HC, who happened to attend the camp as a spectator. The parent continued her testimony by saying that one week before the start of the Fall 07 WAGS season, her daughter told her that she wanted to take a break from soccer, and therefore asked to be released from the WALD team. As her paperwork was being processed, she came to realize that her daughter might accept the invitation to guest play at the WAGS tournament in October for the CSA team, and thought that she had to be rostered to a WAGS team in order to be eligible to play, therefore, she asked the CSA HC if he could add her daughter to the CSA Alliance roster.  She concluded her testimony by saying that this is just a misunderstanding.

Based on all evidence presented during the hearing, it was very clear to the Committee that the CSA Alliance 95 / 96 Head Coach recruited a WALD Mustangs Orange player by asking the WALD parent who her daughter was right after the June 2 game of the Spring 07 season, and then inquiring if her child would play for his team in the WAGS 2007 tournament.  Once it was discovered that the WALD parent in question was a rostered team official for the WALD Mustangs Orange, the Committee concluded that based on a recent addition of “team official” to WAGS rule E.1.c, the CSA Alliance 95 / 96 Head Coach was not in violation of such WAGS Rule, which states:

Rule E.1.c

Invitations to players listed on valid rosters for play on WAGS Provisional Roster, out-of-league play, such as indoor, guest players for tournaments etc., must be initiated through that player’s coach / team official.

In closing, it is the unanimous opinion of this Committee that the WALD Mustangs Orange Assistant Coach’s chain of events was compelling.  Trying out for a team, accepting a position on the team, paying the team’s registration fee, submitting a signed player’s pass, rostering as the team’s Assistant Coach, committing to participate in the team’s preseason tournaments, giving the team every indication that they need not continue to hold tryouts for a Goal Keeper, while all along inquiring about a position for another team. This behavior has now placed the WALD Mustangs Orange in an unfortunate position of playing the Fall 2007 without a Goal Keeper. 

The WALD Mustangs Orange was offered the right to appeal the decision of the WAGS R & D Committee according to Rule O, “Protests and Appeals Procedures”.


Lula E. Bauer, Director, WAGSL R&D Committee

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