June 29, 2009



WAGS R&D Committee Meeting
Fairview Park Marriott
June 29, 2009
Committee Members Present:  Lula Bauer (Director) Clarence Jones, Robert Vincent, Debi Honaker, Maria Ramos, Michelle White (Administrator).
FREE Explosion Team Members Present: Head Coach, (2) parents
Others Present: Center Referee, Assistant Referee 
Meeting Notes
FREE Explosion (U16 D3); alleged violation of WAGS Rules K.10 Forfeits, Coach’s Code of Conduct. 
The meeting started at approximately 8:00pm. After introductions were made, the R&D Director explained the hearing procedures. 
The Center Referee began her testimony by stating that the teams were evenly matched, and felt that she called the game fairly. She continued to say that during the first half, the FREE Explosion Head Coach (HC) repeatedly questioned her calls. After halftime the CR started that the HC’s dissent began to take a personal tone.  The HC became more intense and made several derogatory comments. The CR issued a verbal warning to the HC stating that if she didn’t stop she would have to leave. The HC questioned the CR’s age, qualifications, and experience to which the CR asked her to leave the pitch. The HC refused to leave because she stated a red card was not issued. The CR spoke to the ARs to clarify WAGS procedure and then issued the HC a red card. The HC continue to dissent, but left the pitch to an area approximately 60-70 yards from the field which was in sight and sound of the match. The match was restarted. 
The Assistant Referee began his testimony by stating that he was on the parents’ side facing the FREE Explosion bench. He could not hear what was being said, but he could tell by the body language that an exchange between the CR and the HC was taking place. The HC stood up, off of the team’s bench and witnessed a lot of gesturing towards the CR.  The AR felt concerned for the safety of the CR so he joined the CR in order to provide her with assistance.   The match stopped and the teams held their positions while the CR spoke with the ARs regarding the ejection protocol of the HC. The AR informed the CR to show the HC a red card. The CR did show the HC a red card, and the HC began to leave the pitch. The AR didn’t wish the match to be forfeited, so he tried to locate a “carded official” in order for the match to continue.  A carded official was located and the match resumed. The HC did not leave the area as she sat on the other side of the pitch behind the fence on a bench.     After the match, the HC returned to the team’s bench. 
A Committee Member asked if the CR felt intimidated or threatened by the HC to which the CR replied that she did not feel physically threatened by the HC, but she did feel that she was feeling verbally intimidated by the HC.   
Another Committee Member asked for a diagram of the pitch to clarify the distance of the HC.
Another Committee Member asked the CR’s qualifications to which she replied that she has been officiating games for 6 years and she is a grade 8 referee.
The HC began her testimony by explaining that her players could not attend because they were participating in an out of state tournament. She continued by saying that she didn’t question calls at the beginning of the match, but around the 66th minute she began to question the CR’s calls as she felt dangerous tackles were being committed against her players. However, she stated that there were fouls being called against her players and she was frustrated by the inconsistency of calls.  Witnessing her players looking as if they were about to “explode”, the HC asked the CR to explain the inconsistency of her calls. The CR responded by stating that the HC’s dissent was enough and if she leaves now, she wouldn’t have to sit out the next match.   The HC explained that the CR spoke with her ARs regarding the procedure in removing a coach from a match.  The AR tapped on the CR’s shoulder and told her to issue a red card upon which the CR complied. The HC said that she walked from the pitch and called a carded official from her team to continue the match. The HC admitted that she was not “out of sight and out of sound” of the pitch. 
A FREE Explosion parent began his testimony by stating that he is a referee and he witnessed the confusion on the pitch about how to eject a coach from a WAGS match. 
A Committee member asked the HC why she continued to dissent to the CR when she was told “that was enough” by the CR, and the HC replied that it was wrong to continue but she was upset about her players being tackled from behind without a foul being called against the opposing team.  The HC was then asked if she knew that you do not need to be shown a red card under WAGS’ rules prior to leaving the pitch,  to which the HC responded that she knew she didn’t need to be shown a red card when a CR asks a coach to leave. The HC further stated that she wasn’t sure what the CR meant when she stated, “You have to go.” It wasn’t clear to her that the CR’s statement meant for her to leave the pitch. 
Another Committee member asked the HC if it would have been better to talk to her frustrated players than to dissent to the CR.  The HC replied that she did pull some of her players over to talk to them
The Committee directed the following:
The Committee concluded that the FREE Explosion HC did violate the coaches’ code of conduct. The HC admitted that her actions were inappropriate towards the CR and that her frustrations got the best of her. Therefore, the HC is suspended for the next WAGS’ match should she opt to coach a team affiliated with WAGS in the future. Please remember that a sit-out form needs to be filled out and mailed to the WAGSL R&D Director. Additionally, if the HC receives a yellow card, she must serve a (1) game suspension. Furthermore, if the HC receives a red card, she must serve a (2) game suspension for the entire next season of league play for any WAGS’ match that she coaches. Any accumulation of penalty points will be automatically reviewed by the R&D Committee under WAGS’ Rule N.1.d.
The result of this match will remain as played. 
The FREE Explosion U16 was informed that they have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGS R & D Committee according to Rule O, Protest and Appeals Procedures.
Lula E. Bauer, Director, WAGSL R&D Committee
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