February 12, 2002
February 12, 2002 - Minutes R & D Committee
Members Present:
Lula Bauer, Director, Chuck Keefer, Clarence Jones, Wendell Domon, Hap Hwiatkowski

Penalty Point Accumulation: BETH Liverpool (U-17/2)
The Committee held a hearing relating to Rule N-d, Penalty Point Accumulation, and considered the case of the BETH Liverpool. The BETH Liverpool (U-17/2) accumulated 24 penalty points during the Fall 2001 season; with no carry over points.

The BETH team was represented by a number of people including the Head Coach, the Manager, players #21 and #12, and the Club Representative.

The BETH Liverpool penalty point accumulation hearing can be summarized as follows:

  • The team received 9 penalty points on September 8.
  • During the final two weekends of the season (October 27-28 and November 3-4) the team received 15 of their 24 penalty points.
  • BETH Liverpool players #21, #12, and #6 accounted for 20 of their team's 24 penalty points.
The Committee heard testimony from the BETH representatives. The head coach remarked that he was startled to learn through an inquiry made to the WAGSL President that his team did not advance to Division I because of penalty points accumulated from the previous season. From a coaching perspective, he was stunned by this news and felt his team had been punished severely for its actions. The head coach said his team's actions were out of line and that he takes full responsibility for his team's behavior. He also testified that the team understands the consequences it may face and acknowledged the girls have taken responsibility for their actions. The head coach submitted to the Committee a letter of apology from player #6 and outlined a number of team-building efforts to remedy the problem, most notably drafting a team code of conduct for all players to sign and to adhere to for the Spring 02 season. Players #21 and #12 explained to the Committee their actions, notably their frustration with the referees and their opponents.

The BETH Club Rep testified that the majority of the red and yellow cards came from three players and during the last two weekends of the season. The Club Rep said that the inappropriate behavior was a set of incidences and not an overall team issue. He noted the BETH Liverpool won the sportsmanship award the season before for no penalty points. He strongly encouraged the Committee not to punish the team too harshly, and felt it would be unfair to attach a stigma to the team.

After a question and answer period with the BETH team representatives, the Committee deliberated and rendered its decision. The Committee considered carefully the testimony of the BETH Liverpool team and the written letter from player #6. The Committee overall was disappointed by the BETH team's lack of remorse for unacceptable behavior detrimental to WAGSL and felt the team did not take appropriate responsibility for its actions. The Committee, however, does commend the BETH head coach for accepting responsibility and looks forward to seeing the team's code of conduct.

In accordance with WAGSL Rule N-2(c), player #6 must sit out one game. The Committee voted 4-0 to suspend player #6 for one game. Due to her letter of apology and acknowledgment of fault, the Committee has decided to allow the player the discretion of which game to sit out. The Committee voted 3-1 to suspend players #21 and #12 for the first game of WAGSL league play for the Spring 2002 season. The Committee also voted unanimously to issue a written letter of censure to the BETH Liverpool to be read by the head coach to the entire team. It is also requests the BETH Liverpool players #21, #12 and #6 submit to the Committee a copy of their signed team code of conduct. No further sanctions are recommended as a result of penalty point accumulation by the BETH Liverpool. However, the Committee will monitor the team's future behavior and reserve the right to call upon the aforementioned players in question for future accumulation of penalty points. The BETH Liverpool is reminded that upon accumulation of penalty points including carry over points; the team may be subjected to monetary fines up to the amount of its league fee.

If the BETH Liverpool team wishes to protest the decision of the WAGSL R & D Committee, please refer to Section O, "Protests and Appeals Procedures" in your WAGSL manual.


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