November 8, 2001
November 8, 2001 - Minutes R & D Committee
Members Present:
Lula Bauer, Director, Chuck Keefer, Christine Mroczek, Wendell Domon, Hap Kwiatkowski, and Clarence Jones.

1. Penalty Point Accumulation: BETH Fury (C)
The BETH Fury accumulated 6 points during the Fall 2001 season; coupled with 12 points from the WAGS tournament and 5 carry over points from the Fall 2000 season. Totaling 23 penalty points: The main player responsible for accumulating 6 of the 12 penalty points during the WAGS tournament was new to the BETH Fury this season. This player has been spoken to by the coach concerning her play and to this date has not received additional points. Following the WAGS tournament, the head coach of the BETH Fury implemented adjustments, which have evidently proven successful. The BETH Fury has not accumulated further penalty points since the WAGS tournament.

The Committee voted to issue the BETH Fury a written warning.

2. Penalty Point Accumulation: MSC United (U-19/1)
The MSC United accumulated 15 points during the Fall 2001 season; coupled with 9 points from the WAGS tournament. Totaling 24 penalty points. The MSC United does not have a history of penalty point accumulation. This team appears to be very organized and places a high priority on sportsmanship. The head coach goes to great lengths to correct issues that arise during matches. The team follows strict rules for players that receive yellow or red cards.

During the WAGS tournament on October 6 &7, MSC United player #16 received 7 of their 9 points. Following the WAGS Tournament, the MSC United received 4 more cards for an additional 11-penalty point. Of the 4 cards, one was issued to player #16, on October 21, giving her a total of 9 penalty points for the Fall 2001 season.

The Committee voted 2-1 to suspend player #16 for the first full weekend of WAGS play during the Spring 2002 season. With a total of 24 penalty points, MSC United will have a total of 12 carry over points for the Spring 2002 season.

3. Penalty Point Accumulation: REST United (U-16/2)
The REST United accumulated 14 penalty points for the Fall 2001 season; coupled with 4 carry over points. Totaling 18 penalty points.

The team was represented by a number of people including REST United players. The Committee received a handout from REST United based on a plan of action for correcting the accumulation of penalty points. Inasmuch as the Committee trusts that the REST United will make adjustments, there was a concern as to how easily frustrated the head coach and the players become during a game. It is the hopes of this Committee that the REST United coaches and players will give a great deal of thought as to how they plan on controlling their frustrations during the games. The Committee feels if the REST United coach and players can control their frustration level, then not accumulating penalty points will be a self solving problem.

The Committee voted unanimously to issue a written censure to the REST United. The REST United is reminded that upon accumulation of 21 penalty points, including carry over points, the team may be subjected to monetary fines up to the amount of it's league fee. The REST United will carry over 7 penalty points.

4. Penalty Point Accumulation: SWYA Sting (U-19/1)
The SWYA Sting accumulated 15 penalty points; coupled with 5 carry over points. Totaling 20 penalty points as of October 25, 2001.

The R & D Committee met with the SWYA Sting on October 25, 2001 due to their penalty point accumulation. The SWYA Sting representative that appeared on behalf of the SWYA Sting had only been notified of the hearing the day before. It was clear to the Committee that the SWYA Sting representative was not prepared and felt uncomfortable about the lack of time to prepare for the hearing. The SWYA Sting representative asked to be given a chance to speak with the head coach (the head coach was out of town) and the parents before the Committee issued a decision. The Committee agreed.

The Committee received e-mail from the SWYA Sting representative that was initially sent to the SWYA Sting. As the Committee was deliberating, the SWYA Sting was issued yet another card, increasing the team's point accumulation to 22 penalty points.

The Committee voted unanimously to fine the team $400. The fine is payable before the start of the Spring 2001 season.

The SWYA Sting will begin their season with 8 carry over points.

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