October 3, 2001
October 3, 2001 - Minutes R & D Committee
Members Present:
Members Present: Lula Bauer, Director, Wendell Domon, Chuck Keefer, Christina Mroczek, Clarence Jones, Hap Kwiatkowski

1. Excessive Dissent and Verbal Abuse toward a Referee: BSU Blast U-16 D3 Assistant Coach
Prior to kick off, the BSU Blast's Team Manager informed the Center Referee the BSU Blast's head coach would not be present due to a family matter. The game began following pre-game formalities. As the game progressed the BSU Blast's Assistant Coach was given a yellow card in the 30th minute for dissent. The rest of the game was uneventful. Following the match the Center Referee went to the sideline and quietly asked the BSU Blast's Assistant Coach for his name to ensure the Head Coach did not receive the yellow card. The Assistant Coach became agitated and refused to provide his name. Intense verbal abuse that included profanity followed. The verbal abuse continued and was shouted in and around several of the BSU Blast players. This confrontation continued into the parking lot. The AR corroborated the account of the verbal abuse.

There was compelling testimony by the BSU Blast's Team Manager. She expressed her remorse as well as her regret over the entire situation. She impressed upon the committee that players and parents were not in any way involved. It was her hope the players would not be penalized. The Center Referee in his testimony agreed with the BSU Blast's Team Manager. It was concluded the players as well as the parents were not involved in any way.

Sanction: The Assistant Coach of the BSU Blast submitted a written report and was not able to attend the October 3, 2001 hearing. It is the opinion of this committee that his behavior is intolerable. At no time does a Referee deserve this type of public or private outburst. It is also the opinion of the R & D committee that this type of behavior is particularly unacceptable in front of players.

Although the Assistant Coach did state he regrets the language he used, he felt he was being baited and attempted to avoid responsibility by placing blame on the Center Referee. Therefore, the Committee has decided on the following: Inasmuch as the U-16 BSU Team Manager informed the R and D Committee, that in order to prevent any sanctions against the team "(problems)" the Assistant Coach of the U-16 D3 BSU had already resigned his position as Assistant Coach and did not attend the following two games. Therefore the R & D Committee is asking the Assistant Coach of the U-16 BSU Blast to return his official coach's pass to the Maryland State Registrar. A copy of the revised BSU Blast's state roster should be sent to the R & D Director. A record of this hearing will be kept and if any further action is brought before the R & D committee involving this individual, this individual will be subject to suspension from any and all WAGSL activities. The R & D Committee in conjunction with the Board of Directors of WAGSL will determine the duration of the suspension.

Lula Bauer, Director

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