September 19, 2001
September 19, 2001, 8:00 p.m. - Minutes R&D Committee
Members Present:
Members Present:Members Present: Lula Bauer, Director; Robert Emeritz, Wendell Domon, Chuck Keefer, Christine Mrozcek, Hap Kwiatkowski .

1. Protest: Great Fall Rapids VS Arlington United. 35 Minutes halves were shortened to 30-minute halves
It was agreed by representatives of both teams that the halves of this match ran 30 minutes, rather than the 35 minutes required by WAGS rules. The referee desired that the halves be shortened and that the match be started 10 minutes early to enable him to get to a subsequent assignment on time.

The testimony of representatives of both teams revealed a dispute, along predictable lines, as to whether both teams had agreed to the shortening of the halves prior to the commencement of the match. Arlington United said that the teams agreed to the referee's proposal just before the opening kickoff. Great Fall Rapid's coaches and manager said that they tried as hard as they could within the bounds of civility to get the referee to conform to the WAGS requirement before the opening kickoff, and that they restated their objections at the end of the first half. The referee's report indicated that he had "informed" the teams that the halves would be shortened to 30 minutes and that "no one disagreed."

On this record, it cannot be said that there was agreement to the shortening of the halves. Without such agreement, shortening of the halves is not permitted under FIFA Law 7. The match must be replayed in its entirety.

2. Protest: DC Stoddert Fire VS Vista Lightening U-15/5
This match was played and resulted in a 2-2 draw. DCST protests the result and seeks entry of a forfeit against VISTA owing to VISTA's failure to produce its official state roster before the match or within 15 minutes of the start of the match (the league's grace period).

The testimony indicated that the VISTA roster was in the team's manager's car before and during the match. The manager left the field before the match to buy doughnuts for the concession stand, leaving the team's player passes with another parent. When the DCST manager requested the game card (to insert her stick-on roster), she was informed that all that was at the field were the player passes and a referee evaluation card. The VISTA manager returned, she testified, within the 15-minute grace period, but because of her inexperience and her unawareness of the DCST manager's request, she did not produce the roster. The referee requested the official game card, but allowed her until the half to bring it.

When at the close of the match the DCST manager approached the VISTA manager with the DCST roster for the game card, the two discussed the matter. They went to the VISTA manager's car and the VISTA manager brought out the official roster. The VISTA witnesses stressed that their failure to produce the state roster was not the product of any intention to deceive or to allow an ineligible player or team official to participate in the match.

The requirement that the official state roster be available at the field for inspection is absolute. Because the roster's absence can have significant adverse effects on the match and the league's exposure to liability, no exceptions to the requirement can be permitted, even in cases where there does not appear to have been any wrongful intent and where application of the rule will have the effect of changing the outcome of a match fairly decided on the field. The rule is inflexible, and the Committee has no discretion to waive or limit it. Moreover, while the R&D Director and the League President may agree to waive forfeiture, such a waiver will be granted only in the most compelling of circumstances (where the roster is not present due to a traffic accident, e.g.). This is not such a case." The game shall be recorded as a forfeiture.

WAGSL Rules & Discipline Committee

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