November 13, 2002
November 13, 2002 - Minutes R & D Committee
Members Present:
Lula Bauer, Director, Christine Mroczek, Chuck Keefer, Clarence Jones, Wendell Domon, (abstained, LOUD Clash), Karen Parker, (abstained, LOUD Clash) and Rick Wolff

Penalty Point Accumulation: LOUD Clash - U-19/1 - 14 Current points,
no carry over points.

The LOUD Clash's Coach, Assistant Coach, several players, and the WAGS Club rep, represented the team. The LOUD Clash received two red cards the first weekend of play and 2 yellow cards on 9/15 and 9/22. After the first weekend of play the head coach sent a "memo" letting the players know this type of behavior would be not tolerated. After the additional yellow cards, the team's goals and objective were reviewed. The Head coach expressed his embarrassment of having been summoned before the Committee and he wanted to assure the Committee he viewed the situation as a serious one.

The Committee found it impressive that the LOUD Clash did not received additional cards after 9/22/02. The Committee commends the LOUD Clash's coaching staff and voted unanimously to issue an oral censure.

Penalty Point Accumulation: LOUD Fire - U-16/5 - 22 Current points,
no carry over points

The LOUD Fire's Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager, WAGS Club Rep, 6 players and 7 parents represented the team. The head coach submitted a history of penalty point accumulation for the LOUD Fire and stated he had developed a code of conduct that each of the players will sign. The head coach explained that he had informed his players there will be repercussions for bad behavior. Player number #2 took responsibility for her red card and informed the Committee she was sorry for her behavior.

The Committee feels 22points is a significant accumulation, and that if the situation is not quickly and effectively rectified, the team's future is in jeopardy. With a vote of 6-0 the Committee directs the following:

Issue a letter of censure.

That the team be fined of it's league fee made payable to WAGS on or before January 25, 2003.

That player #2 send a letter/e-mail of apology to the player she tackled in game number 3444. Player #2 can e-mail XXXX, Team Manager of the XXXX at XXXXX to retrieve the players name and e-mail address.

That player #2 send a copy of the letter/e-mail of apology to the R & D Director no later than December 14, 2002.

That a code of conduct signed by all players be sent to the R & D Director on or before January 25, 2002.

That this letter be shared and discussed with all players and parents, and the seriousness of the situation be stressed.

A vote of 4-3:
Player #2 be suspended for the first game of the Spring 2003 WAGS season, and that as a condition of serving this suspension, her name be entered in the appropriate place on the Game Card. WAGSL Rule N, 2, f states in part that "A coach/team official must be out of sight, out of sound, before, during, and after a game for which the coach/team official has been suspended".

Penalty Point Accumulation - PSC Heat U-15/3 17 current points,
no carry over points.

The PSC Head coach and four of his players were present at the hearing. Each player was given the opportunity to speak on her behalf and that of the team. The Head coach felt that he deserved the red card that was issued to him and has made the effort to deal with these kinds of situations in a more productive way. The players appeared to appreciate the seriousness of their point accumulation and will make the changes necessary to prevent additional penalties. The team was advised that penalty point accumulation may be the deciding factor in the team being placed in a higher division or not, despite the standings.

After the team members left the room, there was a confidential meeting with the Committee members and the Head coach because of extenuating circumstances with some of the players resulting in the cards given during this season. The Head coach is aware of his responsibilities with regards to communication between the R&D Committee and himself in the future.

The Committee voted unanimously to issue an oral censure.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 PM.


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