February 13, 2003

Wags R&D Committee Meeting

February 13, 2003


Members Present: Lula Bauer, Director, Chuck Keefer, Hap Kwiatkowski ,Karen York, Chris Mroczek


GHSC Lightening U-14/3 - Penalty Point Accumulation - 21 points



Asst. Coach

Team Manager/Asst. Coach

Two Players


Also present was the Center Referee from game # 2415 played on 11/02/02.


The referee gave testimony as to the lack of respect shown by the GHSC team officials.  He also commented that the asst. referees present at the game were 17 and 13 years old respectively.


Testimony from the GHSC was essentially apologetic in nature.  GHSC immediately expressed regret for their actions in game # 2415 in which they accumulated 17 penalty points. They also apologized to the referee.


The GHSC Lightning’s Team Manager and head coach personally apologized to the referee for comments that they made.   The coach apologized for his team’s parents and player’s actions toward the referee as well.


The team was proactive in submitting a plan of action entitled GHSC Lightning Soccer Ethics, Code of Conduct. This is to be signed by parents, players and coaches as well as team management prior to the start of the Spring 2003 season. Letters have also been sent to parents and players informing them that such actions will no longer be tolerated.


The Committee feels 21 points is a significant accumulation, and that if the situation is not quickly and effectively rectified, the team’s future is in jeopardy.  With a vote of 4-0 the Committee directs the following:


                A letter of censure be sent to the entire team.


                The GHSC’s head coach is suspended from the first game of the Spring 2003 season.


                The team manager/assistant coach of the Fall 2002 season be suspended the second game of the

                Spring 2003 season.


                A signed copy of the GHSC’s Code of Conduct be sent to the WAGS R & D Director prior to

                the start of the WAGS Spring 2003 season. 


Meeting adjourn 8:30 PM


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