May 19, 2011



WAGS R&D Committee
May 19, 2011
To        John Cuellar, Head Coach, CYA Galaxy
            Chris Roberts, Assistant Coach, CYA Galaxy
            Shelby Harvey, Team Manager, CYA Galaxy
            Paul Barboza, WAGS’ Club Representative, CYA
            Alex Hall, Head Coach, NVSC, Jr. Majestics 96 Gold
            Ann Hall, Assistant Coach, NVSC, Jr. Majestics 96 Gold
            Lisa Smith, Team Manager, NVSC, Jr. Majestics 96 Gold
            Marie Schweitzer, WAGS’ Club Representative, NVSC
Dear Mr. Cuellar, Mr. Roberts, Ms. Shelby, Mr. Barboza, Mr. Hall, Ms. Hall, Ms. Smith, and Ms. Schweitzer,
This letter constitutes an official written letter of censure from the Washington Area Girls Soccer League Rules & Discipline Committee to the CYA Galaxy, U14/PreD for a violation of WAGS Rule I.6.b.  This censure is based upon reviewing the timeline and the statements provided to this Committee regarding match 16222 that was not played on April 16, 2011 between CYA Galaxy and NVSC Jr. Majestics 96 Gold due to weather conditions.
On April 16, 2011, a tornado watch with severe storms was issued for the area of Westerfield High School Stadium where a match was to be played between CYA Galaxy and NVSC Jr. Majestics 96 Gold. Due to the rapid and severe weather conditions, CYA closed the stadium and asked everyone to vacate the area out of safety and concern for its players, parents, and referees.   The Referee Assignor was notified, and he therefore contacted the scheduled referees that the match was canceled due to weather conditions. CYA did not properly notify the NVSC Jr. Majestics 96 Gold team officials or WAGS that the field was closed. It is evident that a breakdown of communication occurred as to notification and appropriate procedures where not followed. 
 After reviewing the documents, the Committee cites that CYA Galaxy did violate Rule I.6.b.  For SATURDAY and SUNDAY games, a Club Representative may judge fields under their responsibility to be unplayable due to weather or other conditions.  If Club Representatives designate fields unplayable, it shall be their responsibility to callthe WAGS President (or designee) AT LEAST three (3) hours prior to kick-off. Club Representatives are responsible for notifying their coaches as well. The home team coaches must calltheir opponents and Division Coordinator.
           Based upon this evidence, the Committee directs the following:
The Committee recognizes and commends CYA for taking actions necessary in keeping players, parents, and referees safe due to the sudden change of weather conditions. However, CYA Galaxy needs to be diligent in following WAGS’ procedures when cancelling matches due to weather conditions and making sure that all parties listed in I.6.b. are contacted.   Therefore, the Committee believes that CYA Galaxy (U14/PreD) did violate WAGS Rule I.6.b but feels the rapid and severe weather conditions warrant Match 16222 to be rescheduled and played at a NVSC field at a date/time to be determined.
Sally V. D’Italia, Director, WAGS R&D Committee
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