July 1, 2003

July 1, 2003 Meeting Minutes


Members Present:  Lula Bauer, Director, Chuck Jones, Chuck Keefer, & Karen Parker

At 8 pm Christine Mroczek and Wendell Domon arrive


Penalty Point Accumulation: FREE X-Treme U15/2 – 17 points

17 points current season, no carryover


The FREE X-Treme was represented by only the Coach.  The committee expressed that it is best when the players who received the cards were present in accordance with WAGS rule N.2.d.  The Director expressed the seriousness of accumulating 17 penalty points in one season.  Privately, the committee discussed two options, which were then presented to the coach. The coach agreed to reschedule the hearing and bring the players who received the cards. 


It was the Head Coach of the FREE X-Treme’s decision to postpone the hearing until July 8 at 8 pm.


Penalty Point Accumulation: FREE Twisters U15/3 – 13 points

13 points current season, no carryover


The FREE Twisters were represented by their Coach and Assistant Coach/WAGS Rep.

No players or parents were in attendance.  The committee expressed that it was disappointing that the players were not in attendance.  The Committee feels that carded players (of any age) benefit from a positive, direct interaction with the Committee as they learn firsthand the consequences of their action.


The coach had attended all of the games in which cards were issued.  He discussed the particulars of why each card was given.  The Assistant coach, who attended three of the five games in which cards were given, said that she felt each yellow card was appropriate. In response to a committee question, it was determined that only one of the

five games in question had been a Freestate home game. 


The Coach said that when a player receives a card in a game, he has a private conference with that player.  That player is then assigned additional and rigorous fitness training at the following practice with the team’s trainer.  The Head Coach informed the R & D Committee members that the player that received the red card, sat out for the next game. 


The committee voted unanimously for written censure and a code of conduct to be signed by each player and turned into the committee by August 15.









Penalty Point Accumulation – PSC U15/3 – 16 points,

8 points current season, 8 points carried over from fall 2002 season


The coach and four players represented the team.  Each player was given the opportunity to speak on her behalf.  Although the game report cards stated that one player was given two yellow cards, she only remembers receiving one card.    The fourth player present was not shown as receiving a card but admitted to receiving one.  


The coach stated his policy is to suspend a player from the next game upon receipt of a card.  He also states that should players carry over cards, from two seasons; a three game suspension will result from receiving an additional card.


The coach asked to speak privately to the committee.  His request was granted.

The PSC Head Coach apologized for having come before the committee again.  He informed the committee that two of the players who had appeared before the committee last fall season were no longer with the team this season. 


The Head Coach explained two of the four cards were issued to two players who had received cards in the fall.  Two of the four were issued to two players that had never received a card during WAGS play.  The coach shared with the committee some background information regarding the team and the strategies he was using to help the girls become better soccer players and how to deal with their frustrations during a game.


The committee voted 4 in favor with 1 abstention that the team would have no home games for the fall season.  A code of conduct to be signed by each team member and delivered to the WAGS R & D Director by August 15.  The committee also recommended a referee attend and evaluate on of their preseason games.  It is also recommended the referee meet with the team and to talk about his evaluation of their game and ultimately encourage the girls to become referees.



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