February 2, 2012


Committee Members Present: Kley Parkhurst (Director), Amy Thompson, Doug Walls, Carmen Nichols, Bob Vincent, Michelle White (Administrator)
LMVSC Team Members Present: Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager, Club Representative, 3 players including 2 Team Captains, 1 parent
Meeting Notes
LMVSC Patriots – HS/1 – 18 Penalty Points Hearing
The meeting started at approximately 7:00pm. After introductions were made and procedures were explained, the LMVSC Patriots Team Manager (LMVSC TM) began his statement.
The LMVSC TM stated that they had a horrendous spring season which resulted in 32 penalty points. They were embarrassed not only to appear in front of the Committee for their behavior but they, as adults, allowed an unhealthy team culture to form. They refocused the girls back to the game of soccer and required appropriate behavior both on and off the pitch. The team held a meeting and discussed on how to make the culture improve. They submitted the LMVSC Patriots’ Action Plan to the Committee on September 8, 2011 as directed by their Letter of Censure, August 9, 2011 (Letter of Censure). In their team action plan, any player that receives any card will result in game suspensions. He apologized for the one card they received, and stated that everyone worked hard to change the team culture. He believes the fall season went well overall. He also stated they have complied with the Letter of Censure directives with the exception of the Coaches’ Session which has not been made available yet.  
Player #8 began her testimony by stating that she apologizes to the Committee and her team for receiving the card. She knew she was wrong in showing her frustration on the pitch which resulted in a card. According to the LMVSC Patriots’ Action Plan, she sat out the last match of the season and will sit out the first match of the spring season.  
The LMVSC Patriots Assistant Coach (LMVSC AC) further stated that their goal for the fall was not to receive any cards for the season not only because they didn’t want to appear in front of the Committee again but because they wanted to provide a better culture on the team. They wanted to make better people out of their players, and he believes they have made tremendous improvements on the team. He apologized to the Committee, and he hopes the Committee sees the progress the team has made.
The LMVSC Patriots Head Coach (LMVSC HC) stated that Player #8 would have been the last person he thought would receive a card as she has never been booked. They will continue to work hard and do the best they can in not receiving any cards. He believes they have worked hard to change the team culture in respecting the game and others.
The LMVSC Team Captain (LMVSC TC) stated that they discussed their spring performance, and they decided they needed to improve on their behavior. They matured a lot since they appeared before the Committee in August, and the players decided they would keep each other in check on the pitch so they would not receive another card.
The LMVSC Club Representative (LMVSC CR) stated that they were embarrassed by their behavior in the spring by receiving so many penalty points. It was important for them to comply with the Committee’s wishes but it was more important to them to change the culture on this team to teach these girls to be better players and better people.   He believes this team has taken the recommendations of the Committee seriously and worked hard this season to improve resulting in only receiving one card.   They will continue to improve as a team.
A Committee Member asked the LMVSC TM if the suspensions were carried out in accordance with the team action plan, and the LMVSC TM replied that all suspensions were served, and all copies of the suspensions were supplied to the Committee. 
A Committee Member asked the LMVSC HC what actions he took, if any, when the player received a card. The LMVSC HC responded that he removed her from the match, and she did not play the remainder of the match.  
A Committee Member asked the LMVSC TC what they did once Player #8 received her card to which the LMVSC TC responded that she told the girls they couldn’t receive another card, and they cannot let this match spiral out of control.  She explained they need to take responsibility for their actions, keep control on the pitch, and respect the game of soccer, their coaches, their opponents, and the referees.
The Committee appreciates and commends LMVSC Patriots for complying with the August 9th Letter of Censure and the efforts made to improve the team’s culture. They commend the LMVSC Team Captains for assuming their leadership role and directing the team to respect team officials, referees, and teammates.   The Committee also commends the team officials for demonstrating leadership and taking appropriate action which has result in a significant reduction in penalty points from the spring season.
Based on the testimony and facts presented at the hearing, the Committee directs the following:
1. Sanction #7 of the August 9th Letter of Censure is hereby modified as follows: by May 1, 2012, both the HC and AC are required to attend the WAGS Coaches Session to be listed on the WAGS’ web site, or an alternative course with the prior written approval of the R&D Director. Documentation of completion must be submitted to the WAGS R&D Director within 10 days of course completion.
The LMVSC Patriots HS/1was informed that they have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGS R & D Committee according to Rule O, Protest and Appeals Procedures.
Kley Parkhurst, Director, WAGSL R&D Committee
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