July 8, 2003

July 8, 2003


Members Present:  Lula Bauer, Director, Clarence Jones, Christine Mroczek

Karen Parker, Hap Kwiatkowski and Jane Holcomb, Committee Administrator


STAFF Shooting Stars U15/1-14 Penalty Points Accumulation - 6 current points and 8 carry over points -total 14 penalty points


The STAF Shooting Stars Head Coach and the Wags Rep represented the team. The Director reviewed the game card reports and indicated that one player had received two cards and two players had each received a card.  The Director commended the STAFF Shooting Stars for improvement in their conduct in the spring season and that no yellow cards received were for dissent. 


The coach shared with the Committee the Shooting Stars team plan of action.  The coach stated that he discussed every week the concern of cards and what the playerís had to do to prevent being issued a card.  The players drew up their teamís code of conduct.


The coach discussed with the committee the actions he took during the spring season when a player received a card.  The coach stated that loosing the privilege of hosting home games was one they did not want to repeat.


A suggestion was shared that for the fall season:  that a player, whether new or returning, who might receive a card would write on the back of their code of conduct paper, what the card was for and the details of what the card was issued.  This suggestion was made so as to remind the player what the card was issued for and their plan of action to prevent the action that from occurring again.


The Committee commends the Shooting Stars for improvement in conduct and of receiving fewer cards in the spring season. The Committee commends the coach for his efforts of upholding the code of conduct and the teamís plan of action.


The Committee voted 3 for with 1 abstention for a written letter of censure and loss of privilege to host two games in the Fall 2003 season.



FREE X-Treme u15/2 Penalty Points Accumulation - 17 current penalty points


The Head Coach, the Assistant Coach, team Manager and three players represented the team.


The Head Coach stated that he had been with the team for three years.  He discussed the game in which three cards were issued. One player who received a card is not with the team now.   The coach felt that three cards in one game was unusual and the referee may have been unusually strict in his calls.   He inquired whether that referee had a history of giving out excessive amount of cards and pointed out that the other ream received no cards.  The Committee advised that there was no such history and that a refereeís strict enforcement of the rules is not an explanation of the playerís actions.  The Coach then discussed his plan of action to address the issue of receiving cards. 


The assistant coach shared that she has been with the team for years.  The team has never appeared before the committee.  The team has always been a hard playing team and in her opinion has played fairly.


Each player was given the opportunity to speak on her behalf.  Player #16 and #12 stated that the cards were received for slide tackles.  Player #12 received a red card.  They felt that they were clean slide tackles and player #12 said that she thought that she did not slide tackle from behind.  Player #1 says she did not receive a card but her number is written on the game card.  The Coach thinks that #7 probably received the card.  It was noted that no matter which player, a red card was issued.


The Manager repeated that the team has never been before the committee and that the goal for the next season will be to receive the Wags Good Sportsmanship Award and to not appear before the committee and to get the sportsmanship award for the fall.

At the parentís meeting that will be held in the next week, it will be stressed that sportsmanship must start with the parentís good sportsmanship and that the team will not appear before the committee next fall.


The committee suggested that a referee could come to a practice and discuss slide tackles and how a referee determines how to make that call.


The committee directed that player #12, who was assessed 9 penalty points this season, be suspended for the first game of the Fall 2003 season. 


The Committee hopes that the players take the situation seriously and to convey the committeeís belief that unless significant improvement is achieved in the coming season, additional team and individual sanctions could be imposed. 


The Committee commends the team manager for taking responsibility and stating that he did not condone the amount of penalty points and plans for a parent meeting to discuss the behavior of the players.


The committee voted unanimously to issue a written censure and a code of conduct to be signed by each player and returned to the committee by August 15.  


STAFF Stingrays   U17/2  10 current points and 6 carryover points


The Head Coach, assistant coach, Wags Rep, and players represented the STAF Stingrays


The Coach discussed the games where the cards were received and shared his concerns with receiving yellow cards.  The coach stated that the player, who received a majority of the cards in the fall, did not receive any cards in the spring.


Each player was given the opportunity to speak on her behalf. One player who could not attend wrote a letter and was shared with the committee.  The players did take responsibilities for their actions on the field.


The Asst. Coach stated that the girls were at the meeting to take responsibility for their behavior when they step on the field. 


A committee member shared that the Fall season is the time for college coaches to look at players in this age group and they will write a player off if they think the player will be trouble on their team.


The Director reminded the players that referees donít change their call and dissenting against the referee will not make the referee change his call.  That is one behavior that a player can control. 


The Committee expressed disappointment in the lack of improvement and disappointing in their cards received for dissent last season for 12 points and this season accumulation of 6 points for dissent and 4 point for USB for a total of 10 points.


The Committee voted to issue a letter of written censure.  The censure will include the following items:

-A code of conduct to be signed by each player,

-A fine in the amount of half of its WAGSL League Fee.  All will be due August 15th.


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