July 10, 2003

July 10, 2003   R & D Minutes

Members Present:  Lula Bauer, Director, Karen Parker, Christine Mroczek, Hap Kwiatkowski, Wendell Domon and Jane Holcomb, Committee Administrator


TSC Thunder White u11/4      Ineligible Player in two Wags Games


The Thunder Soccer Club’s Coaching Advisor, President and the team’s Head Coach represented the TSC Thunder White team.  The Committee commends and expresses appreciation to the Thunder Club’s management for calling this rules violation to the leagues attention.


The President of the club stated that the Coach was suspended from his team responsibilities indefinitely by the Thunder Soccer Club pending the findings of this committee and possibly those by MSYSA.


The Coaching Advisor stated that there are two teams in the U11 age group- Thunder Red and Thunder White.  The Coaching Advisor was informed that a player from the Red team played in the April 26th game for the White team.  The Coaching Advisor spoke of his investigation into this allegation. His inquiries found that this was true; a player from the Red team did play at least 10 or 15 minutes in the White team’s Wags game. A few days later, the Coaching Advisor spoke to the Head Coach of the White team and told him that he could not have non-rostered players play in a Wags game.  On the following weekend, the White team was playing at the same field after the Coaching Advisors team.  As the Coaching Advisor chats with a parent of a girl, the girl disappears and is soon seen playing in the White’s game.  The Coaching Advisor knew that this child was not on the White roster.  When he inquired to the mother of that player, she says that her daughter is joining the team.  The Advisor requested the roster to verify the players and to find out what the procedure is for non-rostered players.  It was discovered that the player in the May 4th game, was not rostered for the team.  It was unclear to what team she was might be rostered to. Further, it was noted that the roster for Thunder White has 18 registered players.  Both games where the ineligible players played have been made forfeits.


The Coach of the White team did not dispute that these two players played in the stated WAGS game.  The coach provided perplexing details in how these two players had the opportunity to play in the game. 


The President of the Club stated that this was the first year this coach has coached a team for TSC. It was stated that a new coach for the club is on probation for one year as written in the club’s handbook.  The coach holds a “C” coaching license. 


The Committee expressed their disappointment that the coach would knowingly violate the rules of the league and play an ineligible player the very next weekend after he was told that this was a violation of WAGS rules.


The Committee voted unanimously to suspend this coach for one year for violation of Wags Rule D.2.a and D.3.b.  The Committee also voted to forward this matter to the WAGS Board of Directors and recommend this coach be banned from coaching for any Wags team in accordance with Wags Rule P.2.d.


TSC Thunder u17/2   15 Penalty Points - 11 Current Penalty Points and 4 carry over


The Head Coach represented the team.  The team captain was not able to attend due to illness.    The Committee expressed that it was disappointing that the players were not in attendance. The Committee feels that carded players (of any age) benefit from a positive, direct interaction with the committee as they learn firsthand the consequences of their actions in accordance with rule N.2.d. 


The Coach stated that he has coached in WAGS for 9 years and has had no prior R &D issues.   The Coach submitted and discussed his written principals and action plan for his team.   The Coach stated that he has always emphasized that the players show respect to all officials and their opponents.  


The Coach noted that the all the cards were issued the weekend of April 5/6. The Coach discussed the particulars of the games in which cards were issued.  The Coach stated that he discussed the cards received with the team at the next practice. He noted that no other cards were issued for the remainder of the season.   


The Committee reminds the team that half of the penalty points (5) will be carried over to the fall season and that penalty point accumulations can be and are considered by the WAGSL Board of Directors in making division structure decisions. 


The Committee voted for a written censure and a code of conduct to be signed by each player to be forwarded to the Director by August 15.


Vista Vipers u15/1    Penalty points - 15 current points


The Manager, TSL, Wags Rep, three parents, two players, and one sister of a player represented the Vista Vipers.  Three players who received cards were not able to attend as they were at ODP camp in Rhode Island.  The coach was also out of town.


The manager discussed the games in which the cards were issued.  The first game of the season of the season they received two cards.  The manager stated that the players were all playing high school soccer during the spring season.  The manager states that the players play aggressively and the player may get frustrated.  The manager stated that the coach teaches the proper way of slide tackling.  The manager states that the players play the game aggressively but not dangerous play in her opinion.   The manager stated that the coach does talk to them individually about the code of conduct and he stresses fair play in the game.    The three players who received cards and were out of town sent written statements.


The player in attendance stated that she did not recall the exact details for the incident of her card.  She thought that it was for a slide tackle.  The other player in attendance did not receive a card during the season. The player who had received a card but was out of town asked her sister to represent her at the meeting. 


A parent stated that the coach does stress good sportsmanship and that he does not like when the players get a card.  The coach will have one on one conversation about things that need to be addressed. 


The Committee noted that any time a committee member would ask a question to someone other than the manager, the manager would answer.  The Committee expresses disappointment that in trying to determine the details of the cards issued; the players did not remember the details. 


The Committee reminds the team that half of the penalty points (7) will be carried over to the fall season and that penalty point accumulations can be and are considered by the WAGSL Board of Directors in making division structure decisions. 


The Committee voted for written censure and a code of conduct to be signed by each player to be turned in to the Directory by August 15. 

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