May 24, 2012


WAGS R&D Committee Meeting
Crowne Plaza – Tysons Corner
             May 24, 2012
Committee Members Present:  Amy Thompson (Director), Doug Walls, Carmen Nichols, Emily D’Italia, Lyndse Hokanson (non voting) Michelle White (Administrator)
LMVSC Team Members Present:  Club Representative
BRYC Team Members Present:  Club Representative, Travel Administrator, Travel Soccer Commissioner
Meeting Notes
BYRC 97 Elite White – U14/PreD – WAGSL Rule D.3.g. - Club Pass System
The meeting started at approximately 7:15pm. After introductions were made and procedures stated, the LMVSC Club Representative (LMVSC CR) began his statement.
The LMVSC HC stated that his statements will mirror those contained in LMVSC’s formal protest. He said the BRYC team showed up with 8 players and one who was injured. The LMVSC team manager submitted the game card to the BRYC team for signature, and then LMSVC was checked by the Center Referee. BYRC was checked by the Center Referee after LMVSC. The match began, and at half time some of the LMVSC players informed their coach that there was a guest player on BRYC who plays for the VCCL BRYC team. LMVSC was not informed of the guest player, and the LMVSC Head Coach asked the Center Referee at half time if BRYC was using a guest player. The Center Referee informed her that he did check in a guest player for BRYC.
BYRC Club Representative stated that they do not feel they violated WAGSL Rule D.3.g because it does not specifically state that VCCL players can’t play on a WAGS team.
BRYC Travel Administrator stated that they rule is ambiguous since it doesn’t specify VCCL players. She further stated the team is struggling because they have only 7 players and they are just trying to finish the season and keep the girls playing. 
The Center Referee submitted a statement stating that BRYC did inform him of the guest player. BRYC showed him the player card and he wrote her name at the bottom of the printed roster that BRYC provided. He further states that WAGS has allowed for clubs to move players on their teams as long as a player can provide a player pass to a referee before the match that shows she plays for the club. Once checked in, the referee must permit the player to guest play. However, the rule does not permit players from a higher division team to play on a lower division team. He continues to state that referees have no way of knowing whether the players normally play for a higher division team or not because the player passes don’t identify the Division of their regular team. Therefore, the Center Referee must hope that the coaches and managers are being honest and obeying the laws.
A committee member did ask if they were aware of the rule as read to which BRYC Club Representative stated they felt the rule was ambiguous and they felt they could use the VCCL player.   She further stated they didn’t have any other goalkeeper available to play so they used this player for the game that day. 
Another committee member asked if they understood that higher division players are not permitted to play in lower divisions to which the Travel Team Administrator replied they interpret the rule to only apply to WAGS teams.
The Travel Team Commissioner added that he introduced the rule to the membership in 2008 when there were only WAGS so he feels it only applies to WAGS.   The rule was introduced to allow free movement of players inside of a club to develop its players. He further stated that if a player is injured on a D1 team then it may be best for them to play for a lower division team before returning back to the D1 team.   He believes in player development and is not so concerned about division structures. He further stated that not all VCCL teams are D1 teams and that several were actually D5 teams.
No closing statements were provided.
Based on the testimony and facts presented at the hearing, the Committee directs the following:
1.    Therefore, the game between LMVSC Patriots White and BRYC 97 White will result in a forfeit and be recorded as a 3-0 score in favor of LMVSC Patriots White.
2.    BRYC 97 White is assessed a fee of $250.00. The check must be mailed to WAGSL, 1817 Emory Road, Reisterstown, Maryland 21136 and received no later than June 10, 2012
3.    Pre-Division teams may not utilize players from the same age group in division play (D1 through D5). Players from other leagues, such as ODSL, BBSL, or VCCL must check with the league office t o ensure they meet eligibility requirements. Future violations of WAGSL Rule D.3.g and the clarification of this rule by using VCCL players in BRYC WAGS matches will result in further monetary sanctions on BRYC club.
The BRYC 97 Elite White, U14/PreD is informed that they have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGS R & D Committee according to Rule O, Protest and Appeals Procedures.
Amy Thompson,
Director, WAGSL R&D Committee
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