October 15, 2003

WAGS R & D Committee Meeting

Fairview Park Marriott

October 15, 2003





Meeting Notes



Match Protest:  Game #3293 VYS Red Storm vs. STAF Vipers  Misapplication of FIFA Law 12


STAF Vipers are protesting the game due to misapplication of FIFA Law 12.


The Committee heard testimony from both teams.


The STAF Coach stated that the STAF Vipers scored a goal.   After the goal was scored, the ball went back to the center and play resumed with a VYS kick-off.  After approximately 10 minutes of play,  the VYS coach brought to the referees attention that STAF had 12 players on the field.  Neither team knew if there were 12 players on the field at the time of the goal.  The referee requested the STAF coach to remove a player from the field.  Play then resumed.  After the game,  players overheard someone stating that the game ended in a 0-0 tie.  The referee noted this score on the Game Report Card. The referee stated that the goal was scored but disallowed the goal because of the 12 player on the field.  The VYS Coach asked why the player was not yellow carded.    As per FIFA Rules, once the game is resumed the goal stands. 



This committee unanimously agreed that as per FIFA Law 12:


         Game # 3293 will be replayed in its entirety.


The STAF Vipers were informed that they have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGSL R & D Committee according to WAGS Rule O, "Protests and Appeals Procedures".  


Meeting adjourned 9:30pm


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