October 29, 2003

WAGS R & D Committee Meeting

Fairview Park Marriott

October 29, 2003



Committee Members Present:  Lula Bauer (Director), Hap Kwiatkowski, Chuck Keefer, Karen Parker, Chris Mroczek, Clarence Jones,


Administrator:  Robin Miller


Meeting Notes


Match Protest:  Game #1181 – VIST Majestics vs. VYS Tornadoes Misapplication of FIFA Law 7:  “Fair and Equal Halves”


VYS Tornadoes are protesting the game due to misapplication of FIFA Law 7.


The Committee heard testimony from both teams.


The VYS Coach stated that the referee stopped his watch at 30 minutes for the first half.  The VYS Coach testified that she had approached the center referee following the first half of play insisting the halves are 35 minutes, not 30 minutes. The referee disagreed with her and would not add an additional 5 minutes to the half. 


Neither team had their WAGS Rule Book or Manual available on the sidelines, therefore could not reference the rule.   It wasn’t until the second half began that one of the coaches was able to reference the 35-minute half rule. At that point the referee asked both teams if they wanted to play a 40 minute second half to make up for the 5 minutes that was lost in the first half.  Originally both coaches agreed.  After an injured player was taken off the field, the VYS Coach stated that she was not going to agree to the 40 minute half.  The VIST Coach stated that he thought both teams were able to agree to lengthen the half.  A committee member brought his attention to FIFA Law 7. 


The R & D Director introduced the official game report card to both teams.  The referee acknowledged his mistake by documenting “1st half 30 minutes, 2nd half 35 minutes”.




With a vote of 4 –1, this committee agreed that as per FIFA Law 7:  The match lasts two equal periods” – “Any agreement to alter the periods of play must be made before the start of play and must comply with competition rules”.


·         Game # 1181 will be replayed in its entirety.


The VYS Tornadoes were informed that they have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGSL R & D Committee according to WAGS Rule O, "Protests and Appeals Procedures". 


Game Conduct:  Game #3183 – STAF Shooting Stars vs. FREE X-Treme – WAGS Rule M.1


The STAF Shooting Stars submitted the complaint.


It was the testimony of the STAF Shooting Stars, player #22 that she saw the FREE Assistant Coach yelling at a few of her teammates after game #3183.    This STAF player stated that she approached the FREE Head Coach and told him calmly that he should get control of his coaches, players and parents.  At that point, player #22 testified that the FREE Coach referred to her as  “trash”.   Player # 22’s mother was present during this verbal exchange and cooborated the story.  Player #22 continues to state, as they walked, the argument between the opponents Assist. Coach and her teammates became more intense.  At that time her mother asked the referee to stay for a few minutes in which he agreed.  It was stated that The FREE Coach began shouting at player #22 and several parents and allegedly stated, “VA trash girls get out of here”.  The player also stated that the FREE Coach used the word “trash” numerous times during the alleged incident.  


It was the FREE Coach’s testimony that he had nothing to do with the altercation.  He stated it was his female assistant coach who was involved with the altercation.  The FREE Coach then made the statement that he had no idea why he was sitting in this hearing. It was his understanding he was asked to come in order to represent FREE Soccer Club.  He explained to the committee that he was using the word “trash” to describe the altercation that was taking place with the STAFF players/parents and the FREE players/parents and his assistant coach.  The FREE Coach make it very clear to this committee that he was a paid coach and he didn’t get involved with these types of sideline disputes.   The FREE Coach also make it clear that he coaches/trains several teams including high school and that he would never speak to a child in the manner in which the STAFF player was describing


The FREE Assistant Coach was not present at the hearing however she did submit a letter to the Committee describing the incident that took place, which she describes, involved STAFF player # 17 and #18 and not player #22. 




Unanimous vote


After hearing testimony from the STAFF Shooting Star’s player #22, along with two corroborating witnesses from the Staff team, the FREE Coach emphatically denied referring to the STAFF player as “trash” multiple times. 


After reviewing the testimony given and the written report that was submitted, this committee finds the FREE Coach failed to maintain control of an altercation (which he was aware was taking place) that involved his team after game # 3183.  Based on the testimony of the FREE Coach, there wasn’t an attempt to diffuse the altercation, he simply voiced his opinion of the situation by describing it as “trash”.  This committee unanimously finds the FREE Coach in violation of 1) WAGS Rule M (box), and 2) The FREE X-treme’s signed Code of Conduct submitted at the request of the R&D Committee from a previous hearing.


The Committee finds the following:


1.       A verbal warning will be issued to the FREE Assistant Coach

2.       The FREE Coach will be suspended for the next two (2) consecutive WAGS games effective upon receipt of this decision.



Game Conduct:  Game #2132 – U14 D1 – GSC Team America Select vs. MCLN United – WAGS Rule M.1


MCLN United submitted the complaint.


The Committee heard testimony from both teams.


The MCLN team parent that was allegedly assaulted stated that after making several comments referring to an early R & D hearing, a GSC Team America parent physically assaulted him.  The MCLN parent was watching his daughter’s match and admits to verbally disagreeing with the referee pertaining to the ball being in/out of touch as well as making comments in reference to a previous hearing when suddenly a parent from the GSC team approached him and yelled, “if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be here you ******!”  It was the testimony of the MCLN parent that immediately following that statement, the GSC parent shoved him with both hands.  The MCLN parent testified that he instantly yelled for a cell phone in order to call the police.   The MCLN parent did not retaliate and states he NEVER put his hands on the GSC parent.  A second MCLN parent corroborated this incident. 


The GSC parent stated that it was his recollection that the MCLN parent touched him first on his shoulder and that was why he pushed back.   The GSC parent was forth coming and stated that he was getting upset because the MCLN parent continuously yelled comments like “great protest” etc. based on a previous R & D hearing.   The GSC parent stated that everything happened so quickly that he pushed him before he even realized what he did.  He was embarrassed for over reacting to the MCLN comments and that he wished it never happened.


The game was never interrupted due to this incident nor did the referees ever get involved.



Game # 2132 was being replayed based on a previous WAGS R & D hearing.  The GSC protested the original game based SOLEY on the fact that an “emergency” AR was asked to be linesmen in a certified capacity and that he (GSC) disagreed with the decision prior to the match.  The emergency AR had a daughter on the team.  


During the course of the October 29th hearing, the R & D Director felt there was some confusion as to why the R & D committee voted to replay game #2132.  Therefore it was noted, that based on the testimony during the previous hearing, the committee found the referee team conducted themselves in the utmost professional manner in game #2132.  However, based on a policy from the State Referee Administrator that states; will not allow referees to accept assignments to matches where a member of their family is playing.  Such assignments should only be accepted in emergency situations (which was the case in game #2132) only with the consent of BOTH teams prior to the match, this committee voted to replay game #2132


As much as the Committee recognizes there was emotional “carry over” from the previous game and that the GSC parent could have been provoked verbally, this Committee will not tolerate physical violence at any WAGS affiliated function.  The Committee would like to commend the testimony of both the GSC Team America Select and the MCLN United individuals who were forth coming about the events that took place at game # 2132.



The Committee finds the following: (vote 4-3)


1.       Written Letter of Censure for BOTH teams.

2.       Written Letter of Apology from GSC Parent involved in altercation

3.       Ban MCLN parent for One (1) WAGS Match

4.       Ban GSC parent for Four (4) WAGS Matches




Meeting adjourned 11:45pm




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