November 20, 2003

WAGS R & D Committee Meeting

Fairview Park Marriott

November 20, 2003



Committee Members Present:  Lula Bauer (Director), Hap Kwiatkowski, Chuck Keefer, Wendell Doman, Chris Mroczek, Clarence Jones,


Administrator:  Robin Miller


Meeting Notes


Penalty Point Accumulation – HERN Heat U-17D1 – 19 Current Points and 3 Carry Over Points – 22 Total Penalty Point Accumulation


HERN Heat Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager, Trainer, HERN Club Rep, and Team Members were present


At the beginning of the season the players signed a Code of Conduct, which was handed out to the committee members.   The Coach stated that this was the first time his team had accumulated so many penalty points.  He stated that he teaches the girls to play and work hard.  The head coach added that he does speak with his players when they receive a card.   One of the two Trainers present stated that he did not see anything malicious taking place on the field and could not understand why some of the cards were given. He continued on to say that he would not tell the players not to play hard especially since they were playing at the division 1 level.  


The Head Coach stated that he felt the referees at some of the games should not have given out cards.  He felt they were not warranted.  He also felt that some of the cards were not explained via the referee as to why they were given.


In closing, the Coach stated that the team is a division 1 team and that several players already had college offers.  He also stated that the Herndon Heat was one of the most respected teams in the area and that the number of penalty points accumulated was not indicative of his team.




With a vote of  3-2  the committee decided the following


v      Written Letter of Censure.

v      Team fine equaling the league fees -  due no later than January 24, 2004

v      All Carded Officials must attend the Positive Coaching Alliance

v      Coach must present a written report from the P.C.A. to all players to sign.

v      Signed reports must be sent to the R&D Committee Members 2 weeks following the PCA seminar.


Failure to complete any of the above will result in further disciplinary action by the R&D Committee, which may include multiple game suspensions…etc. 


The HERN Heat were informed that they have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGSL R & D Committee according to WAGS Rule O, "Protests and Appeals Procedures". 







Penalty Point Accumulation – PWSI Twisters Red U-16D2 -  18 Current Points


PWSI Twisters Red Coach, Manager, PWSI Club Rep and player involved in penalty points.


The PWSI Coach began by informing the committee how sorry she was to come before the R & D Committee.  She also stated that the player that accumulated most of the PSWI Twister’s Red penalty points is no longer with the team.    The head coach did inform the committee that after receiving her red card, she wrote a letter of apology to the team and sat out the appropriate game. The player stated in her letter that she takes total responsibility for the cards. 


The PWSI Twister’s Red received the Sportsmanship Award every season prior to this one.  One of the cards that a player received was for questioning a referee’s call.  At the time the Head Coach was unaware that it had taken place.   She immediately reprimanded the player for that yellow card.  The player was informed by the coach that no call is to be questioned by a player on the field during a match. 


In closing, the coach stated that she would continually educate the players on how to conduct themselves on and off the playing field. 


The Committee thanked the coach for being honest and forthcoming regarding the accumulation of points.  They also commended the player for being truthful.





With a vote of 4-1, the committee decided the following:


v      Written Letter of Censure

v       Code of Conduct must be signed by each player and sent to the R&D Director prior to January 1, 2004.

v      All Carded Officials must attend the Positive Coaching Alliance prior to the Spring 2004 Season.

v      If player #4 receives any additional penalty points, she must appear before the R&D Committee.



Penalty Point Accumulation – MCSA Vipers U-14 Division 4 -  19 Current Penalty Points

Hearing date 11/13/03


The committee heard testimony from the Coach and Manager at a previous hearing.  With the number of penalty points mid season, and the fact that many of the points were accumulated within the first couple of games, this committee tabled their decision until all the Fall 2003 MCSA Viper games were played. 


Unfortunately the MSCA Vipers accumulated additional points. 





With a unanimous vote, the committee decided the following:


v      Written Letter of Censure.

v      All Carded Officials must attend the Positive Coaching Alliance prior to the Spring 2004 Season

v      Coach must submit a report to all players following the Positive Coaching Alliance

v      All players must sign the report and send it to the R&D Director prior to the Spring 2004 season

v      Suspend Player #7 for two consecutive WAGS games.


Meeting adjourned 11:45pm




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