January 26, 2004


Fairview Park Marriott

January 26, 2004


Members Present:  Lula Bauer, Director, Committee Members: Chuck Keefer, Hap Kwiatkowski, Chris Mroczek, Wendell Doman


Meeting Notes


Recruitment Violation Ė WAGS Rule E 1.c,d - c. Invitations to players listed on valid rosters for play on WAGS Provisional Roster, out-of-league play, such as indoor, guest players for tournaments etc., must be initiated through that playerís coach/team official.


d. If coaches, team officials, parents, or players do not abide by this Code of Conduct, the team shall be deemed to have recruited that player.


FPYC Lady Gunners Protested WAGS Rule E 1.c,d - WAGS Recruitment Violation against BAC Fusion


It was the testimony of the FPYC head coach that he had received an e-mail from one of his playerís parents.  The parent wanted to know if it would be okay for his daughter to play in an out of town tournament with the BAC Fusion.  The parent also wanted to inform the FPYC coach that his daughter and 2 other FPYC players had played in a couple of indoor soccer games with the BAC Fusion team.  The parent also stated that his daughter had been offered to train with the BAC Fusion team. An offer was also extended to the FPYC starting keeper who had also played indoor with the BAC Fusion team to participate in keeper training with their team.


The FPYC Lady Gunnerís head coach stated that he was never contacted by any team official from the BAC Fusion team.  He also admitted he was extremely bothered by the news and decided to call the WAGS R & D Director to ask for guidance and rules interpretation.  He was advised to call the opposing team to discuss the matter and to express his concerns.   He continued by stating that he did place a call to the team manager of BAC Fusion.   The BAC Fusionís team managerís husband took the phone call due to the confrontational tone in the FPYC Lady Gunnerís head coach.  .  The head coach of the FPYCís Lady Gunners admits his tone was confrontational. 


The FPYC Lady Gunnerís coach stated that the Technical Director of BAC called him on the BAC Fusionís behalf.   During this conversation the FPYCís head coach asked that in the future, based on the WAGS rule, he would appreciate it if the BAC Fusionís team officials, players and parents never directly contact any of his players. 


The FPYC Lady Gunnerís head coach testified that shortly after that conversation, his players were once again asked to play in an indoor game with the BAC Fusion, which lead to his filing a recruitment violation complaint against the BAC Fusion.


The committee heard testimony from the BAC Fusionís team manager.  She stated that she coaches a youth basketball team and that a couple of the FPYC Lady Gunners play on her team.  During a game she admits to several of her parents asking the FPYC Lady Gunners to guest play.  The players accepted and played in a couple of indoor games.   She apologized for not knowing WAGS rule E.1c,d.  It wasnít the intention of BAC Fusion to violate this rule.  She also states it was simply a group of friends wanting to play together.


The BAC Fusionís team manager admits to receiving a phone call from the head coach of the FPYC Lady Gunners.  She states her husband felt his tone was confrontational and decided to take the call himself.  The BAC Fusionís team manager called the BAC Technical Director after her husband informed her of what he learned during the conversation.  She requested that the BAC Technical Director follow-up the telephone call with FPYC coach, try to straighten things out and report back to her. It was the testimony of the BAC Fusionís team manager, that she never received a follow up phone call from the BAC Technical Director and that she never made a follow up phone call, therefore she did not know the head coach of the Lady Gunners was calling to ask that the BAC Fusions never contact his players in the future.  She also admits that soon after this incident, several FPYC Lady Gunner players were asked to play an informal pick up indoor game with the BAC Fusions.  





Based on the testimony given by both the FPYC head coach along with his corroborating statement and the BAC Fusionís team manager, this committee felt that WAGS rule E 1.c was violated.  Due to the parents of the BAC Fusion extending the invitation to the FPYC Lady Gunners, according to  WAGS rule 2. - Lack of knowledge of these WAGS Rules will not relieve any Coach, Team Official, Parent or Player of a team participating in WAGS, or seeking entry into WAGS, from the responsibilities and possible penalties herein.  ALL CLUBS, TEAM OFFICIALS, PARENTS AND PLAYERS, BY PARTICIPATING IN WAGS PLAY, AGREE THAT THEY ARE BOUND BY THESE RULES, this committee voted unanimously to suspend the head coach of the BAC Fusion for the first 3 games of the WAGS Spring 2004 season. 


Any decision of the WAGS R & D Committee can be appealed according to WAGS Rule O. ďProtests and Appeals ProcedureĒ.


Meeting adjourned 9:00 PM





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