June 1, 2004

June 1, 2004


                                                  WAGS R & D Committee Meeting

                                                           Fairview Park Marriott

                                                                    June 1, 2004


Committee Members Present: Lula Bauer ( Director ), Karen Parker, Chris Mroczek, Chuck Keefer, Clarence Jones.

Administrator: Ruben Bolognesi

                                                                                        Meeting Notes


Match Protest: Game #2627 ‑ MATT Magic vs. CHAN Electrics – U-12D3 -  WAGS Rule K‑10.


CHAN Electrics is protesting the game.


The Committee heard testimony from the Center Referee and the CHAN Coach. The MATT Coach submitted  a letter with his testimony and informed the Committee that he could not attend the hearing because he was holding tryouts..


The Center Referee stated that throughout the first half he overheard the MATT Coach yelling and complaining about several calls and non‑calls made against his team, specially one that involved a collision between two players, one from each team, where the Center Referee had his back towards the play. The Center Referee also testified that even though he was aware of the MATT Coach complaints, he did not devote attention to him, adding that he has always dealt with coaches this way.


At the 10th minute of the second half, a second collision occurred, similar to the one that the Center Referee had his back to during the first half, except this time he had a clear view to it.  The Center Referee interpreted that there was no foul and continued play.  At this time the MATT Coach started to verbally harass the Center Referee with the use of profanity.  The Center Referee proceeded to give a red card and eject the MATT Coach from the game.  The Center Referee alleges that the MATT Coach left the sidelines, but stopped short of leaving the premises of the field and continued to watch the rest of the game from a distance of about 45 to 50 yards. He recalls seeing him nearby 4 / 5 times, especially during a corner kick play.


                The CHAN Coach corroborated and agreed with the testimony presented by the Center Referee and added that he was in possession of a video clip showing the MATT Coach leaving the field in a disrupting inappropriate manner


                The MATT Coach expressed in the letter that he disagreed with the Center Referee’s lack of calls against his team and added that he became highly agitated and voiced his concerns to him without the use or intent of use of violence. He proceeded to state that he was caught off guard when he was ejected from the game because he had not been warned prior to his ejection. Nonetheless, he gathered and collected his stuff and alleges leaving the complex in its entirety, finding out the outcome of the game on the day after.




This committee will not tolerate profanity of any kind.  Furthermore, with a unanimous vote, after hearing corroborating statements from the Center Referee and the CHAN Coach this committee agrees that the MATT Coach violated WAGS Rule M. 1. “PHYSICAL VIOLENCE, FOUL AND ABUSIVE LANGUAGE, OR HARRASSMENT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED in conjunction with Rule K-10 AFailure of a coach / team official to remain out of sight, out of sound after being sent off or receiving a Red Card may result inG in a forfeit..


This committee agrees to:


1. Award 3 - 0 Forfeit Win to CHAN Electrics.

2. MATT Coach to attend A Positive Coaching Alliance@ course.

3. Written Letter of Apology from MATT Coach to Center Referee sent to WAGS R& D Director.

4. MATT Coach suspended for the next 3 consecutive WAGS matches.





Game Conduct: Game # 3073   MATT Mutiny vs. BAYS Fury – U-14D3 -  WAGS Rule M-1.


The Committee heard testimony from the Center Referee, the BAYS Coach, the BAYS Club President and the

BAYS Club Representative.


                It was the testimony of The Center Referee that a parent of a MATT player approached him to inquire if he could act as an Assistant Referee ( AR ), since there was only one AR to officiate in the game.  The Center Referee called up both coaches and asked them if they agreed for this parent to act as an AR.  Both coaches agreed.  The Center Referee added that throughout the first half the BAYS Coach was upset about calls and non calls made against his team. There was one play that involved a near collision between the BAYS goalkeeper and a MATT player where he overheard the BAYS Coach yelling at him loud and added that he saw no foul on the play.  He added that even though the BAYS Coach was loud and upset at him, he did not give him a card. The Center Referee stated that the BAYS Coach was calm during the second half, but that he approached him and his crew after the game was over and complained a lot. The Center Referee proceeded to give the BAYS Coach a red card, and that is when the Center Referee alleges that the BAYS Coach told him “you suck” and “I am not finished with you”.


                The BAYS Coach expressed his frustration and concerns about the way the game was officiated and asked to demonstrate the play where his goalkeeper was endangered. The R&D Director allowed him to do so. The BAYS Coach alleged that the Center Referee told him to “shut up” when he complained about the call.  The Center Referee acknowledged he did so.  The BAYS coach added that, even though he had agreed to have a MATT parent to act as an AR, he was also making bad calls against his team.  He stated that after seeing all the unfairness by the Center Referee, he decided to sit down and concentrated his efforts to coach his team for the rest of the game, and that his team actually played better in the second half.  Nonetheless, as soon as the game was over, the BAYS Coach stated that he approached the Center Referee and continued to complain about the way the Center Referee called the game. He recalled saying, “I hope you go to bed tonight feeling bad about the way you officiated this game” and “You called a sucky game”, at this time he stated that he received the red card from the Center Referee.


                There was also an incident involving a BAYS parent and the Center Referee after the game was over as he was on his way to the parking lot, getting ready to leave the premises. The Center Referee stated that this BAYS parent used profanity against him citing the way he had called the game.  The mother of one of the ARs who came to the field to pick up her son after the game also corroborated this incident.  She added that this parent used profanity of high caliber against the Center Referee and was embarrassed that her son had to listen to this type of foul language.  The BAYS parent was not present to tell his side of the story, however sent a written statement.  The BAYS President stated that this parent was being dealt with internally. 


DECISION - Unanimous Vote




This committee agrees to:


1. BAYS Coach suspended for the first 2 consecutive WAGS matches in Fall 2004 Season.

2. BAYS Coach attend Positive Coaching Alliance course.

3. Verbal Apology from BAYS Coach to his players and parents with Club Official present on first WAGS match    

    back from suspension.

4. Written Letter of Apology to Center Referee sent to WAGS R&D Director.

5. BAYS Coach to get automatic WAGS R&D Hearing next time he receives a red card.

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