July 7, 2004

July 7, 2004


WAGS R & D Committee Meeting

Fairview Park Marriott

  July 7, 2004


Committee Members Present: Lula Bauer ( Director ), Chuck Keefer, Debbie Honacker

Administrator: Ruben Bolognesi

Meeting Notes


Penalty Points Accumulation – SWYA Lightning U15 D4 - 14 Total Penalty Points ( 10 Current plus 4 Carry Over )

Team Members Present: Head Coach – Assistant Coach – Manager – Player # 18 – Club Rep. - Player #18’s Mother.


The Head Coach acknowledged and conquered that all the cards received were deserved, though indicated that this is an isolated problem related to Player # 18, whom received 8 of the 10 penalty points the SWYA Lightning accumulated this season.  He stated that, as a plan of action to remedy this issue, he had spoken twice to Player # 18 and her parents, that he discussed this issue with the captain of the team, and that he brought in a person to counsel the team on the rules of the game.  He also added that he has involved Player # 18 to work with younger kids hoping it will help her behavior on the field.  He ended up his comments by stating that Player # 18 has improved as the season progressed, and that she has been warned that the very next card she receives she will be suspended from playing for 2 games and will receive a $ 50 fine.


Player # 18 indicated that all her cards were for aggressive play, which she planned on not doing anymore.


The Assistant Coach stated that the infractions called on Player # 18 were mostly because of aggressive play, and that her timing was part of the problem.  He added that he had several discussions with her regarding this situation.


                Player # 18’s mother acknowledged that her daughter plays hard, and that she has technical problems.


The Committee appreciates and commends everyone for attending the hearing, specially Player # 18.




With a unanimous vote the Committee agreed to:


Ø       Head Coach must attend the next scheduled Positive Coaching Alliance course.

Ø       Written Letter of Censure.

Ø       Next card Player # 18 receives, team must implement Head Coach’s plan regarding her suspension of 2 WAGS games.


The SWYA Lightning U15 D4 were informed that they have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGS R & D Committee according to Rule O, “Protests and Appeals Procedures”.




Penalty Points Accumulation – SEVP White Lightning U15 D3 - 16 Total Penalty Points ( 12 Current plus 4 Carry Over )

Team Members Present: Travel Commissioner – Manager – Coach – Player # 10.


                The Travel Commissioner stated that he was unable to explain the Penalty Points, though he expressed that the present situation was an isolated incident, since 10 of the 12 current points were obtained in one game due to 2 Red Cards.  He ended his comments talking highly about the Head Coach.


                The Manager testified that the team received their first Red Card ever in the Fall ’03 season, and that the 2 Red Cards received during the Spring ’04 season was as a result of a chain reaction, where the Head Coach received the first Red Card and as Player # 10 made a comment to that effect, she ended up receiving the second one.   He added that the team has no history of receiving a serious amount of cards, that the players are not taught to play dirty, and that the Head Coach is a positive individual.


                The Head Coach, who arrived well after the hearing had started, mentioned that the team has received several sportsmanship awards and that it is a team goal to receive it every season.  He then turned his comments toward the game in which his team received 2 Red Cards.  He started by saying that he and the Center Referee ( CR ) did not get off to a good start.  He noticed that the CR was calling a very rigid game, which included a very strict substitution mechanism. During the second half, the CR awarded a Penalty Kick to the opposing team.  The Head Coach inquired about the call and the CR explained what she had called.  The Penalty Kick was taken and was saved by the Goal Keeper.  At this time the Head Coach yelled “Good Job Ladies, There is Your Vindication.”  After hearing this comment, the CR proceeded to eject the Head Coach from the game.  He finished up his comments by showing the Committee his plan of action to remedy this situationHe fihhhhH

.   This plan includes, among other things, continuing to teach, monitor, and require proper behavior and respect for the game.


                Player # 10 explained how she received her card and pointed out that the comment she made was not directed to the CR and that she thought she did not deserve the Red Card.


                The Committee appreciates the members of the SEVP White Lightning for being forthcoming, however, it would have seen proper that both, the Head Coach and Player # 10, would have accepted responsibility for receiving the Red Cards.




With a unanimous vote, the Committee decided the following:


Ø       Letter of Censure.


The SEVP White Lightning U15 D3 were informed that they have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGS R & D Committee according to Rule O, “Protests and Appeals Procedures”.




Penalty Points Accumulation –WSC Isis U16 D2 - 15 Current Points

Team Members Present: Manager – Player # 3 – Player # 6 – Player # 18 – Parents


                The Manager stated that the WSC Isis has never received a Red Card before the one received this past season and that the team has received numerous sportsmanship awards.  She continued by explaining every card the team received during the Spring ’04 season, and added that they realized that they have a temper control problem.  As part of her plan action to remedy the situation, the Manager sent an e-mail to the team looking for ideas.  She received several initiatives which will be implemented.  Some of them included to make a “Team Constitution”, a Code of Conduct will be created and signed by every player, players present on this hearing will report to the team, and lastly, they will put into play a practice drill called “Role Player”, where players act like opponent players and try to play “mind games”.


                Players # 3, # 6, and # 18 explained the cards they each received.




The Committee agrees to the following:


Ø       Letter of Censure.

Ø       Manager to send to WAGS R & D Director a Copy of the Report the Players Present during this Hearing made to the Team on or before September 1st, 2004.

Ø       Manager to send to WAGS R & D Director a Copy of Code of Conduct Signed by Players on or before September 1st, 2004.


The WSC Isis U16 D2 were informed that they have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGS R & D Committee according to Rule O, “Protests and Appeals Procedures”.


Meeting adjourned 9:00 PM


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