July 15, 2004

July 15, 2004


WAGS R & D Committee Meeting

Fairview Park Marriott

July 15, 2004


Committee Members Present: Lula Bauer ( Director ), Chuck Keefer, Karen Parker, Wendell Doman, Hap Kwiatkowski

Administrator: Ruben Bolognesi

Meeting Notes


Penalty Points Accumulation – GSC Team America 2 U13-D2 - 15 Total Current Penalty Points.

Team Members Present: Head Coach – Assistant Coach – Manager


The Head Coach stated that it was embarrassing for him to attend this meeting for what he had done.  He continued to explain the play that lead to his Red Card, which basically involved a breakaway by the other team, where his Goalkeeper ( GK ) came out on a 1v1 situation and ended up committing a foul.  At this time the Center Referee ( CR ) issued a Red Card to the GK, which prompted him to come onto the field and argue the call.  He also added that he felt the CR was pressured by the other team’s Head Coach, who instigated the CR throughout the whole game.


The GSC Team America 2 Assistant Coach testified that in his opinion, this was an isolated incident that resulted in all 15 Penalty Points the team received.  He added that the team takes this issue very seriously and takes full responsibility for their actions.  He ended his comments by clarifying that he did not receive a Red Card as the team was notified.


This last statement uncovered a situation that this Committee was not aware of.  After inquiring details about the play that resulted in  the issuing of the three Red Cards, the Head Coach reported that his father, an uncarded Team Official, was on the sidelines with him.  The Head Coach’s father became angry as well when the CR issued the Red Card to the GK.  The CR assumed that he was one of the Assistant Coaches due to his location and whereabouts throughout the game, and as he argued the call, the CR issued a HIM a Red Card..


The CR also reported that there was a second incident that took place after the game.  He reported that a Team America 2 parent approached him and his AR while directing a video camera into their faces and sarcastically asked, while filming, if they were proud of the job they had done.  It was reported that this parent continued this type of harassment as they (the CR and AR) were walking off the field.


The Manager responded to this inquiry by the Committee saying that since they were not notified that they had to also testify about this issue, they were not prepared to do so at this time. 


The Committee commended the 3 individuals for being forthcoming, nonetheless; this committee feels disturbed that the Club Representative was not present since the present hearing was rescheduled due to his unavailability on the original scheduled date.  In addition, the Committee reminded the three team officials present that all referee’s decisions and calls on the field must be respected, and recommended they tighten up the control of their parents.




With a unanimous vote the Committee agreed to:


Ø       Head Coach must sit out his next WAGS game due to having an uncarded team official on the sidelines.

Ø       Oral Censure.

Ø       Fine the GSC Team America 2 the amount equal to one WAGS season’s fee to be paid no later than September 1st, 2004, unless the individual that harassed the CR and his AR after the game steps forward, writes a Letter of Apology to the CR and sends it to the WAGS R&D Director.  In addition, this individual is suspended from attending all home games for the Fall ’04 season.  Should this individual attend any home

              game, the fine equal to one WAGS season fee will go into effect and will be due 2 weeks after such game.


The GSC Team America 2 U13-D2 were informed that they have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGS R & D Committee according to Rule O, “Protests and Appeals Procedures”.




Penalty Points Accumulation – PWSI Fusion U15 D1 - 16 Total Penalty Points ( 10 Current plus 6 Carry Over )

Team Members Present: Head Coach – Manager –Club Representative - Players - Parents


                The Head Coach started by apologizing for having to attend this hearing.  He continued by acquainting the Committee with a lengthy and impressive background of his team.  He complimented their play and especially the speed of Player # 15.  He praised his players for their skills and athletism, and added that their game has become more intense and aggressive because the girls “have come of age”, therefore making the team as a whole, more competitive.  He mentioned that his team did not sit out during HS season, which resulted in a lack of team training. He added that the team changed their system of play, which demanded a lot of pressure, especially for his defense. The Head Coach concluded his comments by highlighting that some girls came back from their HS experience with an unpleasant behavior. 


The Head Coach offered as a plan of action to mend their Penalty Point accumulation.  He stated they were  going to work very hard with the new system of play in order to get use to dealing with the added pressure.  Also, during the off-season, they will concentrate on perfecting the technical aspect of the game as well as developing their own Code of Conduct in which every player would sign.


                All players in attendance explained how they received their Yellows Cards.


                The Committee appreciates the members of the PWSI Fusion, specially the parents, for attending the hearing; however, the Committee is very disturbed that neither the Head Coach nor the players accepted responsibility for receiving the Yellow Cards.




With a unanimous vote, the Committee decided the following:


Ø       Letter of Censure.

Ø       Code of Conduct to be developed and signed by Coaches, Players and Parents. One copy of this Code of Conduct must be sent to the WAGS R&D Director no later than September 1st, 2004.

Ø       Player # 15 to sit out the first WAGS game during the Fall ’04 season in place of the one she should have sat during the Fall ’03 season due to the amount of Penalty Points received.

Ø       Head Coach to sit out the second WAGS game during the Fall ’04 season for failing to inform Player # 15 that she had earned sufficient Penalty Points which demanded a one game sit out.


The PWSI Fusion U15 D1 were informed that they have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGS R & D Committee according to Rule O, “Protests and Appeals Procedures”.


Meeting adjourned 9:30 PM


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