June 30, 2004

June 30, 2004


WAGS R & D Committee Meeting

Fairview Park Marriott

June 30, 2004


Committee Members Present: Lula Bauer ( Director ), Chuck Keefer, Clarence Jones, Wendell Doman, Hap Kwiatkowski

Administrator: Ruben Bolognesi

Meeting Notes


Penalty Points Accumulation – SYC Galaxy U15 D1 - 14 Current Penalty Points

Team Members Present: Manager – TSL - Parent


The Manager stated that the SYC Galaxy had initially thought about bringing the players involved with the Penalty Points, but dismissed the initiative after the WAGS R & D AA had informed the team that they had accumulated 11 Penalty Points instead of the 13 initially advised.  He added that they had concentrated their efforts and were prepared to discuss an incident which involved a SYC Galaxy parent ( SYC PA ) and the Center Referee ( CR ).


The Manager continued to explain the issue mentioned above which took place during a game played on June 6, 2004.  His testimony was that the SYC Galaxy had a 1 – 0 lead for the better part of the game until, with about 5 minutes to go in the game, the CR called a handball on the SYC PA’s daughter inside the 18-yard box of the SYC Galaxy and awarded a penalty kick to the opposing team.  The penalty kick was made, ending the game in a 1 – 1 tie.  The Manager added that at this time the SYC PA went up to the CR to inquire about the call he had made on his daughter, and that the SYC PA’s interrogation had set the CR off.


As a plan to control the situation and prevent it from happening again, the Manager mentioned that 2 days after that game the SYC Galaxy Head Coach sent an e-mail to his team reminding them about the Code of Conduct everyone had signed and demanded better behavior. The Manager ended up his comments by stating that 2 days ago the SYC Club held a meeting regarding this incident and that the SYC PA had been suspended for 2 games and suggested he write a Letter of Apology to the WAGS R & D Director, which was turned in by the SYC PA at the present hearing.


The CR’s report stated that the he had been approached by the SYC PA using profanity and foul language, and that is the reason why he had issued a red card to the Head Coach of the SYC Galaxy.


A second SYC PA, who is also a member of the WAGS R & D Committee, was at the game and witnessed the situation.  He testified that the SYC PA involved in the incident yelled to the referee using profanity for the remainder of the game after he made that call against his daughter, and that after the game, his wife tried to restrain him from going to the CR.


The TSL conquered with all the testimony heard thus far and added that part of his job is to “police” the SYC PA in question.


The SYC PA acknowledged that he used some profanity while addressing the CR, but that he does not consider himself a violent person.  He also added that he regretted very much what had happened, that the CR had called a good game overall, and that it was his intention to apologize in person to the CR for what he has done, but ended up not doing so.


The Committee acknowledged that there was an error in the recording of the Penalty Points, which actually amounted to a total of 14 current points. Nonetheless,  keeping in mind the total number of 11 original and current Penalty Points that SYC Galaxy had, still constitutes a serious and considerable figure and would have appreciated that the players that received Penalty Points would have been present to explain their cards and their behavior on the field.




With a unanimous vote the Committee agrees to:


Ø       Suspend the SYC PA for the next 4 WAGS games.

Ø       Written Letter of Censure.

Ø       Letter of Apology from the SYC PA to the CR via the  WAGS R & D Director.

Ø       SYC Galaxy Head Coach to sit out next WAGS game due to red card issued to the SYC PA.


The SYC Galaxy were informed that they have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGS R & D Committee according to Rule O, “Protests and Appeals Procedures”.




Penalty Points Accumulation – STAF Shooting Stars U16 D2 - 24 Total Penalty Points ( 20 Current plus 4 Carry Over )

Team Members Present: None


                The WAGS R & D Director was advised by the Manager of the STAF Shooting Stars prior to this hearing that the team had folded and was no longer in existence.  The WAGS R & D Director recommended to the Manager that, based on  the amount of Penalty Points accumulated, some one if only the the Club Representative be present at the hearing.  Unfortunately, no members of the STAF Shooting Stars nor Club Officials attended, and for doing so, the WAGS R & D Committee feels a sound disrespect.




With a unanimous vote, in lieu of Rule N2.d. of the WAGS Manual – Rules and Discipline, the Committee decided the following:


Ø       Fine the STAFFORD Club the amount equal to one WAGS season fee to be paid no later than September 30st, 2004.

Ø       Player Jersey # 18 is suspended for the next 2 WAGS games regardless of the team she joins.

Ø       Player Jersey # 7 is suspended for the next WAGS game regardless of the team she joins.


The STAF Shooting Stars and the STAFFORD Club have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGS R & D Committee according to Rule O, “Protests and Appeals Procedures”.




Penalty Points Accumulation – TSC Lady Thunder U15 D1 - 18 Total Penalty Points ( 14 Current plus 4 Carry Over )

Team Members Present: Head Coach  - Manager – Players – Parent


                The Manager gave a brief background of the team, highlighting that this is the first time that the team had to appeared before the WAGS R & D Committee for Penalty Point accumulation, and that the team has little or no record of receiving any type of cards in the past making this a very unusual situation.  She added that, nonetheless, the team is very disturbed with the increasing number of cards received during the Spring ’04 season.


                The Manager presented several plans of action that the team will implement to cure and improve on the situation, which also includes the parents and a “how should I cheer” handout guiding them through good behavior on the sidelines.


                It was the testimony of the Head Coach that he was very disappointed with the amount of cards his team had received.  He emphasized that his motto is to make of his players “great citizens” and thus he is very familiar with sportsmanship and what it involves.  He added that he reprimands and talks to his girls when they receive a card, during and after the games, and that he also talks to their parents. He ended his comments by stating that overall, he does the best to his ability to prevent his players from receiving cards, but he also acknowledges that he needs to do better and more.


                The Parent made a brief comment stating that he had talked to his daughter twice after each time she received a yellow card.


                Letters from players that received penalty points were turned in by the Manager to the WAGS R & D Committee for their review.


                The Committee appreciates and commends the TSC Lady Thunder U15 D1 for coming straight forward and taking full responsibility of the Penalty Points, as well as for elaborating a plan of action to improve the players’ behavior on the field.




The Committee agrees to the following:


Ø       Letter of Censure.


The TSC Lady Thunder were informed that they have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGS R & D Committee according to Rule O, “Protests and Appeals Procedures”.


Meeting adjourned 9:30 PM



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