November 23, 2004

November 23, 2004


WAGS R & D Committee Meeting

Fairview Park Marriott

November 23, 2004


Committee Members Present: Lula Bauer ( Director ), Karen Parker, Clarence Jones, Wendell Doman, Hap Kwiatkowski

Administrator: Ruben Bolognesi


Meeting Notes


Match Protest: Game #3276 – LMVSA Patriots vs. SEVP Phoenix – U15/D3 - WAGS Rules N.1.a  K.10.


LMVSA Patriots Team Members Present: Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Parent.

SEVP Phoenix Team Members Present:  Head Coach, Assistant Coach, and Manager


LMVSA Patriots are protesting the game.


                Statements were heard from both teams. Testimony was also entered through a US Soccer Federation Referee Supplementary Report sent by the Center Referee ( CR ) who could not attend this hearing.


                The LMVSA Patriots Head Coach stated that a considerable amount of time lapsed between the time the SEVP Phoenix Head Coach was ejected from the game until he actually left the pitch. The LMVSA Patriot’s Assistant Coach added that the CR asked the SEVP Phoenix Head Coach to leave the field at least 4 / 5 times, and that he refused to do so.


                The LMVSA Parent stated that there was at least a 30-minute delay in the game due to the SEVP Phoenix Head Coach unwillingness to abandon the pitch, where the players from both teams had to warm up again in order to resume play.


                The SEVP Phoenix Head Coach started off his testimony by stating that the first incident caused a 4 / 5 minute delay  involving the Assistant Referee ( AR ) using his cellular phone while the game was being played.  He then added that a second incident took place when the same AR impeded a throw-in by one of his players.  At this time a huddle took place between the CR and the AR.  He stated that after several more huddles, the CR came over and asked him to leave the field, which he did.  He ended up his testimony by adding that after getting ejected from the game, he went over to the SEVP Phoenix Manager’s house, located a few minutes away from the field, and that he came back after the game ended to pick up a player from his team that is under his care for transportation purposes.  He also added that after the game he got out of his car to visit with several of his players instead of picking up the above-mentioned player and leaving.


                The SEVP Phoenix Manager stated that she did not hear any verbal exchanges between the CR and the SEVP Phoenix Head Coach, that the CR and the AR huddled many times, and that they both looked confused at times.  She added that even after the SEVP Phoenix Head Coach left the pitch, there were still more huddles by the referees.


                The SEVP Phoenix Manager added that the AR was switched by the CR from one sideline to the opposite one, which clearly showed that the referee crew was not in control of the game.


                The CR’s written statement confirmed that the  SEVP Phoenix Head Coach showed continuous dissent from the beginning of the match, and that he refused to immediately leave the field  when he was ejected from the game.  She added that he finally did leave the pitch only after being asked to do so several times.



This Committee finds that the SEVP Phoenix Head Coach violated WAGS Rule N.1.a: A coach / team official who receives a Red Card during a game shall IMMEDIATELY leave the game site and its vicinity, in conjunction with Rule K.10: Failure of a coach / team official to remain out of sight, out of sound after being sent off or receiving a Red Card may result in a forfeit.




In closing, this Committee directs the following:


1. Award 3 - 0 Forfeit Win to LMVSA Patriots U15/D3.

2. SEVP Phoenix Head Coach to attend A Positive Coaching Alliance@ course.



Appealed Match Protest: Spring 2004 Game #2627 – MATT Magic vs. CHAN Electrics ‑ WAGS Rules N.1.a K.10.   The MATT Magic appealed the original protest of Game #2627 to the WAGS BOD and to the VYSA.  The appeal was based on the alleged fact that the WAGS R & D Committee was not in compliance with USSF By Laws Section 701. (1) – Hearing Procedures.  Section 701. (1) states; “notice of the specific charges or alleged violations in writing and possible consequences if the charges are found to be true”.  The WAGS BOD found the WAGS R & D Committee to be in noncompliance with USSF By Law section 701. (1) and therefore The MATT Magic appeal was granted.  


Game #2627 is being re-heard solely on WAGS Rule N.1.a, K.10. 


CHAN Electric Team Members Present: Head Coach

MATT Magic Team Members Present:  Assistant Coach, Manager, and Team Attorney

Center Referee of Game #2627


Original Protest brought before the R & D Committee by the CHAN Electric

CHAN Electric is protesting the game.


                Prior to hearing testimony the R & D Director recognized that one of the members present for MATT Magic was a Certified Court Reporter.   The MATT team officials were informed that having a Court Reporter present at a WAGS R & D hearing was not permissible.  They were also assured that the WAGS R & D hearings are tape-recorded and if they wished a transcript they were welcome to request one.  The Court Reporter was thanked for coming and asked to leave.  The Court Reporter complied.


                During introductions, the R & D Director requested confirmation of the role that the parent/attorney representing MATT Magic would be assuming during the proceedings.  It was established that she was not present as a witness to the events that occurred at Game #2627, but was serving as legal advisor to the MATT Magic team officials. Based on this information, it was determined that she would not be allowed to actively participated.  She could however serve in an advisory capacity only.


The Committee heard testimony from the Center Referee, the CHAN Head Coach, the MATT Assistant Coach and the MATT Manager. The MATT Head Coach informed the Committee through the Assistant Coach that he was unable to attend the hearing due to family health issues


The Center Referee stated that throughout the first half he overheard the MATT Head Coach yelling and complaining about several calls and non‑calls made against his team, especially one that involved a collision between two opponents. The Center Referee had his back towards the play at that time. The Center Referee also testified that even though he was aware of the MATT Head Coach complaints, he did not “devote” attention to him, adding that he has always dealt with coaches this way.


At the 10th minute of the second half, a second collision occurred.  The CR had clear view of the second collision.  The Center Referee determined that there was no foul and continued play.  At this time the MATT Head Coach started to verbally harass the Center Referee including the use of profanity.  The Center Referee proceeded to give a red card and eject the MATT Head Coach from the game.  The Center Referee alleges that the MATT Head Coach left the sidelines, but stopped short of leaving the premises of the field and continued to watch the rest of the game from a distance of about 45 to 50 yards. He recalls seeing him nearby 4 / 5 times.


                The CHAN Head Coach corroborated and agreed with the testimony presented by the Center Referee.  The CHAN Head Coach felt that based on the behavior of the MATT Coach as he was leaving the field, his presence was very distracting to his players.


                The MATT Assistant Coach stated that the MATT Head Coach left the pitch immediately after being ejected from the game.  She further testified that, even though he was still in the vicinity and did not remain out of sight, out of sound, the MATT Head Coach’s presence was not a factor on the outcome of the game, and added that they thought they were in compliance with the WAGS R&D Rules by just having him leave the sidelines after receiving the Red Card.






This Committee concludes that the MATT Magic Team Officials were not fully acquainted with the WAGSL Rules, therefore this Committee strongly recommends that all MATT Magic Team Officials learn, know and abide by all WAGSL rules as stated in Rule A.2; “Lack of knowledge of these WAGS Rules will not relieve any Coach, Team Official, Parent or Player of a team participating in WAGS, or seeking entry into WAGS, from the responsibilities and possible penalties herein.  ALL CLUBS, TEAM OFFICIALS, PARENTS AND PLAYERS BY PARTICIPATING IN WAGS PLAY, AGREE THAT THEY ARE BOUND BY THESE RULES.”


                Furthermore, with a 3 to 1 vote, this Committee agrees that the MATT Magic Head Coach violated WAGS Rule K.10: Failure of a coach / team official to remain out of sight, out of sound after being sent off or receiving a Red Card may result in a forfeit.



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