October 7, 2004

October 7, 2004


WAGS R & D Committee Meeting

Fairview Park Marriott

      October 7, 2004


Committee Members Present: Lula Bauer ( Director ), Karen Parker, Chris Mroczek, Wendell Doman.

Administrator: Ruben Bolognesi


BETH Sharks Team Members Present: Kathy Ruben ( Manager ), Ellis Pierre ( Coach ), Gene Borowski ( Assistant Coach )

                                                                Bob Pilato ( BETH Club WAGS Rep )

CYA Blitz Team Members Present: Paul Barboza ( Coach ), Chuck Keefer ( Assistant Coach ).


Meeting Notes


Match Protest: Game #3039 – CYA Blitz vs. BETH Sharks – U14 – D3 - WAGS Rule J.7.a.


CYA Blitz is protesting the game.


The Committee heard testimony from the CYA Coach, the BETH Coach and the BETH Manager.


                The CYA Blitz Coach read a short statement informing the Committee that at the start of the subject game, a  parent, whom they believed was not a carded official for the BETH Sharks, was the sole adult standing on the BETH Sharks players’ side of the field.  Therefore, the CYA Blitz is asking the league to declare game number 3039 a forfeit in lieu of Rules J.7.a: Competing team, with their CARDED coaches and CARDED team officials ( maximum four ( 4 ) per team ), shall take the same side of the pitch, each on either side of the midfield line.  No uncarded individual may be on this side of the pitch.  Any team in willful violation of this rule may be subject to disciplinary action…  and K.11: If the coach / team official receives a Red Card and is required to leave and there is no other USYSA carded adult able to supervise the team, the game will result in an automatic forfeit… of the WAGS R&D Manual


                The BETH Manager expressed in her letter that, because of a WAGS rescheduling of game # 3039, the BETH Coach was not going to be on the field during warm-up due to a conflict with an earlier OBSL game. Nonetheless, he had informed her that he would be on the field before kickoff.  The BETH Assistant Coach informed the BETH manager 2 hours before the game that, because of a work emergency, he was going to miss the game. 


                She stated that traffic was an issue that morning due to “Poolesville Day” and that several roads into Poolesville were closed.  Furthermore, she added that because of this issue, she had been in contact with the CYA Assistant Coach to guide him through traffic to get to the field, who ended up arriving to the field 10 minutes before kickoff.  The CYA Coach was not present at the game.  She proceeded to check the players’ cards with the Referee, and seeing that the BETH Coach had not arrived by kickoff time, she asked a BETH parent, who was not a carded official, to step in until the BETH Coach showed up.  She mentioned that even though she was a carded official, she remained of the parents’ side of the field, knowing that the team was in better hands with the BETH parent who volunteered to coach the girls momentarily until the BETH Coach arrived to the field, knowing that the BETH Coach was close to the field, but not realizing that the BETH parent presence and her absence on the players’ side of the pitch was a violation. The BETH Coach arrived within 10 minutes after the start of the game.  At this time, the volunteer BETH parent left the players’ sideline.  The score of the game was 0–0 at this time, and the BETH Sharks went on to win 4-0.


                She concluded her testimony claiming that her actions as well as the other BETH Shark’s carded official’s actions  were in no way willful; apologizing to the Committee on her and the team’s behalf for this error.  She also mentioned that had the Referee or any member from the CYA Blitz expressed their concern about this issue, she surely would have realized her error and would have taken corrective action before the start of the game.


                The BETH Coach statement was very similar to the BETH Manager’s, adding that at the end of the game, both teams shook hands and no one raised any issues.





After hearing all testimonies, this Committee finds and agrees to the following:


1. That there was not a willful violation of rule J.7.a by the BETH Sharks.

2. That, even though there was not a BETH Sharks carded official on the players’ sideline for approximately 10 minutes, there was a BETH Sharks carded official on the field should a liability issue had developed.

3. That the Referee did not enforce Rule J.7.a.

4. The outcome of the game remains a 4-0 win for the BETH Sharks.

5. Written Letter of Censure to the BETH Sharks.

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