April 20, 2016 Hearing Minutes

April 20, 2016

WAGS R&D Committee Meeting

Kings Park Community Center


Committee Members Present:  Amy Thompson (Director), and 7 Committee Members

SYC Fury:   Head Coach, Team Manager, TSL, Club Representative, Club Technical Director and Club Director of Coaching

Officiating Crew:  AR1

The meeting started at approximately 7:30 pm.  After introductions were made, the R&D Director explained the hearing procedures. 

The SYC Fury’s WAGS Rep stated that the Assistant Coach (AC) was unable to attend the hearing because of work. The Committee was disappointed that the AC, who was also ejected in this game could not attend the hearing.

The SYC Fury’s Head Coach (HC) began his testimony by apologizing to the Committee members for his behavior and that of his AC, and the fact that this hearing was even taking place.  The HC further stated that he has been coaching this team for three years and that they currently play in U14, Division 5. The HC has an E Level Youth Soccer Coach License and the AC does not have a license.  The HC indicated that when the AC was ejected, he told him to leave and stay in the car.  He then noticed the ejected AC was returning to the field at the end of the match, and he was trying to stop him from approaching the referee and calm him down.  He was not successful and the altercation with the referee ensued.

The TSL stated that he had been the TSL for the team for three years.  He stated that the situation got out of control very quickly and he was very surprised at the behavior of the coaches. According to the TSL, the referee ended the game two minutes early.

The SYC Technical Director (TD) stated the club takes this matter very seriously.  He was not familiar with the coaching style of these two coaches, so he sent the Director of Coaching (DOC) to observe their game on Sunday.  The DOC stated the HC was mostly seated and calm throughout the game, only getting up once or twice.  However, the AC was out of control on the sidelines, especially when the other team scored. He displayed poor sportsmanship on numerous occasions, including throwing his hat on the ground when the other team scored.

A Committee Member asked if there had been any type of meeting with the players regarding the ejection of both coaches and the subsequent altercation with the referee.  The Club Representative indicated there had not been a meeting with the players to discuss anything as of the time of the hearing.

A Committee Member asked the HC if he agreed the AC should not have returned to the field after being ejected, to which the HC said he agreed.

No players attended the hearing, and there were no players’ statements submitted. A Committee Member asked why no players’ statements were submitted to which the HC replied that he didn’t feel it was necessary.

The Club Representative stated they do take this whole situation seriously.  She stated this was the first time this had happened on her watch, so it was a learning curve on what needed to be done.  She indicated if there was a next time, the process would run smoother.

The meeting concluded at 9:20 p.m.

The Committee commends SYC Fury’s HC, Team Manager, TSL, TD, DOC and Club Representative for attending the hearing but they are disappointed that no players’ statements were submitted. The purpose of these hearings is to provide a forum to address inappropriate and repetitive behaviors so coaches, players and parents understand their responsibilities and learn in order to make it a more positive environment keeping with the spirit of the game.

Based on the testimony and facts presented at the hearing, the Committee directs the following:

  1. Signed Codes of Conduct by both the Head Coach and Assistant Coach must be submitted to the WAGS R&D Director prior to the end of their suspensions, and before they can coach another WAGS game. Failure to submit documentation will result in further sanctions.
  2. The SYC Fury Head Coach and Assistant Coach must participate in a Positive Coaching course Double-Goal Coach®: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons prior to the start of the Fall, 2016 season if they intend to serve as team officials on any WAGS team.   Failure to comply will result in further sanctions. Proof of completion must be provided to the WAGS R&D Director before the first league game.
  3. SYC Fury must submit a plan of action outlining measures the team and club will be implementing to prevent any similar incidents in the future by April 30, 2016.  Failure to submit documentation will result in further sanctions.
  4. SYC Fury is to hold a meeting with all players and the club TD and DOC must be present to discuss what happened in this match.  The team should submit the outcome of that meeting to the WAGS R&D Director by April 30, 2016.  Failure to submit documentation will result in further sanctions.
  5. SYC Fury Head Coach is suspended for two (2) games in addition to the red card sit out, already served. 
  6. SYC Fury Assistant Coach is suspended for the remainder of the WAGS Spring 2016 season or until June 6, 2016 (last day of league play).

The SYC Fury, U14/D5 was informed that they have the right to appeal the decision of the WAGS R&D Committee According to WAGSL Rule O, Protest and Appeals Procedures which can be found in the League Rules in its entirety.  


Amy Thompson, Director, WAGSL R&D Committee

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