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  November 2014
  Date Time Home Team   Away Team Field Division
10229   Sun Nov 2 12:00 pm W0522 FCV ASC United Gold 05G vs. W0530 DCST Metros Gold 05 Bles Park #3B W09DJ
16520 Sun Nov 2 12:00 pm W9910 FCV ASC Elite '99 vs. W9991 LFC Tornado Bull Run Park #6 W15D2
15830   Sun Nov 2 5:30 pm W2020 PAC Pride vs. W2013 FCV ASC United Falls Church HS Practice Field W14D2
10940   Sun Nov 2 1:30 pm W0339 STER FC Elite Silver '04 vs. W0433 FCV ASC Fire Gold Potomac Lakes-Paul Hencken Paul Hencken 10 W10DP
10130 Sun Nov 2 1:30 pm W0520 CUGI RES Roma Force 05 White vs. W0521 FCV ASC United 05G Black Sully Highlands 1B W09DH
14554   Sun Nov 9 10:30 am W0179 FCV ASC Fury vs. W0137 VSA Heat Gold '01 Bles Park #1 W13D4
13536   Sun Nov 9 12:00 pm W0200 FCV ASC Explosion White vs. W0209 REST Strikers Blue Bles Park #2 W12DD
10942   Sun Nov 9 1:30 pm W0433 FCV ASC Fire Gold vs. W0418 ALEX Griffins White Bles Park #3A W10DP
10742   Sun Nov 9 9:00 am W0414 HERN Deportivo Red vs. W0434 FCV ASC Fire Black Hutchison Park # 4B W10DL
15836   Sun Nov 9 1:00 pm W2004 VYS Freedom Red vs. W2013 FCV ASC United Oakton HS Stadium W14D2

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