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  June 2016
  Date Time Home Team   Away Team Field Division
10122 Wed Jun 1 6:00 am W0623 FPYC Gold Flame vs. W0626 HERN Alianza Red Lanier MS #1 W09DH
10880 Sat Jun 4 5:00 pm W0512 LAUR Lightning vs. W0528 HERN Curve Red Fairland Center W10DK
11455 Sat Jun 4 10:30 am W0467 SAC United Blue vs. W0413 HERN Deportivo Black Howard CC 4B W11DG
11456 Sat Jun 4 12:00 pm W0468 SAC United White vs. W0414 HERN Deportivo Red Howard CC 4B W11DG
12455 Sat Jun 4 10:00 am W0385 ODFC Cesena '03 vs. W0352 HERN Sting John Champe HS B small W12D2
10849 Sat Jun 4 12:00 pm W0524 BETH Bethesda Academy 05 Blue vs. W0527 HERN Curve Black Muldoons Farm #1 W10DK
14425 Sat Jun 4 5:30 pm W0259 OLNY Athletica vs. W0247 HERN Hurricanes White OBGC Community Park 1 W13D3
18263 Sun Jun 5 2:30 pm W9769 FCSC FEVER vs. W9738 HERN Pegasus Athey Fields Angler Environmental Field W18D1
15836 Sun Jun 5 3:00 pm W0149 A3 Comets vs. W0118 HERN Hooligans Bell Branch Athletic Complex Field A W14D2
10187   Sun Jun 5 10:30 am W0624 NVSC United 06G Blue vs. W0625 HERN Alianza Black Hellwig Park #7B W09DH
14452   Sun Jun 5 8:00 am W0247 HERN Hurricanes White vs. W0253 FPYC Freedom Herndon High School Auxiliary Field W13D3
14693   Sun Jun 5 11:00 am W0204 HERN Hurricanes Red vs. W02107 WYSC Mustangs 02 Herndon High School Auxiliary Field W13D5
10883   Sun Jun 5 1:30 pm W0527 HERN Curve Black vs. W0564 CYA 05G Black Hutchison Park # 4A W10DK
10884   Sun Jun 5 3:00 pm W0528 HERN Curve Red vs. W0508 REST Green 05 Hutchison Park # 4A W10DK
11482   Sun Jun 5 11:30 am W0414 HERN Deportivo Red vs. W0455 DCST Metros Gold 04 Hutchison Park # 4B W11DG
11481   Sun Jun 5 1:00 pm W0413 HERN Deportivo Black vs. W0427 WIN Winchester United 04G Hutchison Park # 4B W11DG
16641   Sun Jun 5 12:00 pm W2035 ARL Comets White vs. W2015 HERN Saints FC Long Bridge Park #4 W15D3
15841   Sun Jun 5 12:00 pm W01100 ASA Pride '01 vs. W0118 HERN Hooligans Meade HS Field C W14D2
10188   Sun Jun 5 12:00 pm W0604 REST Reign Blue 06 vs. W0626 HERN Alianza Red South Lakes High School Upepr Field (#1B /Langston Hughes MS) W09DH
16736   Sun Jun 5 12:00 pm W20110 TAFC 00 Freedom vs. W2068 HERN Attack Winterset/Varsity Park #1 W15D4
10121 Wed Jun 8 6:00 pm W0622 FPYC Blue Flame vs. W0625 HERN Alianza Black Lanier MS #1 W09DH

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