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  June 2016
  Date Time Home Team   Away Team Field Division
17214 Sat Jun 4 4:00 pm W9977 CPSA Culpeper CSCcomets 99G vs. W9965 MRM Rush Nero '99G (aka Legend) Culpeper Complex #1 W16D3
18320 Sat Jun 4 1:00 pm W9759 PWSI Classic 97 Girls vs. W9726 MRM Rush '97G Mayhem Howison Park #1 W18D2
17319 Sat Jun 4 2:00 pm W9933 MRM Rush Azul '99G (aka FC Fury) vs. W9944 NVSC Jr. Majestics 99 White Maryland SoccerPlex #22 W16D4
15921 Sat Jun 4 4:00 pm W0191 MRM Fury vs. W01110 WBSC Strikers 01G Blue Maryland SoccerPlex #22 W14D3
15944   Sun Jun 5 8:00 am W0137 VSA Select Red 01G vs. W0191 MRM Fury Long Park Turf #7 W14D3
17834   Sun Jun 5 10:00 am W98102 VYS Thunder White vs. W9885 MRM Rush Nero '98G (aka Magic) Marshall High School Field #2 W17D3
10982   Sun Jun 5 9:30 am W0532 MRM Academy Coyotes Black '05G vs. W0510 VYS Magic Black Maryland SoccerPlex #19a W10DJ
10981   Sun Jun 5 11:00 am W0553 MRM Academy Coyotes Gray '05G vs. W0511 VYS Magic Red Maryland SoccerPlex #19a W10DJ
12643   Sun Jun 5 9:30 am W0388 MRM Rush Strikers '03G vs. W0383 NVSC United 03G White Maryland SoccerPlex #20a W12D4
17333   Sun Jun 5 8:00 am W9933 MRM Rush Azul '99G (aka FC Fury) vs. W9929 BAC Fusion Maryland SoccerPlex #22 W16D4
12641 Sun Jun 5 2:30 pm W0393 CUGI RES Roma 03 vs. W0386 MRM Rush MonStars '03G Sully Highlands 1A W12D4
17227   Sun Jun 5 11:00 am W9945 PWSI 99 Girls Black vs. W9965 MRM Rush Nero '99G (aka Legend) Tyrell Park Field #1 W16D3
13083 Sun Jun 5 5:00 pm W03100 LAUR ATD Cosmos vs. W0343 MRM Dynamite 03G William Tyler Page ES #1 W12D6
16233   Sun Jun 5 4:00 pm W0126 ALEX Pride Red vs. W0194 MRM Nero '01G Witter Fields Complex Witter #2 W14D6W

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