IMPORTANT Changes to State Cup Rules

Please read this information carefully and through to the end.

There are many important changes.

This information is sent to all travel teams in our data base and is specific to State Cup play in VYSA this year. On July 30, 2011, at the US Youth Soccer AGM in Phoenix the membership of US Youth Soccer voted to make changes to the National Championship Series.

In this letter to all of you we have tried to highlight the changes that begin this seasonal year 2011-2012.  We know there will be many questions and there will be several people who can answer your questions: the State Cup Committee, the VYSA State Office, and the Registrars for your club.

It will take some time to set all of the changes in motion as most of them will require us to reprogram our Youth Leagues system.  Because these changes have given us such a short time to react we are going to change the calendar dates for State Cup this Fall. This information is included here in this letter to you and it will be on line on the VYSA web site.

We will extend the application deadline for State Cup. The new application deadline is Tuesday, August 30, 2011.  All State Cup rosters and on line applications with payment will be due to the VYSA State Office by 4:00 PM on August 30, 2011. You will also see that we have changed the Cup Draw, the freeze date for State Cup Rosters and the play dates in September. The Cup will now begin games on September 17, 2011. If you have already applied on line that application is just fine. If you are in the process of finalizing your State Cup roster, or if you have finished, there is still time to make any changes and in any case all changes will be final only on the freeze date of September 15, 2011, at 12:01 AM.

Fall 2011, U18, U17, U16, U15 Boys and Girls

DAY            DATE                       INFORMATION

Friday              July 15, 2011            Applications Out

Tuesday                   August 30, 2011           Applications Due 4:00 PM at the VYSA State Office

Wednesday      September 7, 2011        State Cup Draw at the VYSA State Office

Thursday         September 15, 2011     All U18, U17, U16, U15 Boys and Girls State Cup Rosters Frozen at 12:01 am

Saturdays         September 17, 24, 2011           Cup Game Dates

Saturdays         October 1, 15, 22, 2011           Cup Game Dates

Saturday/Sunday          October 29 and 30, 2011         Semi Finals and Finals

Rain Dates       Next Available Date (as determined by the Cup Director)

Changes to the National Championship Series:

1. Each team U14 and older may have 22 players on their roster.

This applies to the VYSA State Cup roster and may or may not apply to your league roster.

2. Your State Cup roster and your league roster do not have to mirror each other at the time of the freeze date.

(Currently the rule states that your State Cup roster and your league roster are exactly the same on the roster freeze date and only after rosters are frozen, your team may add additional players to your league roster.) This is no longer the rule.


With the new rules...

You may add players from your club to your VYSA State Cup roster that don't play on your league team.

For example:

•       U17 boys United has a roster of 16 players. They would like to add an additional 4 players to bring their roster to 20. They may look for these additional players only in their own club and add them to their State Cup roster.

•       These additional 4 players will not be on the U17 boys United league roster. These additional 4 players can stay on their own league roster or rosters.

The roster will still freeze at the date set for Fall State Cup competition, September 15, 2011, at 12:01 AM, and the frozen VYSA State Cup roster can have no additions or transfers after the freeze date until the completion of VYSA State Cup competition. (See #3 below)

A player may still only play on one VYSA State Cup team in a seasonal year. If the U17 United wants to take additional players from their club and put them on the State Cup roster these additional players may only play VYSA State Cup with the U17 United team.

The U17 United team will have a league roster with 16 U17 players. They will have a VYSA State Cup roster with 16 U17 players and 4 additional players from their club. At all times a VYSA State Cup roster must have a continuity of 9 players between their State Cup roster and the league roster.

A team may still have 5 player transfers. These transfers are processed with your registrar just the same as they have always been. The transfers must be on your roster prior to the freeze date. After the roster is frozen you may make no further transfers to your roster.

The State Cup roster will be for VYSA State Cup play only and the league roster will be the roster to use for both league and tournament play.

3. Changes to the frozen roster after the State Cup Champions are chosen.

There are 3 separate Cups: the VYSA State Cup, the Regional Cup, and the National Cup.

After the VYSA State Champions are decided, the Championship team must keep 9 players from the VYSA League and Tournament roster used for league play......At that time and up to 7 days prior to Regional Competition the team may add additional club players to their roster for play in Regional Cup competition. The numbers of players 10-22 may be fluid, but any player changes can only be made with players from the State Champion's club. Any player that can be considered for the team must have been registered with your club by September 15, 2011 at 12:01 AM the Fall State Cup freeze date

•       They must be the appropriate age.

•       They may have played on a team that participated in State Cup, but cannot be from a team that won VYSA State Cup or a player that may advance to Regional Cup from another venue.

•       You may add to your VYSA State Cup roster to a maximum number of 22 players. Movements of club players are not considered transfers. The current player passes used by VYSA teams are considered club passes. Each pass in VYSA has the name of the players club, which is what is required in a 'club pass'.

The team that wins the VYSA State Championship cannot change clubs as long as they are going forward in the National Championship Series, to Regionals or Nationals.

These player movements to your Championship team can take place between the date your team wins VYSA State Cup and June deadline set by the Region for Regional Competition.

Thanks for reading all the way through. Now that you all have some more time to apply take some time to read these changes and talk about them with your club. The registrars will be ready to help too, in about a week. This is new to everyone and we will get it sorted out. Have patience.

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