POD Program FAQ's


In a nutshell, the WAGS POD is a "Club Centric" non results oriented scheduling program.   POD represents a small group within a group. The group represented are, U-9, U-10 and U-11s within a Club.

What is "Club Centric" scheduling?

Clubs are scheduled, as opposed to individual teams. 

Each Club registers two U-9 teams, two U-10 teams and two U-11 teams, which are referred to as 2-2 and 2.  Age groups are scheduled back to back on a given field.  (The times are scrambled in order to prevent one age group from always playing during the same time.)   

Can all WAGS member Club’s participate in the WAGS POD?

Only Club’s that register 2 U-9, 2 U-10 and 2 U-11 teams may participate in the WAGS POD.  However, if a Club, for example, only registers  2 U-9s, 1 U-10, and 2 U-11s, that Club  may participate, IF, a neighboring club with 1 U-10 team, agrees to partner.  The team that partners will play all their home games at the Club they are partnering with.   The important factor is that each participating Club must submit, 2-2 and 2. 

What is involved logistically, in POD scheduling?

Once POD Clubs are identified, a MOCK game day schedule is generated.  The mock schedule will only indicate each CLUB’s home and away game date.  The mock schedule  will be sent to the participating Club’s field loader.   Clubs will then know which days they will host a home game.  On those days, Clubs must provide a quality field from 9:00 am,  first game to  4:30 pm, last game.  The field,  POD Clubs submit for home games, should NOT be submitted to other leagues for league play. 

Can a single team request a bye date?

No.  Only an entire Club may request a BYE weekend.  There cannot be gaps in POD schedules.  In order to participate in the WAGS POD, Club teams, must be willing to play each weekend scheduled.    If there are an ODD number of Clubs, then a Club may request a bye weekend.  However,  request are not guarantee.  For example, if three Clubs request the same weekend off, logistically, it simply  not doable. 

Will WAGS de-conflict POD Coaches?

Yes, WAGS will de-conflict a POD coach’s schedule with their other team playing in WAGS.

What are the benefits of the POD, Club Centric scheduling?

There are many benefits of the POD, Club Centric Scheduling;

*          A Club’s DOC/TOC will be able to attend and watch 6 games at one location.

*          Head Coaches will be able to attend both of their Academy games

*          Eliminates Coaching Conflicts

*          Convince use of the "Club Pass"

*          Most important - it allows "player development" to be the priority

*          Promotes a great sense of CLUB.

What if a Club does not balance their POD teams?

Most Clubs create "A" Teams and "B" teams.   "A" teams are scheduled in the first allocated time slot for a specific age group.  "B" teams are scheduled in the second allocated time slot.  For example:  if the 9:00 am and 10:30 am times are allocated for U11s; the U-11 "A" team will play at 9:00 am, and the U-11 B team, will play at 10:00 am. 

What if a Club creates "balanced" teams and not "A" team/"B"teams?

Clubs that create "balanced" teams are welcome to switch out time slots so that  one "balanced" team isn’t always playing another club’s "A" team.

Can you use Club Passes during POD play?

YES!  Teams are encouraged to use the Club Pass.   

What is the Priority of the POD Scheduling?

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT! The POD format provides Clubs the opportunity to focus on player development and not WINNING.


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