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Dear Members,

It has come to our attention that NCSL has taken two actions that will and have affected our membership. I speak specifically about the “flex scheduling” and the subsequent release of the WAGS incomplete and unpublished spring schedule to the NCSL membership. Further, NCSL encouraged their club reps to share the schedule with everyone; parents, teams, grandparents, bus drivers, hair stylists, anyone interested. The only group that NCSL neglected to share any of this information with was the  WAGS Board .

Our two Leagues are in a relationship in which we share fields, referees, and as such, we recognize that when changes are made to our policies, these changes could affect NCSL. We have always informed NCSL when policy changes that may affect them were going to occur; prior to these policies going into effect. Unfortunately, we were not afforded the same courtesy by NCSL.

The correct and complete WAGS spring 2013 schedule will be published and posted as previously noted on Monday, March 25th. If you have received a copy of the WAGS unpublished schedule, please disregard it.

We are continuing to pursue this matter. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Yours in Soccer…

Kathie Diapoulis

WAGS President

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