WAGS Fall 2009
  Flames TEAM LOG IN U11 Division S
  September 2009
5903    Sat  Sep 12 12:00 pm W9822 DSC Flames W9881 FRED FCF Academy Grey Woodfield ES
5908    Sun  Sep 13 12:00 pm W9822 DSC Flames W9857 LUYAA SC Black Venom Maryland SoccerPlex #18b
5914    Sun  Sep 20 12:00 pm W9875 SAC Premier W9822 DSC Flames Howard CC #3B
5916    Sun  Sep 27 12:00 pm W9883 BAYS Sharks W9822 DSC Flames McDonogh School McDonogh 1
  October 2009
5921    Sun  Oct 4 3:00 pm W9858 BETH Academy Blue W9822 DSC Flames Muldoons Farm #1
5934    Sun  Oct 25 4:30 pm W9822 DSC Flames W9871 MSC White Stallions Maryland SoccerPlex #18b
5926    Sat  Oct 31 1:30 pm W9822 DSC Flames W9847 DCST Metros Blue 98 Woodfield ES
  November 2009
5940    Sat  Nov 7 1:00 pm W9813 TSC Thunder Siafu vs W9822 DSC Flames Dickinson Park A
5942    Sun  Nov 8 3:00 pm W9822 DSC Flames W9879 PSC Cobras Maryland SoccerPlex #18b
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