WAGS Fall 2010
WAGS Bracket
Premier Bracket White Pts GP W L T GF GA GD Pts/GP
01. W9334 ASA Arundel Vipers  
02. W9443 BETH Freedom 94/95  
03. W9201 FASA ELITE IMPACT '92  
04. W9207 HERN Arsenal RFC  
05. W9311 SYA FCV Cardinals  
06. W9429 VSA Heat Blue  
Premier Bracket Green Pts GP W L T GF GA GD Pts/GP
01. W9217 FPYC FCV Courage '92  
02. W9353 LMVS Patriots  
03. W9430 MCLN MPS Power  
04. W9328 MD RUSH 93G Nike  
05. W9375 VIST Omni  
06. W9232 VSA Heat  
Masters Bracket Pts GP W L T GF GA GD Pts/GP
01. W9208 BETH Dragons  
02. W9349 CHAN Burn  
03. W9425 CYA Firecats  
04. W9212 MCLN Azul  
05. W9304 MCLN Strikers  
06. W9234 SYA FCV Explosion  
07. W9422 SYA FCV Hotspur  
  WAGS Bracket   December 2010 Division Coordinator: Amy Dunbar
Division Coordinator: Nadir Moumen
Division Coordinator: Kat Pinkston
  Wed, December 1, 2010
GAME# TimeHome Away Location
9104     W9232 VSA Heat vs W9353 LMVS Patriots
9121     W9422 SYA FCV Hotspur vs W9217 FPYC FCV Courage '92
9125     W9311 SYA FCV Cardinals vs W9201 FASA ELITE IMPACT '92
9132     W9429 VSA Heat Blue vs W9443 BETH Freedom 94/95
9123     W9430 MCLN MPS Power vs W9304 MCLN Strikers --- TBD / Unassigned ---
- has been rescheduled in last seven days, - has been rescheduled since Aug 26  (current as of 2/28/11 7:45 pm)
- set-up, first game on field, - take-down, last game on field - be sure to re-check on game day
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