WAGS Spring 2011
  WWSC Wolves TEAM LOG IN U11 Division L
  April 2011
11703    Sat  Apr 2 12:30 pm W9955 MSC Panthers Black W9965 WWSC Wolves Maryland SoccerPlex #3b
11705    Sun  Apr 3 12:30 pm W9965 WWSC Wolves W9963 CSC Patuxent Sharks Gold Seibel Farms Field 1305
11711    Sun  Apr 10   W9984 HSC Freedom 99 W9965 WWSC Wolves Hagerstown SC Complex #5
11715    Sat  Apr 30   W9965 WWSC Wolves FFT W9977 BETH Academy Blue
  May 2011
11717    Sun  May 1 4:00 pm W9963 CSC Patuxent Sharks Gold W9965 WWSC Wolves St. John Vianney Catholic Church
    Mavis Derflinger Appreciation Day  
11721    Sun  May 8 12:00 pm W9965 WWSC Wolves W9902 LUYAA SC Chilli Peppers Seibel Farms Field
11722    Sun  May 15 1:30 pm W9902 LUYAA SC Chilli Peppers W9965 WWSC Wolves Rivers Edge Farm #3
11726    Sun  May 22 1:30 pm W9965 WWSC Wolves W9984 HSC Freedom 99 Seibel Farms Field
  June 2011
11708    Sun  Jun 5 4:30 pm W9965 WWSC Wolves W9955 MSC Panthers Black Seibel Farms Field
- has been rescheduled in last seven days, - has been rescheduled since Apr 1  (current as of 6/10/11 2:35 pm)
- set-up, first game on field, - take-down, last game on field - be sure to re-check on game day
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