WAGS Spring 2011
  ASA Spirit TEAM LOG IN U11 Division G
  April 2011
11501    Sat  Apr 2 1:00 pm W9970 SEVP Extreme W9980 ASA Spirit Kinder Park Upper Kinder A
11504    Sun  Apr 3 12:00 pm W9974 SAC United Premier White W9980 ASA Spirit Howard CC #5
  May 2011
11517    Sun  May 1 3:00 pm W9957 DCST Blue Metros 99 W9980 ASA Spirit Jelleff Recreation Center SS #1
11531    Sat  May 7 1:30 pm W9980 ASA Spirit W9970 SEVP Extreme Waugh Chapel ES Field B
    Mavis Derflinger Appreciation Day  
11519    Sun  May 8 12:00 pm W9980 ASA Spirit W9978 BETH Academy White Crownsville Hospital #1
11507    Sat  May 14 9:30 am W9980 ASA Spirit W9974 SAC United Premier White Waugh Chapel ES Field B
11524    Sun  May 15 1:00 pm W9939 CRFT Ponies W9980 ASA Spirit Bell Branch Field D3
11513    Sun  May 22 9:00 am W9980 ASA Spirit W9906 FSC Wildfire Crownsville Hospital #1
11526    Sun  May 22 3:00 pm W9980 ASA Spirit W9957 DCST Blue Metros 99 Crownsville Hospital #1
- has been rescheduled in last seven days, - has been rescheduled since Apr 1  (current as of 8/3/11 12:48 pm)
- set-up, first game on field, - take-down, last game on field - be sure to re-check on game day
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